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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-26 10:00:00
Hello, I am from Taiwan and I am glad that WWE is coming on July 6th this year, WWE is also going to Japan on July 5th. But the name of event in Japan is "WWE RAW tour" , and the name of event in Taiwan is "WWE Live". What's the different ? Wrestling fans are talking about "The event will be broadcast on TV because there is a 'Live' in the name". But I know that a house show is a non-televised event. so..."Live" confused me so lot.

WWE is distancing themselves from using the Raw and Smackdown names and moving forward with the "WWE Live" branding as a way to bring up the drawing power of the Smackdown tours. The Taiwan show is not scheduled to be a TV taping. It's just going to be "live" as in "live right in front of you."

There was once talk a long time ago of TNA producing a separate program featuring exclusively the Knockouts of TNA. With the upcoming Knockouts website wouldn't this be a good opportunity for TNA to do create such a project? Any chance of such a thing becoming reality?

If TNA could get Spike or someone else to air it (and pay TNA to produce it), they would do it. TNA really wants to get some new additional programming in the United States as some of their other series (Xplosion, TNA Greatest, etc.) do well overseas.

Since both WCW & TNA branched off from NWA: 1. I know the Jarrett's created TNA, but who was responsible for creating WCW? & 2. Since NWA is so small, why doesn't Vince make an attempt to acquire it?

When Turner Broadcasting purchased Jim Crockett Promotions at the end of 1988, they created World Championship Wrestling. The NWA name was still used through 1991 until issues with The National Wrestling Alliance and Turner brass led to Turner using the WCW name and changing all of the former NWA belts into WCW championships.

WWE could easily purchase the National Wrestling Alliance rights and copyrights, but there's no real need to do so. I have been told by several former members of the NWA that WWE has the rights to use the NWA name in material housed in their archives from their business dealings when the company worked with Howard Brody and the NWA in the late 1990s. So, unless they wanted the physical belts, what would they really be paying for?

The way Mickie James talked on Impact last week leads me to believe that she may be turning heel if she doesn't win the Knockout title from Velvet Sky. It was once rumored that such a prospect was possible. James going heel. Possible?

I'd like to think so. She was a hell of a heel during her WWE run. I'd love to see it again.

I have 3 questions regarding the Pontiac Silverdome in the motor city/Motown (Detroit, Michigan): 1. Was the attendance for Wrestlemania III really 93,000+ or was that number exaggerated to make the event seem more significant? 2. Do you think we'll ever see the wrestlers/superstars go to the ring in that little ring again? 3. If it really was 93,000+, why don't they go back there?

I am sure the number was exaggerated in some fashion, since this is pro wrestling and everything ends up larger than life. I liked the cart as a way to get how massive the venue was, but more likely than not, we won't see it again. The ring entrances are such a big part of WWE's production now that there's no way they are going to remove them for the static, repeated instance of wrestlers in the tiny cart. The Silverdome closed in 2006 and was re-opened in 2010 but is not a modern facility in the least. WWE can run the Detroit market for Mania with Ford Field anytime they want.

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