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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-08 09:59:00

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Would you agree that the two biggest money making DVD sets WWE has left to make, are a Sting collection & documentary, as well as an Undertaker compilation where he himself speaks about his career & character?? Are there any other ideas you'd add to that list?

The Taker DVD will sell for sure.  Big time. I wonder about the Sting DVD though.  WCW has been dead for 12 years now.  A lot of their fans have moved on.  And a good chunk of them are anti-WWE.  Plus, he is still working for TNA and not exactly drawing a massive audience.  So I don't know how well that will do to be honest.  Me, I would like to see more Attitude Era stuff because it's when the company was at its best.

Hey Dave, First off your response about Eric Bischoff and the Boston political view was phenomenal - made my to my question... Why is it that Undertaker is working so much right now? I realize that it likely has to do with the amount of injured stars and lack of card but that has happened before and he hasn't worked. So why now?

Having him go to Europe was an added bonus to the fans there, especially when CM Punk and The Rock wouldn't be there.  It was largely done just to help the company.

Dave dude, your answer to the post-WM Raw crowd question was strange. Their mistake was turning Punk heel? Is it not commonly accepted that Punk has been doing the best work of his career over this run? He's awesome as a heel. And as for your 'I don't like opera, so I don't go' statement. I think you've completely misjudged the difference between a crowd who don't like wrestling, and a crowd who love the product, just not the direction. Obviously they're the latter, they paid to travel to WM! And therefore, should be allowed to chant what they want. Sounds a like fun night to me. Care to clarify?

Punk had a great heel run over the last year.  My point is that in the Summer of 2011, he became a face to the crowd while acting like a tweener. So once he got over, WWE made him a baby kissing Cena kind of face instead of letting him be the character that got over.  Me never got to see where that went because they took away everything that made Punk special as he got himself over with great promos, which were based in reality.  They booked him so badly as a face, they had to turn him heel.  They should have just let him be who he was in 2011 but instead they have to make every face like Cena and every heel at the top a coward.  By turning him, it left Cena alone on top as a face and led to where we are now.  I have already clarified this to death. No matter how you feel about the crowd, once they started chanting "We are awesome" they made it about them.  I have never liked that kind of stuff and I never will. 

I'm a long time supporter of your site (since Day 1) and won't ever look at another site! I'm 30 and have been watching "rasslin" for 27 years but can't watch it no more. WWE sucks and I won't watch TNA. ROH is the only thing that makes me smile a little. My question to you is: is WWE today worse than WCW in 2000? Personally I would rather watch WCW and see WWE making the same mistakes.

From a storyline standpoint, after WCW got rid of Russo and Bischoff, it was decent.  They were trying to book actual wrestling. I don't know if it was better than WWE is now, but it sure wasn't any worse.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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