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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-01 09:59:00

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When a talent gets sent home from a tour, such as the latest case with Rosa Mendes, who makes the call to take them off the tour? Is it HHH's call? Vince's? Or is it a combination of people who make that decision?

There are producers/agents on every tour.  They file reports to management after each show.  In a case like this, it will get back to upper management, most of the time Triple H, and the call is made then.

With Rock stating that his match at Wrestlemania 29 may be his last match, do you think it will be or do you think Rock will wrestle again?

 I don't have an opinion because it really could go either way. Rock is a movie star now and I could see future movie deals he signs coming with the caveat that he doesn't wrestle. Missing premieres is not a good thing.  But he could also clear his schedule for a year if he decides he wants to work some matches.  So we will just have to wait and see.

Following up on the question that was asked in the 04/22.2013 Q and A about Vince killing the territories, it has always been my contention that had the WWF not gone national another promotion would have. The development of the cable and satellite television industry had more to do with the territories dying out than anything Vince did. Your thoughts?

I couldn't agree more.  The Crocketts would have used TBS to go national if Vince had never come along.  It was inevitable that as TV grew to cover the country, someone would have gone national if Vince had not.  The world was changing then and Vince was ahead of the curve.

I know certain wrestlers, Roddy Piper, Tommy Dreamer, had that reputation of “Not needing a belt.” However, having Dreamer’s one ECW title reign last 5 minutes seemed like just a crappy thing to do. At least let him keep the belt a week. I never understood that not needing a title thing. Like when Piper beat Hogan at Starrcade, let him have the WCW title for a few weeks. The man gave his heart and soul to the business for 30 years, would it have killed them to make him champ for a few weeks?

In the case of Dreamer, it was his call.  He didn't want the belt.  He wanted to put guys over. In the case of Piper, he got hosed both in WWE and WCW.  I think he deserved a long World Title reign.

Is it just me, or did Fandango kill every bit of momentum the 4/8 Raw crowd gave him with his promo on the 4/15 Raw?

He didn't help it but let's be real, what happened on 4/8 was fans having fun and him being the recipient of their fun. Back in the real world, he is still an act trying to get over.

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