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By Jose Perez on 2013-05-10 17:54:10

World Wrestling League (WWL)

WWL’s producer Hugo Savinovich started the week by commenting on his Facebook page that President - Richard Negrin and him would be traveling this past week to negotiate their next events.  Their first stop would be San Antonio, TX to negotiate an event with Zero 1 Mexico.  Then they would go to Sacramento, CA where they would be present during this weekend’s Pro Wrestling Revolution events on Friday and Saturday night as PWR is one of the company’s international partners.  After the events they will be on their way to Turlock and finally San Jose.

Savinovich also commented on a meeting that Negrin and he had with a “wrestling legend” who asked to be kept confidential.  It was a very productive meeting over breakfast that may mean a business relationship later down the line.  It is amazing the amount of relationships and partnerships they have been able to create in such a short period of time.

It has also been mentioned that AAA Mexico and WWL will be working together during their biggest event of the year, “AAA’s TripleMania”, scheduled to take place during the month of June in Mexico.  There is a very good possibility that some of the WWL’s talent will take part of the show as part of their business partnership.  â€œEl Mesias” Ricky Banderas already works for AAA and will be participating of the event.  It will be interesting to see what other names are announced in the coming weeks.

Here is the latest WWL TV episode, which aired last Saturday afternoon:

World Wrestling Council (WWC)

Last Saturday night WWC held their weekly house show/TV taping in Bayamon, PR.  Some of the notes coming out of the event are:

- Primo defeated “The Puertorican Dream” Invader #1 via DQ, after Invader slapped the referee in the face.
- Chris Angel defeated “Mr. Ray-tings” Ray Gonzalez with the “spear”.  The victory puts him in position for a shot at the Gonzalez’s Universal title.
- Savio Vega defeated Bronco #1 via DQ due to the interference from Invader.  They put a beating on Savio Vega and left him all bloody in the ring.
- Samson Walker and Andy Levine retained their WWC Tag titles after they defeated Thunder & Lightning.
- Stacy Colon came out to the ring to go face to face with Invader.  They went back and forth on the mic insulting each other until Invader took of his mask and started taunting Stacy to slap him.  When she went to take a swing at him, he blocked her.  He then threatens to hit her, which was enough to make Primo, Stacy’s brother, came out for the save only to be received by the “dreadful heart punch” from Invader.  This brings out Carlos Colon Sr and Invader leaves the ring.  He then tells them that he is “a man that will be respected, no matter who you are, you will learn to respect” him.

All these events take us to this weekend’s house show, taking place at the “Cosme Beitía Sálamo Arena” in Cataño, PR.  Matches that have been announced for the show are:

WWC Universal Heavyweight Title Match
“Mr. Ray-tings” Ray González (c) vs. Chris Angel w/ Barrabás Sr.

The Feud Continues…
Savio Vega vs. “The Puertorican Dream” Invader #1

WWC World Tag Team Title – Rematch
“The Heavy Artillery” Thunder & Lightning vs. “Bad Man” Andy Leavine & Samson Walker (c) w/ Orlando Toledo

WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title Match
“El Chico Ilegal” Chicano (c) vs. “Súper Fénix”

WWC Jr. Heavyweight Title Match
Zion RT1 (c) vs. Barrabás, Jr.

Plus 3 more matches…

WWC’s next big event, “Summer Madness”, is scheduled to take place at the “Hector Sola Bezares Coliseum” in Caguas, PR on Saturday June 29th.  Tickets are now available via TicketCenter (  This event, as well as “Aniversario 40”, will be stream via iPPV.  It will be available via and the price will be $20.  Matches announced for the show at this point are: Carlito vs Savio Vega, and Carlos Colon Sr. vs Invader #1.
WWC is scheduled to bring a live event to Kissimmee, FL, at the “Kissimmee Civic Center” on Saturday June 15 at 8:30 PM.  Tickets for the show are on sale right now.  For more ticket information and/or purchase, you can call 407-935-1412.

Puerto Rico Independent Scene
Lately, the independent scene in the island has started to gain some traction again, in part due to a current WWC storyline where Invader has been beating up anyone that even resembles an indy wrestler because he “hates” them.  Some of the heat created by the angle has actually provided enough buzz to have the independent companies start to be noticed once again.  Also, the fact that some names from the bigger companies such as Savio Vega, Chicano, “Los Fugitivos” Niche & Lynx, along with others, have been appearing regularly at their shows, has definitely helped get them notoriety.  Here are some of the scheduled shows for this and the following weekends.
Borinquen Sports Promotion (BSP) will have a show in Aguas Buenas, PR on Saturday evening.

CWA will also have a show on Saturday evening in Aguas Buenas, PR.

NRW is scheduled to celebrate its 7th Anniversary with a show dedicated to WWL’s and GALLI-Chicago’s own “Ricky Cruzz”.  Talent announced for the show include: WWC’s Savio Vega, Sensational Carlitos, Big Vito, WWL’s Erick Scorpion, “La Malicia” – Noel Rodriguez & Dennis Rivera, as well as all of NRW performers.  This show will be free for all fans and will take place in Mayaguez, PR.

XWA will present their event “The Comeback” on Sunday May 19th in Rio Grande, PR

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