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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-04 23:00:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Ring of Honor Border Wars 2013 from Toronto. To order the iPPV, visit

I had some Internet connection issues early but C&C Wrestling Factory defeated ACH & Tadarius Thomas in what looked to be a great opener.

Roderick Strong vs. Mike Bennett

Bennett was wearing Zubaz inspired tights. No Bob Evans, but Maria Kanellis was there. Bennett stalled a lot early. They went to the floor, where Strong was sent into the barriers several times. Bennett brought him back in for a two count.

Back in the ring, Strong tried to make a two count but Bennett took him down and slammed him. Bennett nailed a legdrop for a two count. Bennett whipped Strong into the corner but was kicked away. Strong was caught and slammed down for a two count.

Strong mounted a comeback and nailed several clotheslines and leg lariat. Bennett kicked him away during a charge but Strong fought back. Strong got the better of the exchange and nailed a superplex for a two count.

Strong went for a suplex but Bennett nailed him with several elbows and a spinebuster for a two count. Strong leapfrogged over a charge and nailed a leaping forearm in the corner, followed by a back suplex for a two count.

Bennett fired back with a spear and a forward roll for a two count. Strong came back and locked in the Stronghold Boston Crab. Maria Kanellis got on the apron, distracting the referee from seeing Bennett tap.

Strong released Bennett to argue with the referee but was nailed for a two count. Bennett went for the Stronghold but Cheeseburger, the young student, ran out and kissed Maria. Bennett went after him but Strong nailed a leg lariat and scored the pin.

Your winner, Roderick Strong!

Good back and forth match.

They aired a video segment on SCUM beating down Kevin Steen.

I Quit: BJ Whitmer vs. Rhett Titus

Steve Corino cut a promo before the match but I really couldn't make it out. 

Whitmer hit the ring and attacked Titus.  They fired back and forth with chops.  Whitmer was sent into the ropes but Corino tried to trip him.  Nigel McGuinness walked out afterward.  Titus was sent to the floor and Whitmer nailed a dive.  McGuinness returned with several referees and had them eject Corino from ringside.  The crowd chanted, "Get the f*** out."

Whitmer worked over Titus on the floor with chops and tossed him back into the ring.  He worked over Titus' neck.  They battled on the top.  Titus made a comeback and tossed Whitmer to the floor.

Titus worked over Whitmer on the floor and placed him on the apron near the ringpost.  Titus charged and hit a running kick to Whitmer's head.   He brought Whitmer back in the ring and locked on the Orienta; Torture Device for a submission attempt.

Titus kept working over Whitmer, who sucked it up and fired back with an explosive flurry of strikes.   Titus begged off but tricked Whitmer into being slammed facefirst into the turnbuckles.    He tried to ziptie Whitmer to the ropes but Whitmer fought him off and tied one of Titus' arms to the ropes, trapping him.

He tied Titus' other arm and worked him over with punches.  Whitmer grabbed a chair but Corino returned and offered himself to be hit instead.  Titus quit to stop Whitmer.

Your winner, BJ Whitmer!

Jimmy Jacobs and Cliff Compton immediately hit the ring and attacked Whitmer.  This led to Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal hitting the ring, so the scheduled tag match began.

Lethal & Elgin vs. Compton & Jacobs

All four brawled around ringside while ROH cut Titus out from the ropes.  The stipulation here is that if SCUM wins, Steve Corino becomes the color commentator for ROH TV.

Lethal whipped Compton hard into the ring barrier.  Elgin then clotheslined him over into the crowd.   Back in the ring, Jacobs and Lethal exchanged chops and punches in a corner.  Compton pulled himself back to the order.

Elgin tagged in and held Jacobs for a long delayed suplex.    He held him for a long, long time before dropping him.  Elgin and Lethal nailed a series of double team moves for a two count.    Jacobs finally raked Lethal's eyes and tagged out to Compton.

Lethal came back with the handspring elbow for a two count.    Elgin did the delayed vertical suplex on Compton.   Lethal joined in and did one on Jacobs.  The crowd loved that.

Compton was sent into Elgin by Lethal.  Lethal then dropkicked Jacobs off the apron.  Elgin nailed a spinning sit down Torture Rack.  Lethal nailed a dive to the outside on Jacobs.   Lethal began grabbing at his knee and was hurt.  The referee checked on him outside the ring.

This led Elgin alone battling Compton.  He nailed a Black Hole Slam for a two count.  Elgin didn't know what happened to Lethal but went to the floor when he realized something was wrong.     Corino began screaming for the ref to count out Lethal.  Nigel McGuinness left commentary to check on Lethal.

Elgin finally returned to the ring and battled both members of SCUM alone.  Lethal was carried out.  SCUM kept out-maneuvering Elgin when he went for big moves.  They finally worked over Elgin in the corner.  Jacobs scored several two count on Elgin.  Elgin made a comeback but there was no one to tag.

Kevin Steen hit the scene and demanded to be tagged in.  He was tagged in and cleaned house on SCUM.   Elgin went for a powerbomb in the corner on Jacobs but Compton speared his legs.   Steen, who had been nailed in the eyes, recovered and tossed Jacobs over the top.  He nailed a pop up powerbomb on Compton and went for the Package Piledriver but Jacobs rolled him up and scored the pin.

Your winners, SCUM!

They aired Taiji Ishimori vs. El Generico from a few years back to promote Ishimori.  They then aired Paul London vs. Michael Shane Street Fight to promote their bouts tonight.

QT Marshall and RD Evans came to the ring.  Evans cut a promo, leading to a video on the screen above the entrance announcing the return of Tomasso Ciampa, who had been out for a year with a knee injury.  Ciampa then walked out the entrance.  It was a nice entrance build.

Ciampa drilled Marshall and tried to nail him with a running knee but Evans pulled him to safety.

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