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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-06 09:59:00

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Do you think Vince McMahon reads the dirt sheets?

I don't even think he sleeps in dirty sheets.  I have no idea how he would read them. If you mean does he follow the wrestling media himself, no.  But he does have people that monitor it for him and give him reports on pertinent things. Dirt sheets?  Really?  Sheesh, 2013 called and they want you to join them!

Recently I've been seeing a lot of WWE articles and advertising featuring Batista in dominant situations. I've also heard from friends (who follow other "newz sitez") that Batista would be interested in coming back to WWE and might be returning to the ring soon. Now considering that as far as I know he's still following his MMA career and doing a couple of movies in the future, how likely are we to seeing a Batista return this year? Is this all just coincidence or have you heard anything about him coming back any time soon?

Batista has been bulking up for a movie role and has said he is open to returning, under the right circumstances.  One of the reasons he left before is that he didn't like the kid-focused, super poopy direction the company has gone in.  That really hasn't changed so if he comes back he will have some 'splaining to do, unless he comes back in a storyline that appeals to people over the age of 10.

I sincerely hope that Antonio Cesaro's recent booking isn't a sign that WWE has no faith in him as a WWE Superstar. He has everything that I enjoy about wrestling all rolled into one. He is better then average on the mic, he is incredible in the ring, psychology and all, and is one of the highlights of every show he is on, whether he is being buried or not. WWE is crazy for, so far anyway, completely wasting a talent like him that only comes along every so often. Do you see them realizing this and hopefully rectifying their recent blunders? Also, if it was your job too do so, how would you attempt too re-establish him as a force to be reckoned with?

They have him yodeling and losing.  It doesn't give me much hope.  Establishing him wouldn't be hard at all. Any competent booker could do it.  You have him show off his strengths and win matches.  It's not rocket science to anyone other than grandpa.

Is Brock Lesnar's contract for more dates, even if it's just a few, than his previous run? Or is it basically a clone of his last with 3 PPV dates and thats it. Also, if you had 3 PPV's you could utilize Brock Lesnar with, who would you have him face?

I am of the opinion that his contract is very similar to the one originally signed.

My question is about Cena though and his footwear. Maybe, I'm just the only one who notices, but he changes brands quite a lot. It got me thinking, how in the world does he not have a shoe deal? If I were his Agent, I would in contact with all major companies, even niche shoe companies. It would seem like good advertising to me, it's clearly seen by millions each week. Plus, he's pretty well-known, seems like a match made in NIKE heaven.

I have wondered the same thing.  I have no idea why an endorsement deal hasn't been worked out with someone. He certainly appeals to (some) kids and seems like a perfect spokesman.

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