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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-24 09:35:47
The 6/24 Raw in Charleston, SC will have a pre-sale kicking off this morning use code CENA Thanks to Geoff for passing that along.

The WWE European tour continues through this weekend, at which point the company returns to tape TV on Monday and Tuesday. I've heard from a few talents that everyone is at the point where they are really tired but trudging through. Want to know why? Here's the remainder of their schedule!

Wednesday 4/24:
Raw in Liege, Belgium
Smackdown in Amneville, France

Thursday 4/25:
Raw in St. Petersburg, Russia
Smackdown in Bologna, Italy

Friday 4/26:
Raw in Moscow, Russia
Smackdown in Trieste, Italy

Saturday 4/27:
Raw in Lodz, Poland
Smackdown in Mannheim, Germany

Sunday 4/28:
Smackdown in Cologne, Germany

As we noted, The Raw crew will then return to Columbus, Ohio to tape Raw on 4/29 while Smackdown is back in the States to tape TV in Detroit on 4/30.

Our friends at Ringside Collectibles are running a contest to win their exclusive Cactus Jack action figure at this link.

William Regal thanked the British fans via Twitter, noting that the reactions he's received on appearance during the current tour made "an old villain feel good."

The Undertaker is on the cover of the May edition of WWE Magazine.

Shawn Michaels will be doing a signing and Q&A on 8/31 in Waynesboro, VA for Top Rope Championship Wrestling.

Here is this week's Raw Backstage Fallout:

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