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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-02 10:00:00
Regarding the old school RAWs they do, do you think we'll ever see the return of the blue steel cage? 2. Which do you prefer, the blue or gray/silver steel cage? & 3. Do you think we'll ever see a WCW one night only like we saw w/ECW?

There will never be a WCW PPV because quite frankly, it's been gone for 13 years and unlike ECW, when it died, there was no feeling from fans that they had lost something they loved. What WCW was when it died was far removed from what made it special. The last few years ran off their fan base. ECW never did that. You can argue ECW wasn't what it was at its zenith, but it was still ECW to the fans. WCW was WCW in name only and then when it was taken over by WWE, it was massacred and destroyed. ECW never really was, unless you count the new ECW.

I can see them using the blue cage at some point. I am partial to the old fence design.

I am wondering what happened to NXT wrestler Bronson. Is he still under wwe contract? Has he been injured? We haven't seen him on TV or house shows in months.

He is still under a WWE developmental deal. It may be he was injured.

I just watched a newly remastered VH1 "Behind the Music" for Motorhead and was disappointed there was no mention of their "The Game" theme song for HHH. I think it's one of the best wrestling entrance songs ever. I also think its introduced a whole new audience to this great metal band. Did WWE get shafted, or am I missing something?

I think that in the long body of work that Motorhead has done, Triple H's theme song is not a major feather in their hat, except to wrestling fans. They are legends, period. To say WWE got the shaft is being silly.

I read where SHIMMER star Allison Danger had announced her retirement from wrestling. She had stated that she had suffered a stroke in January as being one of the reasons for her retireing. Its probably none of my business but any word how she is doing? All the best to her at this time. Godspeed.

Danger is doing fine health-wise but given her health issues, continuing to wrestle would not have been the smartest of moves. So, she retired and will continue her work with SHIMMER behind the scenes, where she had been an important piece of that aspect of the company.

What was the first ECW show you attended?

The May 1994 When World Collide show featuring Sabu & Bobby Eaton vs. Arn Anderson & Terry funk. The novelty of such a unique tag match led me to go. I said I would go for the one show and well, you can see what happened. I was around until the company closed. Going to that one show changed my life forever.

Do you think that Shane Douglas doesn't get the credit he deserves for what he did in ECW? The reason I ask is because, when a lot of people mention ECW they mention, Sabu, Taz, RVD, Raven, etc. But, I don't hear Shane Douglas mentioned in that group.. Too me, he was one of the main guys in ECW.. It was a team effort no doubt but, in a lot of ways Douglas was the 'back-bone' and doesn't seem to get any credit really for it.. The revisionist history is that, "Shane Douglas made his name by saying the F-word and, calling out Flair." But, I thought there was a lot more to him than that.. I think his heel-work from 96-99 was just awesome.. I mean, I would put his work during that time up against nearly any "heel-run." Am I over-rating "The Franchise?"

You are over-rating him because when you compare the body of work he had vs. the others you named, he doesn't match or excel past their accomplishments. That said, I do think Shane was a big part of the early days of ECW. He was the guy that created controversy for them while also being a strong in-ring wrestler at a time ECW was emphasizing athletics and the sport of pro wrestling (as opposed to what was being pushed in WCW and the WWF at the time) - that was a good mix and made him stand out. However, as his character evolved, he became more about the explicit language and his matches weren't as strong. Then, he moved back to WCW, where he really fizzled out and the majority of his best work wasn't seen by the masses. So, I think that's part of why he doesn't get the credit he deserves, but he was also the type of worker who needed someone else strong in there with him to really excel in the ring. You can really say that especially in 1996 he was one of the strong cogs in the machine but he was also in and out of the company and over time, he didn't maintain himself in the ring at the level that the others you mentioned did, He was important for sure, but I don't see him as being in that top percentage of ECW stars. As a talker, sure. As an overall piece of the ECW machine? Not at that top level. Wrestling is very subjective but I don't think he's being ignored for his place in the company.

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