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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-29 09:59:00

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So Chris Matthews hours after the Boston bombings tries to pin it on conservatives. Eric Bischoff calls him out on it and Dave you say to Eric "Don't politicize tragedy". Wow! Either your staunch liberalism is stopping you from seeing that Eric rightfully addressed an attack on his party or you're the one who has the issue with Bischoff. I didn't see you tweet Mr. Matthews "Don't politicize tragedy" so the only thing I see is phony outrage on your part. Either to pick a fight with Eric or to help your political side. When someone in the news media makes a comments like Chris Matthews did and trying to frame a narrative, someone need to shed light on it.

You have the same problem as Eric Bischoff, you make everything about politics.  You have no human decency.  When Bischoff wrote that, they were still searching for the second suspect.  Real people were recovering from real wounds and dealing with the real loss of loved ones. You and Bischoff care more about taking a shot a a liberal commentator (and frankly, the fact that you guys waste your time listening to him says a lot about you) than caring about people.  You are vile and reprehensible.  But to explain it to you so you can understand it, Matthews works for MSNBC. Eric Bischoff does not work for Fox News.  He is just a regular guy, albeit one that forgets things that most of us never would.  If Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity want to respond to Matthews, well at least it's their job.  It is not Bischoff's job.  He is not a political commentator. A little compassion for the people suffering would have been nice but instead you two think any shot at a liberal trumps all (and for the record I am an independent). You see me as having phony outrage? Coming from a dope like you I will take that as a compliment.

In this day of short title reigns does the talent get an instant bump in pay as soon as they get the belt, even if everyone knows it will probably not be a long run? What about the lesser titles like the IC belt?

The guys get paid the same downside.  But they get more bonus money when they are higher up the card.  That placement largely determines the bonus money.

Okay, I'm just going to ask... Antonio Cesaro lost to Zack Ryder on a house show today. To Zack Ryder. Is he now suffering the consequence of Punk going to bat for him during Wrestlemania week, when he wore Cesaro's t-shirt to the press conference and took the company to task for leaving him off Mania in an interview? WWE can't be THIS shortsighted and petty, right?

I have no answer as to why they are booking Cesaro so poorly other than to say that he isn't the only new talent they have destroyed.  He is just one of many, sadly.

Great job on the site, as always. Here’s my question: is Fandango really over, or is it just his music? I get the sense that the crowd at the post-Mania Raw were doing some of the things they were doing to say “hey – look at us” as much as to have a good time. I really wonder if one of those things was singing Fandango’s theme song ad infinitum. I think Johnny Curtis is a talented, hard-working guy, but he doesn’t come across as strong as the hype/heat he’s getting. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

At this point it was definitely the UK fans singing his song that has gotten him pub.  We will find out more about where he stands with the masses going forward.

I was wondering about CM Punk's contract status. In 2011, from what I understood he signed a 2 -year deal with WWE which means his contract will be up in July of this year. Do you think this is a way to write him off tv if he doesn't sign a new deal? Also, do you feel that CM Punk had it in his contract to have a lengthy championship run as he did with the WWE title. CM Punk did have WWE's back in a corner when it was time to sign a new deal, so anything is possible.

No, he still has time left on his deal.  He is banged up right now and needs a break.  That is all there is to why he has been off TV.  No, Vince doesn't put that kind of stuff in contracts because he doesn't need to.  I am sure he talked with Punk about long term plans when he re-signed him however.

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