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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-04 10:00:10
I was watching the Bobby Heenan bio on Netflix. I know he had developed cancer some time ago. The last thing I remember hearing about him is that he had an accident a few years ago back and ended up with some serious injuries. What is the latest that you guys have heard on his condition?

Heenan is doing better, although his health still has issues stemming from his battle with cancer. He still makes appearances from time to time at wrestling conventions but is retired and is being a grandfather.

Has there been any effort by TNA in signing former Knockout/Beautiful People star Angelina Love?

Not at this time.

Have you given any thought into converting your Pro Wrestling Insider Xtra page into a page devoted to Fandango? You know, detailing his likes, dislikes, favorite movies, tv shows, what he eats during the day, how many cups of coffee he drinks, stuff like that. I think he would be a huge hit given you have 30 something year olds dancing like little school girls to his music. Just a thought. Fantango Insider .com. Pretty catchy.

It's time for you to log off the Internet for about 25 years or so.

Is it just me or does anyone else miss the fact that each show has its unique look? I honestly hate that WWE has moved to this Generic one stage for all its shows. I really liked it better when each show had a unique thing about them.

I can understand why you preferred the different looks but with the move to HD, its just logistically easier for the company to have a uniform look. I tend to agree that it was a little flashier when the two sides had different feels - bring back the Smackdown fist!

I've been watching a lot of WWE from 2004 til 2006 just because I can't really cant stand the product WWE has been producing lately and I think the "Ruthless Aggression" Era is far better than now and I noticed that it was being labeled as "PG" just like it is being now, so why has there been so much change for "2004 PG" to "2013 PG" as far as logic and storyline is concerned.

I think it's a conscious move to try and make sure people realize the company is playing to a family friendly audience, plus anything that could be questionable in that regard, they have eliminated - from the crazier bumps to blood to T&A, etc.

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