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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-30 09:59:00

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I work nights so I can't watch Raw or Smackdown during regular time so I love the repeats on Universal TV on Saturday. How was this decision made to repeat the show? Are the ratings any good? Is Raw edited if something goes wrong?

It was done to provide programming for NBC Universal's HD channel.  WWE doesn't tout the replay because they want people to watch the show on Monday's.  I have never seen the ratings for the channel but my understanding is that they are pretty low.  If something really bad happened on the show, they would surely edit it off.

I think, it was a mistake to let Dean Ambrose lose to Undertaker in their one on one match on Smackdown. First, it should be a bigger deal, that finally a Shield member loses a match (via tap out, I might add, even if it's against Taker). Secondly, the beatdown right after the tap out didn't stop the smart English fans to shout "You tapped out", which is exactly the point: The beatdown of Taker doesn't overshadow the tap out loss from a Shield member. Your thoughts?

I didn't like it either, unless it leads to Ambrose pinning Taker clean later on.  I like that WWE has booked The Shield strongly.  I know that Vince will say, "There is no harm in losing to The Undertaker" but I wouldn't have done it either.

Now that Fandango has Summer Rae as his dancer/sidekick, I think it's painfully obvious, that he needs one of those professional dancers back again. Sure, Summer Rae is a development talent and should be used. But she can't dance and move in the slightest way as she should as Fandango's "dancer". I'd even like to say, she looks too slutty for the act. Your thoughts?

Honestly, Fandango can't exactly dance either.  I would actually let them dance badly, since they are heels.

It's about 6 months since The Shield debuted and I was wondering the plans going forward? Do you think this is the best stable the WWE (not WWF) ever made?

From what we hear, WWE plans to keep them strong and not mess them up the way that they did with The Nexus.  We shall see.  But yes, in my opinion this is the best stable the company has done as WWE because they took unknown guys and got them over.  That is what creative is supposed to do!

Hi there still loving the site after all these years!! Is there a listing of Indy Wrestling promotions? I am wanting to find out what Indy's run in the Atlanta, GA area and attend some events. Thanks

Devin Cutting runs a great site for events that you can check out by clicking here"

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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