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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-25 10:00:00

Has anyone heard anything out of Camp Cornette since the 'ROH debacle?" He seemed to have a lot of emotional investment in Ring of Honor and, with him being unusually quiet it makes me wonder if he is in some kind of depression.. Do you think he has burned all of his bridges or, will he ever have a backstage role again in, WWE, TNA or ROH.. I feel as if he has a lot to offer and, while he can be 'out of touch' in some ways, he could be used for so many things other than booking..

I certainly hope Cornette will have a role somewhere down the line but the reality is that he doesn't want to be on the road full time which puts two of the three out of any real possibility. Cornette has chosen to remain quiet of his own volition. The word we have heard on him is that he's working on losing weight (and has lost some weight) and is very happy to be taking a break from the business. I think his silence is by choice.

I read a preview for Raw Monday night and one of the matches listed was a Divas Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the WWE Divas Championship currently held by Kaitlyn. I then read a complete report of all the matches but there was to mention of the Divas battle royal. What happened? Did it take place? If so, why no reference to it? If it indeed happened, who won?

It was filmed and won by AJ Lee. It also aired!!!

I haven't heard of any hazing or bullying incidents in WWE locker rooms lately. Have they ceased? If so, is it because Vince demanded it, or simply because the main culprits (JBL and Randy Orton) either aren't around or finally grew up? Or because Joey Styles knocked JBL on his ass?

The generation that broke into the business with the hazing has been cycled out and replaced by a newer generation that is more concerned about keeping their jobs and performing.

To your knowledge did the legendary The Fabulous Moolah (Lillian Ellison) ever have a wrestling school?

Ellison did have a school in South Carolina and trained both men and women.

What has happened to the building where TNA has for years staged tapings for Impact Wrestling within Universal Studios in Florida? What are the plans for it? If TNA wanted to could they use it again sometime during the year?

It's still there. It was a soundstage that Universal Studios rented out for television production (everything from Swamp Thing to Double Dare was filmed there) and that's what it's going to go back to being. If TNA wanted to rent it for a project, obviously they would be able to do so. If you go to the Universal park, it's Soundstage 21. Just make a left at the Despicable Me ride and you will find it.

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