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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-28 09:59:00

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So what are the odds that Cena cleanly beats Ryback at Extreme Rules thus showing that their isn't any credible opponents for him? Also how exciting will it be to know that their aren't any quality opponents for Hulk Hogan Cena?

Sadly, they are at least 50/50.  It would be the wrong thing to do to keep the belt on Cena and kill Ryback, for sure.  It would just add to the staleness of WWE.

I just watched the Barbed Wire City documentary and I thought it showed a different view than the WWE documentary and the Forever Hardcore film. How did you feel about the three films and what do you think was the most accurate?

I enjoyed all three and think they all had their high points.  WWE's had slick production values and al of the footage.  Forever Hardcore did a good job of capturing the feeling of company.  Barbed Wire City looked more at the then and now aspect and brought in more voices that were on the periphery.  I did think a few people said different things now than they did back then however.

Why did the Barbed Wire City documentary focus on Wade Keller so much? Considering what Dave had to say that he put the company at risk for almost cancelling the PPV in 1997, why would they even interview the guy? He came off as a total tool in my opinion. Your thoughts?

They obviously felt he was someone that deserved to be put on the documentary. Since he made himself part of the story, I guess they felt he should be included.  It's no secret I an neither a fan or Wade Keller or the work he does.  I think the fact that he blatantly lied about me and never made a retraction, despite me pointing out exactly where he was wrong, says all that needs to be said about his "credibility".

Where was Tommy Dreamer for this documentary? He was not under contract to WWE and probably would have had more insight than most without any repercussions from WWE. I know he would have liked to have had some house of hardcore footage to show in this film instead of all the Extreme Reunion footage instead. Did anybody have heat with Dreamer on this documentary?

They would have loved to have had Tommy.  I think he was with Paul Heyman in the fact that he just wanted to move on and not be involved with another look at the company.

Why is JTG still employed? Like seriously why?

The only reason I have is that he hasn't been let go yet.  There are a few guys on the roster like him.  If the Mania buyrate comes in low, I could see some people being let go.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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