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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-10 10:00:50
Was putting the IC title on The Miz a spur of the moment decision? I ask this because on this week’s NXT there was a promo for Clash of the Champions in two weeks and the main event is Wade Barrett defending the IC title against Bo Dallas. Now that I think about it the show wasn’t even available until this past Wednesday which was three days after Miz won the IC title. I realize NXT was taped several weeks ago so either creative decided to switch the IC title at the last second or the right hand doesn’t pay any attention to what the left hand is doing because by the time the match on NXT airs it will be almost a month since Barrett lost the title he is defending.

It was probably a mixture of both. They decided to do it as the last minute and decided that what was planned for NXT wasn't a factor since NXT has a smaller audience.

My question is about CM Punk. I was wondering, I know he is greatly conditioned and could run miles around anybody, but why does he not care too much of his look? The reason why I'm asking ia because if you were to see him on the street, you'd never think he's a pro wrestler. Now I'm not saying get on steroids, but at least bulk up a little bit so you look as if you pose a legitmate threat. Even average guys like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels looked as if they worked out. I can't really take see someone with the size of Punk posing a threat to someone the size of The Undertaker. I hope you won't reply with "this is what's wrong w wrestling fans today and why wrestlers feel like they need to be bigger". I'm not saying go on roids, but atleast work out a little bit so you don't look like a kid. Thoughts?

I hate to break it to you but even the average sized guys back in the day were using steroids at different points. I am sure Punk works out but he's a product of a drug-free lifestyle, good or bad.

v In WWE, when a wrestler/superstar would bleed through the mouth, how did they do it? I was thinking a capsule, but there's no way the could wrestle a 15-20 min match without accidentally swallowing it.

Sometimes, they just get busted open legitimately. Other times, they would use a capsule and there have also been instances of wrestlers biting on condoms filled with fake blood to stage that effect. It all depended on the situation and what it called for.

On TNA, I noticed they sometimes have a slip of the tongue (For example, on the 4/4 edition, when Aces & 8's were in the ring, Devon called Bully Ray "Bubba". When they were feuding with LAX, they showed all of their titles, including the old WWF tag team titles. Can Vince take legal issue with those 2 instances?

He could but really, what money are they going to make in relation to the amount of money spent. Everyone has called him Bubba since 1995.

Sean Waltman said that TNA will fold in 10 years, do you agree?

For the sake of pro wrestling and everyone employed there, I hope not, but how the hell can we guess what anyone will be doing in ten years?

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