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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-25 11:25:14

The following press release was sent out today.

NEW YORK, NY.,April 25th, 2013 – F.W.E. (Family Wrestling Entertainment) returns to action on June 21st, 2013! After an unforgettable "No Limits '13", F.W.E. superstars will have a lot of issues to resolve! We will be announcing our venue shortly but we have some exciting announcements to whet your appetite for F.W.E. action!

Main Event:
F.W.E. Heavyweight Title Match:
Carlito Colon vs Jay Lethal

Carlito Colon was able to retain the FWE Heavyweight Championship at "No Limits '13" after escaping a grueling TLC Match that included Tommy Dreamer & Matt Hardy. After Colon won the title at Tommy Dreamer's "House Of Hardcore" event in October of '12, this will be his first one on one title defense. He has a tough challenge to face as he will be challenged by Jay Lethal. Lethal never received his rematch after losing the title at "F.W.E. X" back in July. Colon & Lethal have some history here when Lethal was scheduled to defend his title against Tommy Dreamer at "Dysfunctional Family" in June, Colon interruped a Lethal interview segment and inserted himself into the match and made it a 3 Way. Lethal retained that night. Will Colon keep his grip on the title or will Lethal become the first ever 2 Time F.W.E. Heavyweight Champion?

All of the F.W.E. Champions WILL be on hand! Paul London, the newly crowned F.W.E. Tri Borough Champion will defend the championship, but against who? Will Damien Darling receive his rematch or will a new challenge emerge? F.W.E. Women's Champion Maria Kanellis will defend her title. After sucessfully defending against Angelina Love (with the help of her fiancee Mike Bennett) who will challenge the Queen of F.W.E.? F.W.E. Tag Team Champions Adrenaline Express (EJ Risk & VSK) will defend their titles. After successfully making their first title defense against world renowned team The Young Bucks, AE have officially cemented their spot as one of the best tag teams around right now. The Young Bucks won a gauntlet at "No Limits '13" to become the #1 contenders but will they say they were not fresh and deserve another shot? There are four other teams involved in that match who believe since The Bucks received their shot and lost, they should get the next shot. You have teams like Da House Party, Azriel & Bandido Jr., and Diamond Inc. You also have The Saviors of Wrestling who are back from injury and want revenge against their former friends. Who will get the shot? Also announced for 6/21 is Brian Kendrick. Kendrick after losing to his best friend Paul London on the Pre Show at "No Limits" came out to help London overcome an onslaught of The Young Bucks during his match. What will he be looking to do?

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