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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-07 09:59:00

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Brock Lesnar: WWE Hall of Famer?

In my opinion on merit, not yet.  He doesn't have a large enough body of work. But the WWE HOF isn't always about merit, as we have seen in the past.

What is Kevin Nash's WWE status? Is he just on a legends deal or completely done with WWE? I know him and HHH are really good friends, but I seen him on a shoot interview w kayfabe commentaries and he kinda buries them about his last run.

 I seem to remember him getting a legends deal but he also works indies.  His last run, with CM Punk, was a disaster by all accounts.  At his age and with his style, he just doesn't fit in with what WWE does.

Who would you bring in or turn or maybe promote (lower card/NXT) in the WWE to freshen up the product and would you do away with the dual brands and merge the world titles and the secondary titles?

I wouldn't bring in anyone right now.  I would instead focus on giving guys that are currently there a fair shake to see what I have in them. For example, after Antonio Cesaro did the big swing spot into the barricade spot, he was primed to get a push.  Instead, he loses and yodels.  I would take guys like him and give them a real push (not a "Ryback is too much of a coward to face John Cena so he walks away" push).  I don't have a problem with the World and WWE Titles.  I would keep them so that I could have a champ on each house show.  But the IC and US Titles?  I would ditch them because they have been destroyed by being booked so poorly.  As for brands, they already did away with that!

With the end of the Martha Hart-WWE Lawsuit, does it clear the way for Owen Hart to be inducted in the Hall of Fame? It seems like everyone from WWE to Bret would like to see Owen inducted.

It is all up to Martha.  Until she gives her blessing (which I am not expecting to happen any time soon), WWE will continue to honor her wishes that Owen not be inducted.

Will there be anymore between WWE and Bruno Sammartino aside from the HOF? I'm not saying I want "RAW General Manager Bruno Sammartino," but a DVD would be awesome.

Bruno really likes Triple H and H respects Bruno. I expect their relationship to continue in a non-televised way.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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