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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-26 08:00:00

April 26th

On this day in history in ....

1965 - Former UFC and WCW star Tank Abbott is born.

1967 - Kane is born.

1970 - Ron Reis aka The Yeti in WCW is born.

1976 - WWWF ran at Madison Square Garden in New York City with the following results:
- Louis Cerdan defeated Johnny Rodz.
- Tony Parisi defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna.
- Dominic DeNucci defeated Louis Cyr.
- Ric Flair defeated Frankie Williams.
- Bobo Brazil defeated Rocky Tomayo.
- Superstar Billy Graham & Ivan Koloff defeated Haystacks Calhoun & Pat Barrett by countout.
- Andre The Giant defeated Ernie Ladd via countout.
- Stan Hansen defeated WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino when the referee stopped the match due to excessive bleeding.  Because there was no pinfall or submission, Sammartino retained the title.  This was the bout where Hansen accidentally broke Bruno's neck with a bodyslam.  However, the storyline would be that Hansen broke Sammartino's neck with the Lariat clothesline.

1982 - The Amazing Red is born.

1982 - WWF ran at Madison Square Garden with the following results:
- Johnny Rodz defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna via DQ.
- Bob Orton Jr. defeated Rick McGraw when McGraw couldn't continue.
- Blackjack Mulligan defeated Steve Travis.
- Jimmy Snuka defeated WWF World Champion Bob Backlund via DQ when Backlund refused to stop choking Snuka.  After the match, Snuka would injure Backlund with the Superfly Splash and Backlund would be carried out on a stretcher.
- Tony Garea defeated Charlie Fulton.
- Tony Atlas defeated Jesse Ventura.
- Adrian Adonis defeated Pete Sanchez.
- Andre The Giant, Pedro Morales & Ivan Putski defeated Mr. Fuji, Mr. Saito & Greg Valentine in a Three Falls match in two straight falls.

1986 - Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan sold out for a WWF event headlines by WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan vs. Intercontinental Champion Randy Savage in advance, so several thousand tickets were sold for fans to watch the match on closed circuit TV at nearby Cobo Hall.  The main event saw Hogan pin Savage when he kicked Savage in the face as he dove off the top rope for a flying elbowdrop.

1988 - The Fantastics defeated The Midnight Express to win the NWA United States Tag Team championship.

1992 - Johnny Hotbody defeats Jimmy Snuka in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to win the ECW (Eastern Championship Wrestling, later to become Extreme) Heavyweight Title, only one day after Snuka defeated Sal Bellomo to become the first ECW champion.

1992 - At the Boston Garden in Massachusetts, The Ultimate Warrior defeats Sid Justice (Vicious) via DQ in less than five minutes.  This would be Sid's last WWF appearance for well over two years.  Due to controversy regarding a drug test, Sid walked out of the company, less than a month after headlining Wrestlemania against Hulk Hogan.  Sid would be replaced on subsequent house shows against the Warrior by Papa Shango.

1994 - At a Monday Night Raw taping, The Headshrinkers, Fatu & Samu, defeated The Quebecers in Burlington, Vermont to win the WWF World Tag Team Championship.  This would be the last duo that Captain Lou Albano would lead to the WWF Tag Team Championship.  Also at the taping, Earthquake (who was a legit sumo wrestler at one time) defeated Yokozuna in a Sumo Match in which the ropes were taken down and the winner was the first wrestler to knock the other out of the ring.

1995 - At a WWF television taping in Moline, Illinois, Bob Holly defeats Jeff Jarrett with a top rope clothesline to win the WWF Intercontinental Title.  However, Jarrett's feet were on the ropes during the pin, and earlier in the match, Jarrett had pinned Holly with his feet on the ropes, but the match was restarted.  As a result of the controversy, the belt was held up and a rematch was held, and Jarrett pinned Holly with a rollup to regain the title (again, after a restart when Jarrett first pinned Holly with his feet on the ropes).  The two matches were shown a week apart on WWF Action Zone. Also at this taping, Hunter Hearst Helmsley made his WWF television debut with a win over Buck Zumhoffe for WWF Wrestling Challenge.

1998 - WWF held their Backlash PPV in Greensboro, North Carolina at the Coliseum.  The PPV, the first to utilize the now standard "Scratch" logo, featured the following results:
- Faarooq, Ken Shamrock & Steve Blackman defeated The Rock, D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry when Faarooq pinned Rock with a Dominator.
- WWF European Champion Triple H defeated Owen Hart after X-Pac hit Hart with a fire extinguisher.
- NWA World Tag Team Champions The New Midnight Express defeated The Rock N' Roll Express when Bart Gunn pinned Robert Gibson.
- Luna Vachon defeated Sable in an Evening Gown match after Marc Mero distracted Sable.
- WWF World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws defeated The Legion Of Doom when Hawk gave Road Dogg a back suplex but had his own shoulders down for the three count.
- The Undertaker defeated Kane in an Inferno match when Kane was set on fire.
- Dude Love defeated WWF World Champion Steve Austin via DQ when Austin hit Vince McMahon with a chair and Gerald Brisco ruled that Austin was disqualified for "striking a WWF official".

1999 - Raw defeated Nitro in the Monday Night Wars, although Nitro would prove to be more historically significant, as Sting "enjoyed" one of the shortest title reigns in WCW history.

Nitro, doing a 3.9, saw Sting defeated Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW World Heavyweight Title during the first hour of the broadcast.  In the last match of the evening, Page won back the title from Sting in a four way match that also included Kevin Nash and Bill Goldberg.  Results from the rest of the show saw:
- Konnan defeated Brian Adams via DQ.
- Scott & Steve Armstrong defeated Raven.
- Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Psicosis to win the WCW World Cruiserweight Title.
- Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Erik Watts.
- WCW World Television Champion Booker T defeated Meng.
- Brian Knobs defeated Hardcore Hak (Sandman), Horace Hogan and Mikey Whipwreck in a four way Hardcore match.
- Scott Steiner defeated Randy Savage via DQ.

Raw, which did a 6.0, saw the following:
- WWF World Tag Team Champions Kane & X-Pac defeated Edge & Gangrel.
- D'Lo Brown defeated Val Venis.
- Triple H defeated Billy Gunn.
- Mankind & Big Show defeated Test & Big Bossman.
- Intercontinental Champion The Godfather defeated Jeff Jarrett.
- Ken Shamrock vs. Bradshaw ended in a double DQ.
- The Rock defeated Shane McMahon vs. DQ.

2002 - Acclaim Entertainment, which released several Extreme Championship Wrestling videogames, is being sued over the rights to a version of the ECW theme song, "This is Extreme! Y2K (1999 and Beyond)" according to their most recent filing with Securities and Exchange Commission.  The lawsuit, brought by the song's composers, Harry Grivas (aka Harry Slash) and Roderick Kohn, alleged that Acclaim used a master recording of the song without permission, infringing on the copyrights.  Filed in the state of New York, the suit requested that Acclaim stop using the song, recall and destroy all unsold copies of ECW games using the piece, and request compensatory damages of $1.75 million.  The lawsuit also alleges that Acclaim breached a contract with Grivas and Kohn by failing to provide "video game equipment and promotional services" as called upon contractually.

2002 - broadcast Byte This.  Buck Woodward filed the following report of the broadcast:

- Jonathan Coachman and Howard Finkel hosted.

- Finkel commented on how Hulk Hogan winning the WWF Title again was like a case of deja vu.

Droz joined the show.

- Droz talked about Brock Lesnar being a "can't miss prospect".  Finkel pointed out how Paul Heyman being with Brock is a throw back to the glory days of managers.

- Coach put over how because of the brand extension, there is more anticipation for the reaction of stars like Steve Austin to various events, since you only hear from them once a week.

- Finkel asked Droz if he was involved in helping Albert with his new look.  Droz said he had been telling Albert for years to "shave his fur".

Droz leaves.

- Caller talked about how great it was to have Hulk Hogan back as champion, and that while he didn't want to see him leave, if this was the way he wanted to leave wrestling, it was the perfect way for him to go.

- Finkel thinks that while Hulk Hogan's reaction was originally just nostalgia, there is now much more to it, and Hulkamania is definitely back.

Tazz joined the show.

- Tazz talked about the respect Hogan gets, and the resulting pop from the crowd.  He said that the pop on Smackdown was apparently edited because it just went on too long.

- Tazz was asked if he ever got caught up in Hulkamania at Madison Square Garden.  Tazz said he never entered the Garden until the night he debuted there, beating Kurt Angle.
- Tazz said he was a mark for Hogan's popularity, since he was so huge at the time, but his personal favorite was the "Magnificent" Don Muraco.

- Tazz and Finkel talked about how humble Hogan is backstage.

- Tazz thought Bob Holly chopping the Tough Enough contestants was cool since it is a tough and rough business, and they should learn it now. Tazz said stuff he did the first season didn't make air because MTV wasn't sure what they wanted on the show. Now they want it.

- Tazz was happy to see Randy Orton make his debut, and that Cowboy Bob Orton was one of the best workers ever. Tazz thinks he will be a star, and mentioned that Orton rides with him and Kurt Angle on the road.

- Tazz said Brock and Randy are the "blue chippers" for the company.

- Tazz said Paul can teach Brock Lesnar how to talk, says that was how he learned back when he and Sabu were managed by Paul.

- Tazz said male managers are a lost art. He talked about how a veteran like Paul can teach a younger guy like Rico Constantino the intricacies of being a manager..

Tazz left.

- Coach and Fink talked about Rock's success with the Scorpion King.

Randy Orton joined.

- Randy talked about his debut last night on Smackdown, and what a thrill it was.

- Randy turned 22 a few weeks ago, and has been training for two years. Got started with Jim Cornette in OVW.

- He is a third generation wrestler. Grew up in the business, and traveled with his father on the road. As he got older, never was pressured by his dad to go into the business. He decided in high school to go for it, and, and started after graduation.

- Caller asked what his goals are. He said to try to go up a level each week, and the goal a few years down the line is the World Title.

- He watched the Smackdown last night with his dad. He talked about how proud his dad is of him.

- He has been working with Curt Hennig and Lance Storm, and put them over for helping him. He said too many others to name have helped him as well.

- Fink asked about being called a "blue chipper". Randy feels he was made for wrestling, and expectations of him may be right on. Has a lot of confidence, but will take it one match at a time.

- Looks forward to going on the road and can't wait to meet the women. Said he is "very single" and available.

- Closed off by saying he just wants to make everyone proud of him.

Randy left.

- Fink put over the opportunity the brand extension gives wrestlers to get on television.

Kevin Kelly called in.

- Kevin is happy to see the talent like Brock and Randy get a chance, and talked about how effective the developmental programs are.

Kelly left.

- A caller put over the Edge-Angle match form Backlash, saying it was Match of the Year quality. .

- Discussion of whether the nWo will be what the Big Show needs to step up and make an impact.

D-Von called in.

- The money he collects goes to the "D-Von Building Fund". The building will help show the people the light, with the help of his prophet Mr. McMahon.

- D-Von said he has been testifying since he came to the WWF. His encounter with Bubba on Heat proved they had no problems, despite what Fink implied. D-Von said Fink was stirring up trouble. He said Bubba is too concerned with the fans.  He said Bubba needs to get in touch with himself. He found himself after being kicked out of Vince's office.

- Caller asked if all three Dudley's will be teaming together in the future. D-Von said there will be if they go down the same path as him.

- He does miss teaming with Bubba, and does miss doing 3D, since they were the best tag team with the best finisher in the WWF.  However, life goes on.

- He came back as a preacher because he wanted to . Feels there are a lot of lost souls out there.

- He is pacing himself now, watching the competition before entering singles competition for the first time.

- When asked about comparisons to Brother Love, D-Von said Brother Love was preaching the word of love, and loved everyone. D-Von does not love the sinners and hypocrites of the world.

- Caller asked if D-Von would answer a calling from the Pope since they are in such disarray in the Catholic church. Everyone laughed, and D-Von said people that have been scamming deserve to be punished.  He is not here to scam, he is here to help and show people how to do things the right way.

- D-Von said said Ric Flair, not Vince McMahon split up the Dudleys, because he made the first pick, and Vince simply wanted a talented wrestler.

D-Von left.  

- Jonathan Coachman & Howard Finkel know nothing about Scott Steiner coming in to the WWF.

2003 - 80s journeyman wrestler Rip Oliver's name popped up in a strange murder story in Florida.  The St. Petersburg Times ran a story about the murder of Donald Carducci back on 12/17, believed by authorities to be at the hands of James Alan Head. Head has changed his story several times, and in one version he said the guy who pulled the trigger on a double-barreled shotgun and killed Carducci was Oliver (real name Larry Richard Oliver Sr., at the time age 50).   Oliver has an air-tight alibi, though, as he was in Oregon that day, which doctor records, police reports, and his employers at a Redmond, OR Christmas tree lot confirmed. Oliver according to the article also was working in Oregon as a security guard.

2003 - Ring of Honor held "Round Robin Challenge II".  Mike Johnson filed the following report:

Ring Of Honor returned to West Mifflin, PA at the West CCAC Campus, drawing around 400 fans for their second ever "Round Robin Challenge." Results of the show saw:

*Christopher Daniels defeated The Amazing Red with the Last Rites in the first Round Robin Challenge bout.

*Colt Cabana & Ace Steel defeated Da Hit Squad in what was billed as the final ever appearance of Da Hit Squad in ROH. Cabana scored the pin on Mack after a Colt 45 with an assist from Steel. No tease of a future feud between Da Hit Squad at all.

*In what was said to be an excellent Scramble Match, The SATs defeated Dunn and Marcos, EZ Money and Sterling James Keenan (a regular with IWC in Pittsburgh) and Special K when The SAT hit Dunn with the Spanish Fly for the pin. The mysterious large worker in the crowd (Mega from the Norteast indies) again got into a confrontation with Special K's Slugga.

*Homicide (with Julious Smokes aka J-Train from the riots) defeated CM Punk via submission with the STF. Before the match someone dressed like Raven jumped in the ring to mock Punk but was attacked by former WCW valet Daffney (now using the ring name Lucy) and laid them out. Punk announced here as the newest member of his heel faction, the Second City Saints.

*The Carnage Crew of Loc, Devito and Masada defeated Hotstuff Hernandez, Don Juan & Fast Eddie with a triple spiked piledriver on Juan. Lots of blood in this one. The Crew beat up Scott from Tough Enough 3, who was serving as timekeeper.

*Paul London defeated The Amazing Red in a Round Robin Challenge with the Styles Clash. London wore an AJ Styles T-shirt to the ring. The storyline here is London is looking to prove himself after missing the title match where Styles and Red won the belts.

*Alexis Laree pinned Persephonie. Michael Shane & Simply Luscious hit the ring and attacked both women. Shane took over the ring and sat in the center of uit with a chair. Gary Michael Cappetta came out to interview Shane, who declared he was making the next match (a Four Way) into a Five Way.

*Matt Stryker defeated Michael Shane, Chad Collyer, Donovan Morgan and BJ Whitmer when Stryker forced Collyer to tap out.

*Christopher Daniels defeated Paul London in a Round Robin Challenge match, winning the Challenge 2 matches to London's 1. Daniels scored the pin with his double jump moonsault after getting his knees up on a shooting star press attempt.

*ROH champion Samoa Joe defeated Doug Williams, submission with a choke to retain the ROH belt in his first title defense. The Prophecy laid out Joe and Michael Shane after the match.

Notes: AJ Styles missed the show with a deep bruise of his knee....HC Loc needed 12 stables from gash suffered during the six man....The next scheduled show is 5/31 returning to Philadelphia, PA at the Murphy Recreation Center....The Crowd was said to have been very hot.

2004 - Lance Storm announced in a statement that he was done as a full-time professional wrestler and would be working for WWE as a trainer going forward.  Storm would eventually leave WWE and open his own wrestling school in Calgary, Alberta Canada and still wrestles occasional matches.

2004 - WWE broadcasts Raw.  John Keane filed the following TV report:

Live from the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, Kansas.

We open with footage from last Monday-it was announced that in 2 weeks (next Monday) Shawn Michaels would get a shot at Chris Benoit's World Championship.

Let's do this.

Pyros go, J.R. and the King welcome us in-we're informed later on Flair & Batista will get a shot at re-gaining the tag straps.

First match: Women's Champion Victoria teams with Lita, their opponents are Molly Holly (w/chin strap wig) & Gail Kim. Pretty decent formula match, Victoria pulls Molly's wig off, Lita gets the win for her team, pinning Gail after a DDT. Post-match Molly looks for retribution-but quickly hightails it when Kane makes his way down. He backs Lita into a corner and looks for a sloppy lip lock (beh)-she ducks and runs backstage smack into Matt Hardy. He informs her he'll get revenge when he faces Big Red later on. Kane charges in from behind, Matt gets clubbered, team of refs appear to pull Kane off. Break.

Back, Jonathan Coachman is in the ring. He goes for the standard cheap heat (insults to local sports teams) until Tajiri makes his way down the ramp. He gets on the mic (!) and demands a match. Coach snidely orders the Buzzsaw to fetch him some Chinese takeout. Tajiri attacks, Coach immediately rolls out, his pal Garrison Cade escorts him up the ramp.

HHH is our next entrant, he comes down and shares a laugh with Tajiri-before whacking him in the chongs. Tajiri rolls out, HHH grabs a mic to bitch about HBK getting his title shot. This goes on for a bit until Tajiri tries to re-enter. Hunter goes to meet him and takes a HUGE blast of the deadly Green Mist. HHH writhes in blind agony, we go to break.

Back, we see a trainer helping HHH into Raw GM Eric Bischoff's office. He demands a match with Tajiri. No problem, soon as Hunter gets his eyes flushed out it's a go.

Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier (La Resistance Mk 3) are waving their flags in the ring. Back at the announcers table Eugene Dinsmore and William Regal join J.R. and the King.

Next match: Rhyno vs. Rob Conway. Eugene goofs around near the effects console as Rob controls the action. Eugene accidentally sets off the pyros, Rob gets distracted, Rhyno gets the win with the Gore. Break.

Back, J.R. and the King wonder if Matt will be able to face Kane.

In the back, Sylvan and Rob are bitching to Bischoff's apprentice/flunkie Johnny Nitro. Eugene and William enter, harsh words are exchanged, Johnny keeps things from getting physical. He announces that in 2 weeks Eugene will make his in-ring debut, facing Rob Conway.

Cut to Todd Grisham with Edge and Benoit. Bit of chat about their upcoming title defense precedes the entry of HBK. Shawn congratulates the two for winning the tag straps, then reminds Chris they have some business to attend to next week. Crippler seems a lot more interested in finishing off the Evolution faction.

Christian makes his way to the ring, his colleagues in villainy Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko follow. Break.

Sting of the Night: From last week, Christian gets some help from Tyson to defeat Chris Jericho.

Back, Christian rags on Y2J. He describes Tyson as his problem solver. Ranting continues until Grandmaster Sexay hits the ring.

Christian vs. GMS. Not much to see here, GMS gets crotched attempting the Hip Hop Drop, Christian gets the win with the Unprettier. Post-match Tyson kicks GMS.  Y2J  runs in through the crowd to flatten Christian with a forearm to the back. He then puts Trish in the Walls of Jericho, Tyson quickly drags her to safety. Chris is ready to rock, not tonight, vile trio back up the ramp. Break.

Next match: HHH (flying solo and mist-stained) vs. Tajiri. Pretty decent, Tajiri kicks the living hell out of Hunter, tide turns after HHH scores with a spinebuster. Action goes back and forth, Tajiri tries for the Tarantula but gets dumped to the outside. Hunter goes down to a missile dropkick, Tajiri misses with the mist, Pedigree gets HHH the 1-2-3. Break.

Back, we get a replay of Lita's gruesome encounter with Kane and the subsequent beatdown of v1.0.

Next match: Kane vs. Matt Hardy (Matt Fact: He always meets his deadlines). Latter limps to the ring as Kane chortles. Total squash, Matt takes a pair of chokeslams, Kane sets for the Tombstone, Lita runs in to beg for mercy. Kane once again backs her into a corner, lip lock connects, yechh. Big Red bails as Lita checks on Matt. No final bell here, call it a No Contest. Break

(Commentary: Got to admit, I was really expecting a run-in by Jeff Hardy.)

Back, we see Victoria hanging with Hillary Rodham Clinton at a Democratic Party meeting in D.C.

King is in the ring hyping the new Divas magazine. Stacy Keibler joins him. Business picks up MIGHTILY when King announces someone's in the crowd who wants to meet Stacy-we see HARLEY RACE at ringside!

You guessed it, Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton hits the ring to bust on the Handsome One. He walks up to Harley and spits in his face. ARRRGGGH. Randy backs into the ring to avoid taking a punch. Shelton Benjamin enters, bit of brawling sends Randy back up the ramp. Break.

In the back, Batista and the Nature Boy get ready to take back their titles. Break.

WWE Rewind: Footage from last week's tag title match.

Main Event: Ric Flair & Batista challenge Edge & Chris Benoit for the World Tag Team Championships. Bell rings, Ric and Chris start, Nature Boy gets the hell chopped out of him, Ric manages to make the tag after kicking Benoit's legs out from under him. Chris uses his speed advantage to control Batista, Edge gets the tag. Momentum shifts to Batista after a huge clothesline, tag to Ric. Edge puts Flair in the Figure-4, Ric frees himself with a thumb to the eye. Tag to Benoit, chops lead to not 1 but 2 Flair Flops. Edge gets tagged in, momentum shifts when Flair scores with an inverted Atomic Drop, tag to Batista. Edge connects with a clothesline, Benoit gets the tag, Batista again gets made to look like a complete slug. Edge gets the tag and immediately sets for the Spear, Batista sidesteps, Edge tumbles to ringside near the Evo crew corner. Flair & Batista control as we go to our final break.

Back, we are informed that Edge has been getting decimated throughout the break. Batista takes a drop toe hold into a neutral corner, Benoit finally gets the tag, Batista takes a series of suplexes and the diving headbutt, Chris applies the Crossface, Flair makes the save. Benoit gets isolated and hammered, Batista takes an enzugiri, Edge gets the tag. We move to Pier 6 mode, Batista takes the Cactus Clothesline from Edge, both men fall to ringside. Flair looks for the Figure-4 on Benoit, Edge makes the save with the Spear, 1-2-3. Winners and still World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Chris Benoit.

Post-match HHH charges in and lays a beating on Benoit. HBK, chair in hand, tries to make the save but "accidentally" clobbers Chris. Shawn sends Hunter over the top with a backdrop, Edge than demands to know why he assaulted his partner. HBK's explanation that the chair shot was a mistake gets accepted, Edge backs off after a handshake-Chris, not so forgiving, rises and puts Shawn in the Sharpshooter. Edge urges him to wait for next week, after some heated words Benoit breaks the hold. End of show.

2005 - Chris Candido underwent surgery on an ankle broken during the Lockdown PPV.  Candido would sadly pass away from a blot clot that developed due to the surgery.

2005 - Steve Austin appeared on MTV's Punk'd.  Adam Lebow filed the following report:

Coming out of commercial break, Ashton Kutcher says its easy to punk wrestlers, all you have to do is piss them off. If Kutcher was a wrestler, he would be known as the Farm Hand Kutcher.

The Punk is Austin is at a restaurant and his phone will go missing. We are told that Stone Colds manager George is already in on the prank. We cut to the prank with George saying that his Palm Treo Phone is missing and he can't find it anywhere in the car. Austin tells George to calm down, they will find it.

The fake manager, calls over the fake valet and they go over the details of the phone. The fake valet is saying he never saw the phone while the manager grills him a bit saying that George says he left it in the car. The valet starts to get defensive saying he didn't steal the Treo.

The two get in an argument and the fake manager fires Jordan, the fake valet. He tells Jordan to go clear his locker and he leaves to do so. Austin plays it cool, saying they should check around the restaurant and the car, as George tends to forget things easily.

George goes to check the restaurant and Austin asks the manager "what do you mean he is done". The manager says he runs a tight ship The manager mentions that he worked his way up from valet to junior manager. Austin says that the valet must have some skill, he went and got a drivers licensee. The manager says that he cant risk people stealing things. Austin starts to ask about the managers facial hair. Austin begins to ask some personal questions about the guy such as where is he from (Georgia) and what brought him out there (there being LA).

George comes back saying he didn't find the Treo, so he starts to fill out a Lost and Found form, as the manager mentions that incase the valet didn't steal it and they find it they will give him a call, but he knows the valet so that is why he fired him. One of the "waiters" come and say they just found a phone inside, and returns it to George. The valet returns to the scene, after retrieving his stuff from his locker.

George says to Jordan he is sorry about the hassle and Jordan goes up to the manager and says "I told you I didn't do it man". The manager says Jordan is still fired. The waitress begins to stick up for Jordan and the manager gets into her face saying to leave, while Jordan says he cant be fired for not doing anything wrong.

Jordan asks Austin is he going to let the manager fire him, the manager says why are you talking to Austin and Austin just looks away not wanting to get involved. Jordan storms off dropping the F word at the manager and Austin doesn't seem to happy at this point. The manager apologizes to Austin and Austin says its ok before dropping the F bomb on the manager. Austin begins to stick up for Jordan, asking the manager why is he an a**hole. Austin tells the manager he jumped to conclusions. Austin tells the manager he is a stupid SOB because he didn't settle down and see what happens before firing Jordan. The manager asks why he is a SOB.

Austin says "you look at your self in the mirror every day don't you?". He says yes, so Austin says don't you see a stupid SOB? The manager says he doesn'r but Austin says he does. He says he is looking at him right now and seeing a SOB.

The manager says, "STONE COLD, YOU JUST GOT PUNKED". Austin right away says he knew something was up. The manager says, jokingly to Austin, he stopped just at the right time cause for a second he was afraid he was going to get clocked. Austin takes it with good humor.

He goes to say "This is Steve Austin, and I just got punked like everyone else" (however, no mention of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and definitely not with the same sort of charisma he would have in character.).

2006 - broke that as part of their ECW relaunch, they planned to broadcast a "WWE vs. ECW" special and had opened negotiations to hold their first house show in the ECW Arena in Philadelphia.

2007 - reported the following:

World Wrestling Entertainment filed a trademark infringement lawsuit on 4/25 in the United States District Court of Minnesota against Dale R. Gagner for using thetrademarks and copyrights of the American Wrestling Association (AWA), which WWE acquired from Verne Gagne in 2003 along with Gagne's AWA video library.

The 17 page complaint by WWE alleges, among other charges, that Gagner's "AWA Wrestling Entertainment" misrepresents itself as the successor to Verne Gagne's promotion, which shut down operations in 1990.

The complaint singles out Gagner, listed as the owner of "AWA Wrestling Entertainment" as a "serial offender", noting that in April 1990, The Minneapolis Boxing & Wrestling Club (which then owned the AWA trademarks) filed a similar claim against Gagner. The courts ruled against Gagner in June 1990, enjoining he and his company from creating any claims that represented him as part of the original AWA promotion. WWE also alleges that Gagner has gone as far as to change the spelling of his name professionally to "Gagne" in an attempt to play off Verne Gagne's name when there is no relation between the two.

WWE's complaint delves into the history of both WWE and the original American Wrestling Association, noting that Verne Gagne promoted the AWA until 1990, when he shut down the company. WWE noted that they acquired the library, copyright, and trademarks in January 2003 when they purchased them from Gagne, who was later inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. WWE's subsidiary "WWE Libraries, Inc" is now the exclusive owner of the AWA and has the exclusive rights to use its letters, name, and properties.

WWE noted that they have spent time and effort into reviving the AWA brand, most notably with their recent AWA DVD, while Gagner's company is "cybersquatting" with their websites and

Gagner's website features images of Verne Gagne, The Vachons, Nick Bockwinkel, The Crusher, and The Bruiser, and the tag line "Since 1959, the Major League of Professional Wrestling." The company's title lineage dates back to Pat O'Connor and Verne Gagne in the 1950s as well. The website features a number of upcoming dates from independent promotions around the country, which are using the AWA letters and logo, having paid an "entrance fee" to join the promotion.

WWE also alleges that despite not having rights to the AWA name and trademark, Gagner is, "selling merchandise, including hats and t-shirts, featuring the AWA marks; promoting wrestling activities, performances, and events using the AWA marks; presenting information relating to the historical AWA wrestling promotion; and displaying images on its website of wrestlers formerly associated with the AWA promotion." WWE alleges that Gagner's "clear intent" is to "misrepresent that the Defendants are the successors to and/or affiliated with the AWA wrestling promotion. At no time have Defendants, individually or collectively, been affiliated with WWE or the AWA wrestling promotion."

WWE claims that by Gagner's use of the AWA trademark and letters, the company has been "irreparably harmed." noting the company "has lost its exclusive right and ability to control and/or determine the manner, appearance, timing, location, content and image of the AWA Marks, in which WWE has invested considerable resources to acquire, develop, and promote" while noting that Gagner's company has "unlawfully and unjustly" been able to benefit from properties that World Wrestling Entertainment legally owns.

WWE is seeking a permanent injunction against Gagner to prevent him and his company from using the AWA trademarks and initials in the future, an injunction preventing him from doing so in a similar manner in the future, an injunction shutting down Gagner's websites followed by the domains being transferred to WWE's ownership, financial damages and World Wrestling Entertainment's legal costs. emailed AWA owner Dale R. Gagner for comment on World Wrestling Entertainment filing a lawsuit against him this week alleging trademark infringement on the American Wrestling Association name and trademarks, among other issues.

Gagner's complete, unedited response to reads as follows:

"Thank you for the e-mail. Our office wasn't served with the lawsuit until just an hour or so ago. Obviously, it would be pre-mature for me to offer any official comment or legal strategy upon the advise of my attorney, since we haven't had time to review the case in detail. I can say however that AWA Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. registered the AWA name and use in 1996. We've promoted the brand for over 10 years. WWE is attempting to re-create history through the legal system, a tactic we all know too well. Their first attempt is to discredit me and my contributions to this business. The injunction they claim that was filed against me by Minneapolis Boxing and Wrestling Club, Inc. in 1990 wasn't recognized after Verne's company went bankrupt in 1991. Their claim against my name is laughable. I've never claimed a relationship to Verne Gagne other than that which is true. I worked for him in the late 1980's and am indeed a distant relative. Research of our family lineage proves that.

Clearly, Vince McMahan and WWE want to monopolize the professional wrestling business. They also want to ensure their performers, under exclusive contract, are considered "independent contractors" by deceiving the IRS. I've been in the business for over 20 years and finally will have a public platform to expose Vince McMahon. He's about to spend a lot of money to reveal some skeletons in his closet. My course of action isn't directed out of spite. It's simply to protect my name and reputation along with the AWA, a brand I have passionately re-built, along with a team of incredible promoters, since 1996."

Dale R. Gagne

In the end, Gagner never responded to the lawsuit, leading to a complete victory for WWE and Gagne being banned from using the AWA name.

2009 - WWE held their final Backlash PPV.  Buck Woodward filed the following PPV report:

Welcome to's coverage of WWE Backlash.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often.

WWE Backlash opened with a flashback to Wrestlemania with clips of John Cena vs. Triple H, John Cena vs. Edge vs. Big Show and Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy, followed by clips of the events leading to this show.  Jim Ross welcomed us to the show and they went right to the entrances for the first match.  Ross, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are calling the entire show.  

ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs. Christian.

Swagger took Christian down at the bell and rolled him across the mat with a front chancery.  Christian made the ropes for a break, and Swagger shoved him.  Christian slapped Swagger and hit some punches, then ducked under him and hit a spinkick.  Christian delivered a second rope back elbow for a two count and applied a headlock.  Swagger shoved him into the ropes and hit a shoulderblock, then a second.  Swagger pressed Christian over his head and tossed him over the top rope and to the floor. Christian followed him to the floor and choked him, then rolled him back into the ring for a two count.  Swagger hit a knee to the gut, then a second.  Swagger applied a waistlock and tossed Christian to the mat, then rolled him into a bridge for a two count.  Swagger kept the waistlock applied, while the fans chanted for Christian.

Christian got to his feet and elbowed out of the waistlock, then dodged a charge by Swagger in the corner.  Christian went for a pendulum kick, but Swagger caught it and stomped Christian into the mat.  Swagger applied a bearhug, then lowered Christian to try and pin him with the hold. Christian kept his shoulders off the mat, then forearmed his way out of the hold.  Swagger went for a press slam, but Christian floated over it.  Swagger grabbed Christian and hit a gut buster.  Swagger went back to the waistlock, and when Christian got to his feet, hit a knee to the gut.  Swagger missed a charge in the corner, and Christian hit the pendulum kick.  Swagger came right back with a knee to the gut, then went for a V Bomb off the middle rope, but Christian got his knees up.

Christian was favoring his ribs, and threw some punches at Swagger, then a running forearm.  Christian hit a back elbow, then went for a tornado DDT, but Swagger tossed it away.  Christian ducked a Swagger clothesline and hit a sunset flip off the middle rope for a two count.  Swagger grabbed Christian and backdropped him.  Swagger went for the powerbomb, but Christian blocked it twice.  Swagger rammed Christian into the corner, and set up for a superplex, but Christian kicked him away.  Christian then hit the tornado DDT for a near fall.  As they got to their feet, Swagger hit a belly to belly suplex, then went for a fireman's carry, but Christian armdragged out of it, sending Swagger to the floor.  

Christian went outside after Swagger, but Swagger decked him.  Swagger then went for a German suplex off the apron to the floor, but Christian blocked it and flipped Swagger back into the ring.  Christian went to climb the ropes, but Swagger headbutted him in the gut.  They fought on the ropes, and Swagger backdropped Christian to the mat.  Swagger then hit a V Bomb from the top rope for a two count.  Swagger pulled Christian up, trash talking, but Christian slugged him.  Christian went for a Killswitch, but Swagger shoved it off and picked up Christian for a slam.  Christian floated over and rolled up Swagger for a two count.  Swagger kicked out, picked up Christian and gave him an Oklahoma Stampede for a two count.  Swagger, frustrated, went to pull the pad off a turnbuckle, but the referee was stopping him.  Meanwhile, in the other corner, Christian pulled off a turnbuckle pad.  Swagger charged, Christian moved, and Swagger went headfirst into the exposed steel.  Christian then hit the Killswitch for the pin at the eleven minute mark.

Winner and New ECW Champion: Christian.

Backstage, Evan Bourne, Finlay and Tommy Dreamer congratulated Christian.  Christian then walked up to Edge.  Edge accused Christian of thinking he was better than him because he had a championship.  Christian asked what happened to Edge, saying he used to be "fun" and now he was a "bitter, raving lunatic."  Edge said he was a lot of fun, but John Cena turned him into a lunatic.  They argued, then Edge said he was going to be fun again after he got rid of John Cena tonight, and walked off.

Ricky Steamboat vs. Chris Jericho.

Jim Ross pointed that Steamboat's last singles PPV match was 15 years ago, against Steve Austin at Bash At The Beach.  Jericho stalled at the start, then Steamboat took him down with a waistlock and Jericho went for the ropes.   Jericho shoved Steamboat, who returned it.  Steamboat slid under Jericho and out of the ring.  Jericho went to follow him to the floor, Steamboat got back in and then kicked Jericho between the ropes.  Steamboat hit a pescado, then tossed Jericho back in the ring.  Steamboat armdragged Jericho, and there was a "You still got it" chant.  There were some chants for Jericho too.  Steamboat applied an armbar, but Jericho punched out of it and hit a shoulderblock.

Steamboat ducked under a charging Jericho and hit another armdrag.  Jericho punched out of it, but Steamboat fired off a chop and hit a shoulderblock.  Jericho tossed Steamboat out of the ring, but Steamboat skinned the cat back in.  Jericho then clotheslined Steamboat over the top, sending him to the floor.  Steamboat got on the apron and Jericho hit a springboard dropkick from the middle rope.  Jericho hit a back suplex and kicked Steamboat in the back.  Jericho called him "washed up" and told him to give up while slapping his head.  Jericho applied a half nelson and crossface, telling the referee to ask for a submission.  Steamboat battled out of it, and as Jericho charged, he armdragged him again.  Jericho responded with a clothesline for two and applied a chinlock.

Steamboat tried to shove off the headlock, then tried to back suplex out of it, but Jericho kept the headlock applied, screaming that Steamboat was "finished."  Steamboat battled out of it, but Jericho hit a headbutt.  Jericho went to throw Steamboat in a corner, but Steamboat reversed it and threw Jericho onto the ropes.  Steamboat hit some shots and went for a back superplex.  They battled for position, and Steamboat hit a top rope back superplex.  Steamboat crawled onto Jericho for a two count.  They traded shots, with Steamboat getting the better of it.  Steamboat ran into an elbow, but then Jericho ran into a powerslam for a two count.  Steamboat went for a backdrop, but Jericho kicked it away and hit an enzugiri for a two count.

Jericho hit a bulldog and went for a Lionsault, but Steamboat got behind Jericho and went for an electric chair.  Jericho rolled forward into a Victory Roll, but then rolled all the way through and applied the Walls Of Jericho.  Steamboat reversed it and broke out, and it looked like Jericho was going for a catapult, but Steamboat dropped on him, then had difficulty getting a figure four leglock on Jericho.  Jericho made the ropes and they rolled to the apron.  Steamboat backdropped Jericho into the ring.  Steamboat went to climb the ropes, but Jericho charged, so Steamboat jumped back and Jericho ran into the buckles.  Steamboat then hit a flying bodypress, but Jericho kicked out at two.  Steamboat went to the middle rope for a chop, but got hit with a Codebreaker.  Jericho covered Steamboat, but Steamboat got his hand on the rope for a break.  Jericho argued with the referee.  Jericho went to pick up Steamboat, but Steamboat rolled him into a small package for a two count.  Jericho kicked out and held onto Steamboat's leg.  Jericho put Steamboat in the Walls Of Jericho and got the submission at the eight minute mark.

Winner: Chris Jericho.

Jericho left, and the fans gave Steamboat an ovation.

Backstage, Beth Phoenix and Rosa approached Santino, who pretended to be on the phone with Santina.  Beth tried to get Santino to give him his charade, but he wouldn't do it, saying Beth was just jealous.  He then tried to get Beth to kiss the Great Khali tonight.  Beth said she wasn't kissing Khali, and she wasn't kissing Santino anymore either.  Phoenix walked off, and Santino said he faked "you know what" in bed with her.

CM Punk vs. Kane.

Punk threw some kicks at Kane's side as they circled at the start.  Punk hit some punches and kicks in a corner, but Kane blocked them.  Kane cornered Punk and hit some shots.  Punk kicked Kane in the arm, then applied an armbar across the top rope, breaking on the ref's count of four.  Punk came off the top rope with a knee to Kane's shoulder, then hit some kicks to the arm.  Kane hit some shots, but Punk kicked Kane out of the ring.  Punk went for a pescado, but Kane caught him by the throat.  Kane lifted him for a chokeslam, but Punk got hit feet on the ring apron and kicked him away.  Punk then hit a clothesline off the apron to the floor.

Back in the ring, Punk applied an overhead wristlock, then some shots to the arm.  Kane threw Punk away, sending him into a corner, then gave him a baseball slide kick to drive his ribs into the ringpost.  Kane rolled Punk back into the ring for a two count, then applied a bodyscissors. Kane headbutted Punk in the back of the head while maintaining the hold.  Punk elbowed Kane's bad arm while in the hold, breaking the scissors.  Punk went for a jumping knee, but Kane dodged it.  Kane hit a clothesline for a two count.  Kane put Punk in the corner and hit some shots, then delivered a side backbreaker and pushed down on Punk's chin to stretch him over the knee.  Punk got out of it by hitting the arm of Kane again.

Kane went for a backdrop, but Punk kicked it away.  Kane went for a chokeslam, but as they came down, Punk hooked Kane's arm into an armbreaker.  Punk delivered some kicks, but Kane backed him into a corner.  Kane came in, but Punk grabbed him in a Tarantula variation.  Punk then hit a springboard clothesline, but ran into a boot to the face by Kane.  Kane went to the top rope, but Punk jumped up and kicked him in the head, crotching Kane.  Punk pulled Kane off the turnbuckles for the GTS, but Kane punched out of it.  Punk hit the jumping knee, then a bulldog for a two count.

Punk went for a springboard clothesline, but jumped right into an uppercut by Kane for a two count.  Kane went for a sideslam, but Punk flipped over it and put Kane in a Fujiwara armbar.  Kane struggled in it, but got to his feet and sideslammed Punk for two. Kane called for a chokeslam.  Punk turned around and kicked Kane in the head.  Punk hit a series of kicks, slaps and then a spinning backhand.  Punk went for a kick to the head, but Kane caught his leg, then grabbed Punk by the throat.  Kane lifted Punk by the throat and leg to chokeslam him for the win at the ten minute mark.

Winner: Kane.

A video package on the Hardy vs. Hardy feud was shown.

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy: I Quit match.

Jeff Hardy, with no paint on his face or body, came out first. Matt had his fists taped up. Jeff pounded Matt in a corner to start off the match, decking him to the mat and hitting a double legdrop to the groin.  Matt rolled to the floor, but Jeff kicked him between the ropes and then hit a pescado.  Jeff threw Matt into the security wall, then launched off the ring steps for a leg lariat, sandwiching Matt into the wall.  Matt got back in the ring, and Jeff yanked him throat first across the top rope.  Jeff clotheslined Matt in the corner twice, then hit the elevated kick in the corner.  Jeff stomped matt and hit a series of legdrops.  Jeff came off the middle rope with a legdrop, and the referee asked Matt if he would quit. Matt didn't respond.

Jeff jumped on Matt's back and applied a sleeper.  Matt rammed Jeff into the turnbuckle to break out, then dropped an elbow on him. Matt and Jeff exchanged shots, and Jeff climbed the ropes for a Whisper In The Wind, but Matt shoved Jeff off the top and to the floor.  Jeff refused to quit, despite holding his knee. Matt put Jeff on the apron and rammed his leg into the ringpost twice. Some fans called for tables.  Matt put Jeff in a figure four, using his arms, around the ringpost.  Jeff refused to quit.  Back in the ring, Matt hit a chopblock and applied a figure four leglock.  Jeff refused to quit.  Matt let go of the figure four and dropped his weight on Hardy's leg twice, then stomped it.

Matt kicked Jeff's leg out, then went back to the figure four.  Jeff still refused to quit.  Jeff reversed the figure four, but Matt refused to quit.  They rolled again, and Matt released the hold.  Jeff went for an enzugiri, but Matt ducked it and applied a single leg crab.  There was apparently a fight in the crowd.  Jeff refused to quit.  Matt yelled for Jeff to quit, but Jeff refused.  Matt got frustrated, letting go of the crab and dropping a leg on his head.  Matt screamed for Jeff to quit, and put him in a Tree Of Woe, then pulled back on his chin from the floor, streching him across the the turnbuckles.  Matt went for a back superplex, but Jeff elbowed him to the mat.  Jeff hit the Whisper In The Wind, and both men were laid out.

They exchanged punches, and Jeff hit a mule kick.  Jeff applied a Texas Cloverleaf, and Matt tapped, but the referee said he had to verbally quit.  Matt grunted, but didn't quit.  Matt grabbed the ropes and pushed off the hold.  Jeff went for the Twist Of Fate, but Matt shoved it off, only for Jeff to kick Matt and hit it on the second attempt.  Jeff then hit a Swanton Bomb.  Matt refused to quit.  Jeff gave Matt a second Swanton Bomb.  Jeff went under the ring and pulled out a table, to a huge ovation. Jeff slid it into the ring and set it up near a corner.  Matt rolled out of the ring, but Jeff went after him.  They slugged it out, and Jeff gave Matt a Twist Of Fate on the floor.

Jeff put Matt in the ring and on the table.  Jeff then went under the ring and pulled out duct tape.  Jeff taped Matt's feet together at the ankles, then taped his hands together at the wrist. Jeff then took a rope and tied Matt to the table.  Matt, trapped on the table, tried to talk to Jeff, but to no avail.  The referee asked Matt if he would quit, but he refused.  Jeff pulled out a ladder and set it up in the ring.  Matt begged Jeff not to do it, but Jeff waved at his brother, then started to climb the ladder.  Matt said into the referee's mic that he was sorry about everything, and that he loved Jeff.  Matt talked about how they are brothers, and said he shouldn't listen to the fans.  Matt said their mother in heaven wouldn't want this to happen.  Matt said their father at home wouldn't want him to do this.  Jeff was standing on top of the ladder.  Matt said "I quit" to end the match at the twenty minute mark.

Winner: Jeff Hardy.

Jeff climbed down the ladder to the top rope, then turned and hurdled the ladder and put Matt through the table with a double legdrop.  Jeff stood over his brother, then went onto the ropes and gestured to the fans before leaving.  The referee untied Matt, who was down on the mat.

Todd Grisham interview Randy Orton.  Orton said he had nothing left to say to Triple H or Shane McMahon, but wanted to talk about Dave Batista.  Orton said that Batista is still doing Triple H's bidding, just like back in Evolution.  Orton said he knows Batista has issues, but he better not get disqualified, because then Triple H would lose the title.  Orton said that is what is important, Triple H keeping the WWE Title.  Orton said that it is still "all about the Game ... to some people."

Ranjin Singh and The Great Khali came out for the Kiss Cam, and called out Santina Marella.  "She" came out and said she would love to kiss Khali, but she isn't what she "appears" to be.  Singh said she needed to explain herself.  Santina said she is not "a single girl" and said she was in love with someone else. Khali, through Singh, wanted to know who it is.  Santina said it's JR, and that Ross had been "courting" her since Wrestlemania. Santina expressed her love for Jim Ross.  Ross noted he is happily married.  Singh said Khali understands and that all he wanted to see was Santina kiss JR right now.  Ross said "that isn't going to happen" while Lawler and Cole were cutting jokes.  Ross asked Cole who was feeding him his lines.  Santina then said he, er she, felt faint.  Beth Phoenix and Rosa came out, and Phoenix said she is sick of this and wanted a match for the Miss Wrestlemania crown right now.  Khali was angry at the interruption, and Phoenix tried to explain to him that Santina was a man.  Phoenix told Khali he had rocks in his head, assumed all women in "Punjabi" were ugly if he likes Santina, and that Khali must be an idiot.  Khali bopped Beth in the head, then shoved her to the mat.  Santina told the referee to ring the bell, shoved Rosa out of the way, then covered Phoenix for the pin.  Khali approached Santina, who tried to run away, and Khali pulled off her bra.  Santina ran off, covering her/his chest, while Khali and Singh celebrated with the bra.

The events leading to the six-man tag were shown.

WWE Champion Triple H, Batista & Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes.  If Orton's team wins, Orton becomes the new WWE Champion.

The babyfaces each had separate entrances, but were getting along in the ring.  Legacy entered together, slowly.  Jim Ross pointed out that all three of Randy Orton's title reigns were ended by Triple H.  They started brawling before the bell, and Triple H battled Randy Orton up the rampway and into the back, while Batista and Shane held DiBiase and Rhodes at bay.  Triple H came back out, but no Orton.  The referee ordered the bell to be rung, without Orton, so essentially it is a handicap match for now.

Batista pulled Cody into the ring to start the match.  Batista hit some shoulderblocks in the corner, then hit a running kick to the face.  Batista looked at DiBiase and said "You're next, don't worry".  Shane tagged in and he and Batista gave Cody the Demolition Decapitation.  Shane hit some elbows on Cody, then tagged in Triple H, who pounded Cody in a corner and stomped him down.  Triple H whipped Rhodes hard across the ring, then gave him a crotch chop before kicking him in the head.  Cody kicked away a backdrop attempt and tagged DiBiase.  Triple H gave him a clothesline and tagged in Shane.  Shane and Triple H gave DiBiase the Hart Attack.  Is this a tribute to classic WWF tag teams tonight?

Batista tagged in, and DiBiase kicked away a backdrop attempt.  Rhodes tagged in, but Batista kicked him and gave him a delayed vertical suplex.  Rhodes raked his eyes and tagged DiBiase, who threw a series of punches and kicks in his corner.  Priceless tagged in and out, working over Batista in their corner, but then Batista hit a double clothesline, knocked Rhodes out of the ring and gave DiBiase a spinebuster.  Batista set up for a Batista Bomb, but DiBiase scurried out of the ring.  Batista went after him, and Randy Orton ran out and nailed Batista from behind, then rammed him into the ringpost.  Orton jumped on the apron so DiBiase could tag him, then went after Batista, throwing him back in the ring and stomping him.

Orton pounded Batista with punches, then put him in his corner and tagged in Rhodes to stomp him down.  Orton and DiBiase worked over Batista in the corner whenever Rhodes got backed off by the referee.  Orton tagged back in and kicked Batista, then, with Batista hanging off the middle rope, hit a DDT for a two count.  Orton stomped Batista in the gut repeatedly, then tagged in DiBiase.  Batista rallied, but DiBiase hit a drop toe hold and applied a side headlock.  Batista broke out with a back suplex, but DiBiase tagged Orton, who cut off Batista before he could make a tag.  Orton delivered a series of kneedrops, then put him in a chinlock.

Batista got to his feet and elbowed out of it, then hit Orton with a spear-like headbutt to Orton's gut.  Batista made the hot tag to Shane, while Rhodes tagged in for his team.  Shane cleaned house and gave Rhodes a neckbreaker for two.  Shane threw Rhodes to the floor, then went to clear off the announce table, but was stopped by DiBiase, who Shane tackled.  Cody got back in the ring, and Shane pulled him throat first across the top rope.  Shane gave Cody a top rope elbowdrop, but was pulled out of the ring by DiBiase.  Orton grabbed Shane and threw him into the ringsteps.  Orton tagged in, then went after Shane, pulling him back into the ring with a vertical suplex for two.

Orton kicked at Shane, and glared at Triple H.  DiBiase tagged in and stomped Shane, then kicked him in the ribs, sending him to the floor.  He worked him over on the outside, then tossed him back in the ring for a two count.  Rhodes tagged in and stomped him, and Shane tried to fight back, but got put in the wrong corner again.  Cody tagged Orton, then held Shane for a kick to the body.  Orton hit a standing dropkick to Shane for a two count.  Shane crawled for a tag, but got pulled back and DiBiase dropped a series of elbows, then a double stomp off the middle rope.  Shane tried to battle back, but DiBiase rolled Shane to the mat and kicked him in the back.  Rhodes tagged back in and hit a kneedrop to the side of the head for a two count. Rhodes applied a front facelock, and Shane eventually battled out of it and almost made a tag, but was cut off by DiBiase and a slew of elbowdrops.

DiBiase hit an old-school Ted DiBiase fistdrop.  DiBiase applied the Million Dollar Dream, but Shane broke out of it and hit a DDT.  Shane made the tag to Triple H as Orton tagged in.  Triple H battered Orton with right hands, then hit a clothesline and a facebuster to the knee.  DiBiase and Rhodes ran in, but Triple H tossed them out.  Orton hit a boot to the face, but Orton ran into a spinebuster.  DiBiase broke up the cover.  Batista and DiBiase fought on the floor, where DiBiase gave Batista a drop toe hold into the security wall.  In the ring, Triple H set up Orton for a Pedigree, but Cody broke it up and hit Triple H with a DDT.  Shane tackled Rhodes from the ring, and they battled on the floor.

Rhodes hit Shane with a chair, then Batista, with the referee not seeing it.  In the ring, Orton went for an RKO on Triple H, but Triple H escaped it.  On the outside, Batista had gotten the chair from Rhodes and was going to use it, but Triple H grabbed it away, fearing a DQ.  DiBiase grabbed Batista from behind and rammed him into the ringpost. Orton hit Triple H with an RKO and covered him for a two count (and the bell inexplicably rang anyway).  Then Orton gave Triple H the punt to the head for the pin at the 24 minute mark.

Winner and new WWE Champion: Randy Orton.

Triple H was still unconscious, and they had him to a stretcher job.  Some fans were chanting "Hey Hey Goodbye" and "Please Retire".  There was a big pop for Orton's win, and there definitely been a "heel loving" element to the crowd tonight. They replayed the kick over and over, selling it big.

A video package on the main event was shown.

World Champion John Cena vs. Edge in a Last Man Standing match.

They did a long staredown at the bell before locking up.  Edge put Cena in a corner, but missed a right hand.  Cena went for a bulldog, but Edge shoved it off and went to the floor.  Cena gave chase, then back in the ring, Cena leapfrogged Edge and teased an Attitude Adjustment, but Edge put on the brakes.  Edge applied a side headlock, then hit a shoulderblock and pounded Cena in a corner.  Cena came back with a kick to the gut and a fisherman's suplex.  Cena went for a slam, but Edge floated over and yanked Cena headfirst into the mat.  Cena grabbed his head.  Edge hit a clothesline, then another.  There was a "Cena Sucks" chant.  Edge hit a third clothesline, then pounded him on the mat.  Now there's a "Cena" chant.  Cena got up at six, and traded shots with Edge.  Edge hit a spinning back kick, and Cena got up at six.

Cena and Edge traded punches, then Edge hit a flapjack and applied a sleeper.  Cena grabbed the ropes, but there was no break since there are no disqualifications.  Edge jumped on Cena's back, maintaining the hold, but Cena rammed Edge in the corner to break it.  Edge jumped back on Cena and reapplied it.  Cena slumped to the mat, and Edge releases the hold so the referee would count.  There was a "Let's Go Cena" chant.  Cena got up at seven.  Edge missed a clothesline and Cena hit two shoulderblocks and a back suplex into a powerbomb.  There were boos for Cena's offense.  Cena did the "You Can't See Me" and Edge upkicked him in the head.  Edge applied the Sharpshooter, and grabbed the ropes for added leverage.  Edge released the hold, and Cena got up on the apron at the six count.  Edge knocked Cena off the apron and into the announcer's table.  There were dueling chants for Cena and Edge.  

Cena was down on the floor, and got up at seven.  Edge went after him and hit some shots, then set up the ring steps and placed Cena against them.  Edge charged, but Cena moved and Edge went into the steps.  Edge got up at the six count.  Cena went for a whip, but Edge reversed it and sent him into another set of steps. Cena got up, this time reversed Edge's whip attempt, and Edge went into the steps.  Edge got up at six, and Cena tossed him back into the ring.

Cena tossed a section of the ring steps into the ring, having trouble getting them over the top rope.  Edge caught Cena with a kick to the head, then hit Cena with the ring steps.  Cena was down in a corner with the steps in front of him, and Edge dropkicked the steps into him.  Edge charged Cena, but Cena backdropped him over the top rope and to the floor.  Cena picked up the steps and threw them at Edge on the floor, hitting him in the head.  Edge got up at eight.  Cena came outside and tossed Edge back in the ring.  Edge and Cena exchanged punches, with both men finally going down at the same time.  The referee made a count, with Edge and Cena both up at eight.  They went into a series of counters with Cena going for the Attitude Adjustment and Edge going for a DDT, with Edge finally hitting a back suplex.  Edge mocked Cena's "You Can't See Me" and went off the ropes, but Cena hit a drop toe hold and applied the STF.  Edge tapped, but of course, there are no submissions in this match.  Cena held the hold for a while, then released it so the referee could count.

Edge got to his feet at eight, and Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Edge grabbed the ropes and pulled away from the attempt.  Cena charged him, but Edge nailed him with a spear.  Cena got up at seven as Edge was climbing the ropes.  Cena met him there and went for an Attitude Adjustment off the middle rope.  Cena hit it.  The referee counted and Edge got up at nine, then stumbled back down.  Cena went to the top rope, and jumped right into a spear by Edge.  Both men were down, but near the ropes.  Edge pulled himself up at six, and Cena got up at nine.

Cena fell through the ropes and to the floor, and Edge went after him.  Edge cleaned off the announcer's table.  Edge set up to DDT Cena on the table, but Cena blocked it, picked up Edge and gave him an Attitude Adjustment off the announcer's table and over the security wall and into the fans.  Edge got up at a nine count.  Edge tried to get away from Cena, and they ended up going into the stands and onto the concourse of the arena.  They made it back into the arena, and down the stands, finally ending up near the side of the stage.  Cena bulldogged Edge into some equipment cases, but Edge got up at seven.  Edge picked up a hard hat and blasted Cena with it.  

They made their way onto the stage, and Edge gave Cena an Implant DDT.  Cena got up at nine. Edge went into the back, and came out with a chair.  Edge blasted Cena with a chairshot to the back, then blasted him with a shot to the head, sandwiching Cena's head between the chair and the metal stage. Cena got up at nine.  Edge charged Cena, who lifted Edge for an Attitude Adjustment.  Big Show ran out from the back and grabbed Cena by the throat.  Show lifted Cena for a chokeslam, but instead of chokeslamming him on the stage, or off the stage, he chokeslammed him into a giant spotlight that was part of the set for the show.  The spotlight "exploded" and fire extinguishers were sprayed.  Big Show left. Cena, covering in broken glass in the casing of the spotlight, was counted out at the 29-minute mark.

Winner and new World Champion: Edge.

They showed the chokeslam into the spotlight from different angles, and it was a pretty cool spot.  Cena was fitted with a neckbrace as they pulled him out of the spotlight. They loaded him on a stretcher as the show ended.

2009 - Dragon Gate USA and CHIKARA announced an official working agreement.

2010 - WWE  held their annual draft, with the following moves being made:

- Kelly Kelly has been drafted to Smackdown (by virtue of Smackdown's McCool & Layla defeating Raw's Maryse & Eve).

- The Big Show has been drafted to Smackdown (by virtue of CM Punk defeating Evan Bourne).

-  John Morrison has been drafted to Raw (by virtue of Raw Battle Royal win).

- R-Truth has been drafted to Raw (by virtue of Raw Battle Royal win).

- Edge has been drafted to Raw (by virtue of Raw Battle Royal win).

- Kofi Kingston has been drafted to Smackdown (by virtue of defeating Chris Jericho defeating Christian).

- Christian has been drafted to Smackdown (by virtue of Jack Swagger defeating John Morrison).

- Chris Jericho has been drafted to Raw (by virtue of Hornswoggle defeating Dolph Ziggler).

2010 - WWE broadcast a three hour Draft edition of Raw while TNA broadcast Impact head to head.  The three hours of Raw last night did a composite 3.1 rating, with 4,628,000 viewers.  The regular two hours did a 3.3 rating, with 4,995,000 viewers.  The show did hours of 2.6, 3.27 and 3.34.   Impact did a 0.5 rating, with 739,000 viewers, obviously hurt by the Three Hour Draft edition.

Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live from Richmond, Virginia and your announcers are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker.

The Miz get on the mic and he says that last night him and Big Show were forced to face three different tag teams in three different matches. As a result David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd were handed a tag title match tonight. Miz says that they have been handed everything because of ‘Uncle Bret’. Miz wonders how they can be called a dynasty because in order to be a dynasty you have to win a championship. Miz congratulates them on being trained by Stu Hart, an eighty year old man. He wants to know if Stu ever trained them to face a technical master in the ring or a seven foot five hundred pound giant. Stu taught them to be losers. He calls Bret the biggest loser of them all. Miz wants Bret to come out now and proclaim the Shiz the greatest tag team in WWE history.

Bret Hart comes out and he says that he is a man of his word. He declares the Shiz the greatest tag team of all time. He also declares that the Mountie was the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. Bret also says that David Arquette was the greatest World Champion of all time. Bret says that he can say that Miz is a horse faced idiot and that is the closest to the truth you can get. Bret says that he can say anything. He says that the truth is talk is cheap and it is all about the results. They will be forced to declare David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd the new Unified Tag Team Champions tonight.

Match Number One: Big Show and The Miz versus David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd with Natalya and Bret Hart for the Unified Tag Titles

Kidd and Miz start things off and they lock up. They have a clean break before locking up again with Kidd applying a side head lock. Miz with elbows and then he applies a top wrist lock but Kidd with a hammer lock. Miz with an elbow and he works on the arm. Kidd with a springboard move to escape and then he hits a drop kick for a near fall. Smith tags in and they start off with a double suplex but it turns into a delayed vertical suplex and then he adds a spin for more impact and he gets a near fall. Miz goes to the floor and then he sees Natalya and Bret so he turns around into a shoulder from Smith. We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz with a reverse chin lock on Smith but Smith gets out of the hold and both men are down. Kidd and Show tag in and Kidd with a springboard drop kick and kicks to the leg but he cannot budge Show. Show with a side kick and then he picks up Kidd and head butts him at face level. Show sends Kidd into the turnbuckles and then he chops Kidd. Show stands on Kidd’s back while pulling his leg. Show with a biel to Kidd. Miz tags in and he mocks Hart. Kidd blocks a punch and he responds with punches of his own. Miz with a knee but Kidd with a sunset flip for a near fall. Miz with a neck breaker combination for a near fall. Miz with a reverse chin lock. Kidd with kicks and he gets out of the hold but he can’t get to the corner. Kidd misses an enzuigiri but he kicks Miz off and tags in Smith. Smith with shoulder tackles and clotheslines followed by an Irish whip and running clothesline. Smith tries for the running power slam but Miz gets out of the hold and gets a rollup for a near fall. Smith with a near fall of his own. Smith with a power slam for a near fall. Smith runs into a boot from Miz and Miz uses the ropes for extra leverage but Hart pushes the feet off the ropes. Show goes after Hart but Kidd with a cannonball off the apron and Smith gets a near fall on a rollup. Smith blocks the Skull Crushing Finale and they hit the Springboard Hart Attack and then Kidd puts Miz in the Sharpshooter and Miz taps out.

Winners: David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd

After the match the Hart Dynasty and Bret Hart celebrate in the ring.

We will have information about the Extreme Rules Pay Per View when we come back from commercial.

We are back with a look back at last night’s WWE Title Match and their tribute to Joe Garelli with the duct tape finish.

Cole says that Batista was embarrassed by John Cena. It is time to see what happened during the commercial break and Big Show and Miz were in the ring. Big Show punches Miz in the face and Miz went down and he went down hard.

The announcers now talk about the match between Sheamus and Triple H from last night. We have a video recap.

Striker says that we don’t know how long Triple H will be out.

Josh Mathews is in the locker room with Jack Swagger. Josh asks Jack how he feels about successfully defending his title. Jack says that he did exactly what he said he would do. He dominated and he went toe to toe with the viper and he cut his head off. Swagger says that he is one of the most educated wrestlers. He says that he had a 4.0 GPA in finance. Swagger says that the country would be flourishing.

Edge enters and he says that he is next in line for the title since he beat Chris Jericho last night. Edge says that Swagger’s GPA is relevant because if he isn’t drafted to Raw, that is how many days it will be before he loses the title.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Eve winning the Divas Title two weeks ago in England.

Match Number Two: Michelle McCool and Layla versus Eve and Marysefor a Diva Draft Pick

Layla and Eve start things off and Eve with a kick while Layla does some stretches. Eve with a shoulder tackle and a near fall. Eve with a side head lock but Layla with forearms. Eve with an Irish whip but Layla with a kick. Eve with a kick and Irish whip and a running clothesline into the corner. Maryse kicks Eve instead of making the tag. Eve goes out after Maryse and they fight. Eve with a knee to her tag team partner and then she sends Maryse into the ringside barrier. Eve gets back into the ring and Layla with a drop kick and gets a near fall. Michelle tags in and Michelle with a clothesline for a near fall. Michelle slams Eve’s head into the mat repeatedly and then she punches her. Michelle with a kick to the midsection. Layla chokes Eve while Michelle takes her time with the referee. Michelle with a Dragon sleeper but Eve lands on her feet and hits an inverted DDT for a near fall. Eve with a clothesline and a few drop kicks. Eve with a kick and neck breaker for a near fall. Maryse makes the blind tag and she yells at Eve and she does not realize that a match is going on while she shows some sass to her tag team partner. Maryse walks into a big boot and Michelle gets the three count.

Winners: Michelle McCool and Layla

It is time to go to the random draft generator and the first draft pick is: Kelly Kelly (her first time being drafted).

The Straight Edge Society is walking in the back and he still has his hair and we go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know about the appearances that WWE does at military hospitals.

Match Number Three: Evan Bourne versus CM Punk with Luke Gallows and Serena in a Draft Pick Match

They lock up and Punk with knees to Bourne followed by a spinning back kick. Bourne with a rana and kick to the back of the leg and chest. Bourne tries for a tilt-a-whirl head scissors but Punk turns it into a back breaker. Punk with kicks to Bourne as he works on Bourne’s ribs. Bourne blocks a kick and gets a near fall after a rollup. Punk with a drop kick and gets a near fall. Punk tries for a suplex but Bourne counters with knees to the head. Bourne with kicks and a leaping knee to the face and a clothesline and baseball slide for a near fall. Bourne with a spinning heel kick and Punk goes to the floor. Gallows checks on Punk and Bourne sets for a plancha but Serena gets in the way. Bourne with a springboard double knee to Punk and Gallows. They return to the ring and Bourne with a drop kick. Bourne gets up for the shooting star press and Serena gets on the apron to distract the referee. The masked man crotches Bourne and Punk gets the three count after the Go to Sleep.

Winner: CM Punk

The draft pick for Smackdown is Big Show (drafted for the fourth time)

Sheamus is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and they recap the two draft picks that have gone to Smackdown so far.

Teddy Long congratulates Big Show for being drafted to Smackdown. Teddy is in a good mood but Show just stares at Teddy and then Teddy asks if he can help Show out. Show hugs Teddy and then walks away.

Teddy starts dancing in the back.

Sheamus comes out and he says that the good news is that Triple H won’t be drafted to Smackdown. The bad news is that he will never wrestle again. Sheamus says that Triple H probably would have liked to leave the WWE on his own terms, but Triple H underestimated him. Sheamus says that he ended Triple H’s career with a series of kicks and now he will move on. Sheamus says that he wants the WWE Championship.

Randy Orton interrupts Sheamus and he tells Sheamus that nobody has despised Triple H as much as he has. He has done terrible things to Hunter and his family but when it was time to fight him, he did it face to face. He didn’t do it from behind with a lead pipe. Orton says that if that is how Sheamus wants to do his business, he got the job done. Orton says that Sheamus doesn’t deserve a title match.

Sheamus reminds Orton that he had his title match last night and he lost. Sheamus tells Orton to get out of the ring before he gets put on the sidelines just like he did to Triple H.

Orton tells Sheamus that maybe he will give Sheamus an RKO and then punt his head off.

Sheamus says that he doesn’t deal with losers and he will face Cena for the WWE title and Orton can’t do anything about that.

John Cena comes out and he has his title belt with him. Cena says that there seems to be a problem. Both of them think they should be the number one contender. Cena says that he couldn’t think of a better time to introduce the guest host.

No guest host comes out and Cena has a call and there is no guest host. Cena wants to know how the number one contender spot should be determined.

Sheamus tells Cena to quit joking. Cena says that the only person who could name a number one contender is the WWE Champion. There will be a number one contender match tonight and it will be Sheamus versus Randy Orton.

Sheamus tries for the pump kick but he misses Orton. Orton tries for the RKO but Sheamus escapes the hold. Sheamus leaves the ring and they stare each other down from a distance.

Five men from Smackdown are walking in the back as they get ready for their three draft pick battle royal.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Kane, Rey Mysterio, Shad, Drew McIntyre, R Truth, Montel Vontavious Porter, Mark Henry, Yoshi Tatsu, Santino Marella, and Ted DiBiase in a Three Draft Picks to the Winner Ten Men Battle Royal

The two brand stand across from each other and then Santino says that he has everything under control. He gets face to face with Rey but he turns around and Kane takes Rey’s place and Kane with an uppercut. Yoshi is sent to the apron by Drew but Yoshi comes back in but Yoshi holds on to the ropes and Drew gets eliminated. Shad clotheslines Yoshi over the top rope ot the floor. Santino with forearms to Shad and then Santino runs away. Shad sends Santino into the turnbuckles. Truth punches Santino while Kane tries to eliminate Porter. Truth kicks Santino and Henry taps Truth on the shoulder and hits a head butt. Kane punches Henry and he tries to send him over the top rope but Porter punches Kane from behind. Rey punches Ted but Ted gets Rey up but Rey holds on to the ropes. Rey goes to the apron and he stays in the match. Ted pulls Rey back in and catapults him into the bottom rope as we go to commercial.

We are back and Porter runs into a boot from Rey but Rey eliminates Porter with a rana. Santino eliminates Truth and McIntyre while saving Ted. Kane choke slams Santino and then Henry tries to eliminate Kane but Rey with a 619 to the gut and then Kane clotheslines Henry over the top rope. Kane charges at Ted but Ted ducks down and Kane is eliminated. Ted with the rebound clothesline to Rey and then he tries to slam Rey but Rey gets to his feet and he kicks Ted. Ted catches Rey on a springboard moonsault. Rey and Ted go to the apron but they return to the ring. Rey is tossed onto the turnbuckles and Ted sends Rey over the top rope but Rey skins the cat and rolls back in. Rey with a head scissors and Ted almost goes to the floor but he lands on the apron. Rey and Ted fight on the apron and then they go to opposite turnbuckles. Ted misses a splash and he hits the ring post but stays on the apron. Ted kicks Rey off the apron.

Winners: Raw

After the match, Santino celebrates the victory but Ted gives Santino Dream Street.

We go to the draft generator and the third draft pick is John Morrison (3rd time drafted). The fourth draft pick is R Truth (1st time drafted). The fifth draft pick is Edge (3rd time drafted).

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Double Down Show Down: Chris Jericho losing to Heath Slater last week on NXT.

Jericho says that he was the victim of an unmerciless attack at the hands of the deranged Edge. Edge attacked him and tried to break his leg and hurt him. Jericho says that he does not deserve it. He wants someone to fine and suspend Edge effective immediately. Jericho says that he is too good to lose to anyone in this arena. Jericho says that it isn’t entirely Edge’s fault. Jericho says that he was shaken because he lost to a nameless and faceless rookie last week on NXT. Jericho says that he is still the best in the world at what he does. He says that he will never lose to another nameless person again. Jericho says that Heath Slater owes him an apology for costing him his match last night. He tells Heath that he will make him famous tonight.

Heath Slater comes out and he is dressed to wrestle. Slater wants to know if Jericho wants him to apologize. Slater says that he is sorry that Chris couldn’t beat Edge last night. He is also sorry that Jericho couldn’t beat him. Slater says that he won’t beat his pro either.

Match Number Five: Chris Jericho versus Christian in a Draft Pick Match

Slater attacks Jericho while Christian comes to the ring before the match.

Christian with a kick and punches but Jericho with a forearm to the back. Christian with a single leg takedown and Jericho goes to the floor. Christian with a hesitation drop kick as we go to commercial.

We are back and Jericho with a rear chin lock. We see footage from the commercial break when Christian was sent to the floor by Jericho. Back to live action and Christian with a rollup for a near fall. Jericho with another near fall. Jericho chokes Christian in the ropes and then he catapults Christian’s throat into the bottom rope. Jericho with a forearm and slam to Christian and then he tries for the Lionsault but Christian moves out of the way. Christian punches Jericho followed by a running forearm and corkscrew back elbow from the turnbuckles. Christian tries for the Killswitch but Jericho blocks it. Christian with a drop toe hold that sends Jericho into the ropes and then Christian looks around before he stands on Jericho’s back. Christian slingshots himself to the floor and connects with an uppercut. Jericho blocks a drop kick from the turnbuckles and tries for the Walls of Jericho but Christian with a near fall. Jericho with an enzuigiri and he gets a near fall. Jericho with a kick to the ribs but he misses a bulldog and Christian with an inverted DDT for a near fall. Christian tries for the Killswitch but Jericho will a rollup and he tries for the Walls of Jericho. Jericho slingshots Christian into the turnbuckles. Christian with a sunset flip off the turnbuckles for a near fall. Jericho puts Christian in the Walls of Jericho and Christian is able to get to the ropes. Jericho thinks he won but the referee tells Jericho that Christian got to the ropes. Christian with punches to Jericho and then Christian goes up top but Jericho with a Codebreaker to counter and he gets the three count.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, Jericho attacks Heath Slater while Slater checks on his pro. Jericho with a Codebreaker to Slater.

It is time to see who is the sixth pick in the draft. We go to the Random Draft Generator 2010 and it is Kofi Kingston (drafted for the 2nd time)

Kofi runs to the ring and he hits Trouble on Paradise to Jericho.

We go to commercial with John Morrison and Jack Swagger walking in the back.

We are back and Did you Know that WWE has a lot of footage in its video library?

We take a look back at the Unified Tag Title Match and the end of The Shiz.

Match Number Six: Jack Swagger versus John Morrison in a Draft Pick Match

They lock up and Swagger with a single leg take down but Morrison escapes. Swagger backs Morrison into the corner. Morrison with kicks but Swagger puts him in the ropes and connects with forearms to the back. Swagger with a waist lock take down and then he rolls Morrison around the ring. Swagger slaps Morrison in the head. Morrison with a punch and then he hits a modified enzuigiri when he moves out of the way on a pump kick. Morrison with an arm bar on Swagger. Swagger tries to escape with an arm drag but Morrison holds on to the arm. Swagger slams Morrison and then Swagger with a side head lock take down. Swagger continues to wear down Morrison with the side head lock. Swagger with a shoulder tackle but Morrison kips up and hits a drop kick that sends Swagger to the floor. Morrison with a corkscrew pescado onto Swagger before they return to the ring and Morrison gets a near fall. Swagger with a running shoulder into the corner and Morrison hangs from the ropes.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Swagger continues to work on the back and he puts Morrison in an arm bar. Morrison with kicks to try to get out of the hold. Morrison with a forearm followed by a victory roll for a near fall. Morrison with a kick to a charging Swagger from the apron. Morrison tries for a shoulder but Swagger with a knee and then he puts Morrison in an abdominal stretch in the ropes. Swagger releases the hold in time and then he kicks Morrison in the head. Swagger punches Morrison in the head and then kicks him in the corner. Morrison with a kick and punch but Swagger with punches to maintain control. Swagger puts Morrison on top and then Morrison tries for a tornado DDT but Swagger pushes him off. Morrison with a leg lariat and then he punches Swagger before hitting the standing shooting star press and gets a near fall. Swagger with a head butt to the midsection. Swagger with a biel and then Swagger sets for the double jump Vader Splash but Morrison moves out of the way but Swagger lands on his feet. Morrison catapults Swagger into the turnbuckles and gets a near fall with a rollup. Morrison with the springboard spin kick followed by a Shining Wizard but Swagger has his foot on the rope to stop the count. Swagger rolls to the floor and Morrison follows after him. Morrison sends Swagger into the ringside barrier. They return to the ring and Swagger tries for a gutwrench but Morrison uses the ropes and then Morrison hits a side Russian leg sweep. Morrison tries for the corkscrew split legged moonsault and Swagger stops Morrison and hits the Doctor Bomb for the three count.

Winner: Jack Swagger

The seventh pick thanks to Random Draftron 2010 is Christian (drafted for the 3rd time)

We go to commercial.

We are back and Wayne Brady is our guest host next week.

We recap the seven people who have been drafted already on tonight’s show.

Ted DiBiase and Carlito are in the locker room and Ted says that Carlito should accept his offer so he doesn’t have to sit on the sidelines. Carlito says that he would rather sit on the sidelines than take his offer.

Ted has a proposition for R Truth. He says that he has been looking for a confidant who can look after him, watch his back, and carry his bags. Truth wants to make sure he heard Ted right and Truth says that Ted is looking for his ‘Virgil’. Ted says that he is nothing like his father. He says that they have a different relationship. Ted says that it would be a relationship where Ted tells Truth what to do, he does it, and Ted pays him a lot of money. Truth thinks about it and he needs some more time.

Truth thinks about it and slaps Ted and says that Truth don’t play that.

With Military Appreciation Month coming up it is time for a John Cena video package about his relationship with the military.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven: Dolph Ziggler versus Hornswoggle in a Draft Pick Match

Hornswoggle runs to the floor and then Ziggler catches Hornswoggle while the referee starts his count. Hornswoggle throws his shoes at Ziggler and his helmet as Ziggler cannot get back into the ring before the ten count.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Ziggler attacks Hornswoggle and then he puts Hornswoggle in the sleeper.

We go to the eighth draft pick with the DraftTron Generator: Chris Jericho (drafted for the 2nd time)

Randy Orton is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

Before our main event, Batista comes out and he has freed himself from the ring post in Baltimore and makes his way to the ring. Batista says that he is the number one contender. He says that he should be the WWE Champion. He says that Cena can’t beat him. Batista says that last night was a joke and he won’t leave the ring until he gets his match.

Sheamus comes out and he says that isn’t happening. Sheamus wants to know when Batista will realize that he lost. He says that Batista is just like Orton, they are a bunch of losers.

Randy Orton comes to the ring and he has a mic. Orton says that for the last seven years since they were in Evolution, he has heard Batista whine and complain. Orton says that he has a deal for Batista. After he beats Sheamus, he will beat Batista tonight.

Sheamus says that neither of them deserve a shot at the title because they are both losers.

John Cena comes out in his role as Guest Host by Proxy and because he wears shorts. Cena makes it a triple threat match.

Match Number Eight: Randy Orton versus Sheamus versus Batista in a Number One Contender Match

They circle each other and then Batista goes to the floor to watch as Sheamus goes after Orton and chokes him in the corner. Sheamus yells at Batista on the floor and then Orton punches Sheamus after a kick. Orton with a European uppercut or two. Sheamus with a standing power slam for a near fall that is broken up by Batista. Batista with a forearm to Sheamus and then he sends Sheamus into the ring post and to the floor. Orton punches and kicks Batista in the corner. Orton with a European uppercut to Batista and then it is time for the Garvin Stomp and it is vintage. Orton with the leaping knee drop to the head for a near fall. Batista goes to the floor and Orton goes to the floor and he kicks Batista and sends Batista into the ringside barrier. Batista with a thumb to the eye and he sends Orton back into the ring. Batista with an Irish whip and a clothesline into the corner. Batista with a hard Irish whip to Orton and then he sends Sheamus into the announce table. Orton kicks Batista back in the ring and Orton with punches to Batista and then he chokes Batista in the corner. Batista with an Irish whip and he runs into a boot. Sheamus punches Orton but Orton punches Sheamus and sends Sheamus into the ring post and Sheamus goes to the floor. Batista sends Orton into the turnbuckles followed by a snap mare and boot to the head but Batista can only get a two count on Orton. Batista with a reverse chin lock. Sheamus attacks Batista and then drops a few knees to the head. Orton with punches to Sheamus and he sends Sheamus to the floor. Batista with a spinebuster and it is time to shake the ropes. We go to commercial.

We are back and Orton misses a leaping knee drop as we return. Sheamus gets a near fall. We see footage of Batista being sent into the ring post followed by Sheamus taking Orton down. Then we see Batista being sent into the steps.

Back to the action in the ring and Sheamus with a forearm to the back and a kick to the head. Sheamus chokes Orton in the corner with his knee and then Sheamus goes to the floor and sends Batista into the ring steps again. Orton sends Sheamus into the announce table a few times. Sheamus grabs Orton’s foot and that hesitation allows Batista to send Orton into the apron. Batista gets a near fall on Sheamus followed by shoulders in the corner. Sheamus with a kick and running double sledge to the head. Orton returns to the ring and Sheamus with an uranage back breaker for a near fall. Sheamus puts Orton in an arm bar. Orton with punches but Sheamus with a kick and punch. Sheamus with an Irish whip but Orton with a boot followed by clotheslines. Orton takes Batista down and then he clotheslines Sheamus. Orton with a power slam to Batista and then Orton tries for the IEDDT on Sheamus but Sheamus gets into the ring and back body drops Orton over the top rope to the floor. Batista with a clothesline and a near fall. Orton pulls Batista out and sends Batista into the ring steps and gets a near fall on Sheamus. Orton with an IEDDT on Batista. Orton goes to the mat for his RKO push ups but he forgot that Sheamus was in the match and he hits a running knee to the head. Sheamus sets for the Celtic Cross but Batista with a spear on Sheamus but Sheamus kicks out at two. Orton with a back breaker to Batista followed by a pump kick from Sheamus. Orton with a power slam and then Orton with the RKO push ups. Orton with an RKO but from out of nowhere, Edge hits the ring and spears Orton. Batista puts his hand on Orton and gets the three count.

Winner: Batista

Dave Scherer filed the following TNA Impact TV report:

The show opened with a video recap of Rob Van Dam winning the TNA World Championship.  It was voiced over by Hulk Hogan.  They showed a brief clip where RVD said being a champion is nothing new to him and it ended with a "Mr. Monday Night" graphic.

After the open it was announced that AJ Styles would team with Sting to take on Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy.  Also Ric Flair will take on Abyss in a battle of the TNA, er WWE, Hall of Fame rings.

Hulk Hogan came out to start the show.  He came into the ring and he is happy.  Things are changing around TNA.  He said that being the champion is being the "hood ornament of the company".  He put over RVD and said that he has a target on his back.  Then he talked about how the people in the back are gunning for RVD.  He talked about Eric Bischoff's ranking system and said that the fans would have input into it.  He was on the edge of his seat watching RVD take on Jeff Hardy last week.  He put over the match and then said that RVD beat Jeff and took on one of the "greatest wrestlers of our time, AJ Styles".  He knew when RVD won that the game had changes around TNA.  He then brought out RVD.

RVD came out and said from now on "Hulkie" should call him Mr. TNA, Rob Van Dam.  Yes, he called him "Hulkie".  Hogan asked if he could call him that and did.  RVD said he was in TNA, "where all the wrestlers want to be now", is because Hogan, Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff could let him be himself.  He said, "Hulkie, look where that got us!"  He told the fans that a lot of people will never understand their connection or his with "mother's earth's finest".  RVD said people don't get what it's like to be cool and to be able to kick someone's ass.  He said people don't need to get that.  They just need to understand that he is tough and the best champ TNA has ever had and that is why he is "the whole F'n show".

That brought out AJ Styles and Ric Flair.  Styles grabbed the mic and before he could talk, Hogan said that no one invited either ex-champ out.  AJ asked if they were done talking, while the fans chanted, "Ex World Champ".  Styles didn't like it.  He said RVD sounded like a Hallmark greeting card.  He told RVD was right, people don't get him.  He is a hippie freak that no one understood.  AJ was incredulous that RVD thought he could be the best champ ever.  He asked RVD if he was high right now.  Taz said that there was a good chance of that.  AJ said that last week he was beating the piss out of him and when he was going for the kill, he slipped on the top rope.  That is how RVD became the champ.  He said RVD may have lubed the ropes because he know how good AJ was.  AJ is not happy that he is in a tag match when he should get a rematch.  But, he will get his rematch when he and he alone wants it.  Flair told Hogan that he did something he will have to answer to.  Flair said he was OK with RVD winning the title but he had a problem with Hogan.  Flair took off his suit jacket.  He told Hogan he had take responsibility for giving Abyss the ring.  He will take it out on Abyss, and it's Hogan fault for making a mockery out of Flair.  If you do that, you die.  I am not sure if he meant Flair or Hogan, but he is pissed.

In the back, The Beautiful People were complaining that Madison Rayne already had to make her first defense of the Knockouts Title.  And, she had to do it against two former champions (Tara and Angelina).  She doesn't even have to lose the match to lose the title.   Velvet Sky wasn't happy either.  Lacey Von Erich was stupid, and Velvet was clear about that to her face.  Madison said she would win anyway.

They did a vignette where Tara was not happy that she lost her title by chance. They showed footage of Angelina losing the title at Lockdown. They showed the tension between Love and Tara. Time for the three way Knockouts match. The BP came to the ring, en force. They did their "you fans wish we were lesbians" bit and entered the ring.. Ref Slick Johnson sent Sky and Lacey to the back. Madison ran out to start. This led to a face off between Tara and Love. They fought while Madison was on the floor. She came back in quickly and they had three way action. Tara ran Love into the post, and she fell to the floor. Tara sold that she felt conflicted by doing it. Tara then got into it with Madison. After a minute or so, Love came back and it was three way action. Tara laid out Love but before she could take advantage Rayne pushed Love into Tara and rolled up Angelina for the win.

After the match, Tara went after Love for, and they faced off. Security pulled them apart for a minute, then they went back after each other. Taz made a joke and said something about screaming Cat Fight. They tried to fight and got pulled apart again, then Tara said she was sorry. As Love left, Tara attacked her again and drove her out of the ring.

Now it's time for the X Division, as we have a title match between the challenger Shannon Moore and the Champion, Frankie Kazarian. Mike Tenay said that Moore was so focused on this match that he turned down the offer of being a tag champ from Matt Morgan last week. Taz said that Kaz didn't have the belt because the former champ Douglas Williams still has it. Williams will be on Impact next week. Tenay wonders how he will feel about losing his title because the volcano kept him away (maybe he should move to Orlando?). Taz thinks that Williams shouldn't have been stripped either.

They had a back and forth match until Kaz "accidentally" shoved the ref into Moore. Moore continued to the top, where Kaz tried for the rana. Moore blocked it. Moore went for a spot on the top when Matt Morgan ran out and pushed him off of the top to the floor. Morgan then threw Moore into the ring. He said that nobody turns us down. The ref and Kaz never saw what happened. Kaz hit his finisher and got the win.

After the match, Samoa Joe's music played. Out he came. He faced off with Kaz and kicked him in the face. A beatdown ensued. Joe did a "Joe is gonna kill you" on Kaz and we went to commercial.

Abyss said that he knows the Hall of Fame ring doesn't give him powers, it gives him confidence in himself. He said he knew he could lose the ring to Flair but he would never lose what the ring gave to him. He wondered what Flair was gonna do when Flair takes his ring "from you".

Jesse Neal was asked by We about defending the titles against Team 3D. Neal said he saw what Morgan did to Amazing Red and no thanks. Morgan knew that Neal was trained by 3D and had issues but he has to live up to the memory of his friend who died on the USS Cole and he had to team up with him. Wow, they went there. He said WE remember the promises that Neal made to his fallen friend and he should join with Morgan to make good on that promise. Morgan said he wouldn't ask anyone else to be his partner. They want Neal. He told Jesse to think with his heart.

Styles and Sting vs. Hardy and Jarrett is next. Styles is angry and is ready to take care of business right now.

Sting and Styles came out first. Taz said Sting doesn't have to explain his actions. Tenay said he owes one to Dixie Carter. Jarrett came out and Tenay said that he and Sting are one on one at the Sacrifice PPV.

They ran a trailer talking about Angelina Love's arm injury.

The tag match had good back and forth action early on. Then Jarrett made the tag to Hardy but the ref missed it. Jarrett kept getting beaten down but fighting back. Jarrett made the tag again but dopey ref was distracted by AJ and missed it again. Hardy pushed the ref and came in to work, and the ref decided that was OK I guess because he didn't throw him out. Hardy went to work on Styles and Sting took a hike. Styles, alone, fought back and got the upper hand on Hardy on the ramp. Jarrett left to find Sting and they met on the way to the rafters. They brawled up the stairs. Back to the ring area, Hardy had AJ on a table. Hardy set up a ladder. Back to the stairs, Sting hit Jarrett with a ladder and pinned him while Hardy was on the top of the ladder. Hardy looked shocked and didn't do the ladder spot on AJ.

In the back, we see footage of Neal asking 3D for blessing to take the match with WE, to I guess honor the memory of his dead friend. They told him go do it. Neal said it was against them. Ray told Neal that Red got killed by Morgan and he would do it to Neal. Neal said he would take care of Morgan and wanted their blessing so he could be a tag champ for the first time "not the 23rd". Ray asked he planned on doing that. Neal said by beating you guys. Ray said that is how they taught him and go for it. They would give him their best. Ray told D they had to go take care of that thing.

The Pope D'Angelo Dinero came out for an interview. His right arm is in a sling due to him getting a shoulder injury against AJ Styles. He had an eye patch too, and Pope is mad at Styles for jamming a pen in his eye. Even those AJ doesn't have the belt, Pope still had him on his radar. He will take an eye for an eye. He doesn't expect Styles to come out but he isn't done with him and he will be watching him. He said when Pope falls down, they get up. AJ is just an obstacle and he is back up. Can he get an amen. He said that the congregation will not dwindle and the people did the amen gimmick. Mr. Anderson came out as he finished the promo. Anderson clapped for Pope as the announcers talked about the Lockdown match Mr. A had with Kurt Angle. Angle is taking time off due to that. A said that he will call Pope the Kool Aid man, like Jim Jones (the mass murderer). He told Pope he gets it, the fans are gullible. He then called the fans names. He asked Pope if he was OK and if he got a boo boo. He said that Angle got one too. Angle is home, nursing them. He said the big question was whether Pope would go home and nurse his wounds. Pope said get to the point. Anderson asked if Pope would wrestle him at Sacrifice. He asked for an Amen, but wondered if he would get a chicken noise. He bocked at Pope for a minute or so as the fans chanted for Pope. Pope used his good arm to slap Anderson. Anderson attacked him and put his thumb in Pope's eye. Security came out and broke it up. Looks like Pope vs. Anderson at Sacrifice.

Tag Title match time. Team 3D were to come out first. Instead in the back we saw 3D laying over a prone body of a bloody Sean Waltman. They laid him out. 3d hit the ring and Morgan and Jesse Neal followed. As Bubba was bearhugging Neal, the Band entr4ance music played and out came Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. They attacked 3D and they fought outside. Neal went to help them and guess what happened? Yep, Morgan attacked him and took him back to the ring. Morgan chokeslammed him. He said Neal would never be the tag champ because he is the best thing going. So, even though Neal knew what was coming, he still fell prey to it.

Back from break, Neal was in the ring with 3D. He told Morgan he was not done. He said come down and he would kick his ass. In the back, Christy Hemme found Morgan. She said Neal was calling his name. He said WE were off the clock and he was leaving. The Hulkster came out and said that the way he sees it, Morgan needed to make a choice. He can deal with "superstar" Jesse Neal, or deal with him. Morgan cowered away from Hogan and went out to the ring. Neal met him on the ramp and they fought. The crowd was behind him. Neal came into the ring with one of the belts. Morgan begged off. Neal was a sap and fell for it. Morgan crotched him and then nailed him with belt. Shannon Moore's music played and the only person in the Impact Zone to not know it was Morgan, who was kicked in the back by Moore. Neal got up and the two guys with mohawks were suddenly friends.

They went to the back for the announcement of Eric Bischoff's new ranking system. He was nice in taking the pass from the announcers, a non-heel EB. Miss Tessmacher was there. EB had come up with a new ranking system where the fans would have a say in it. Go to and vote for who you thinks deserves a TNA Title shot. Yep, that is it. He said feel free to vote early and often. Jay Lethal came and gave a top 10 of old WWF stars. Thank god he didn't get through the whole list.

In the back we saw Flair getting read for his match with Abyss.

Back from commercial, we saw the TNA Live Event Update. That was followed by Orlando Jordan. He is misrepresented. He needs color and "vibrance" and life. His art represents his soul and passion. Rob Terry is something like that I guess. He will debut his new show the Ozone next week, with Terry. He said it will be "absolutely delicious". OK.

Taz and Tenay recapped the issue with Abyss and Flair, which is of course about the ring. Flair did a promo in the back saying Hogan was the problem. He gave Abyss a ring that Flair worked for and it offends him. Flair had tobacco in his mouth too for those who care. He even said that's the bottom like because Ric Flair said so and even mentioned he was saying it before Steve Austin. So, he had two WWE references in one segment.

In the back, Hall and Nash were mad that Syxx was laying in a pool of blood. Nash was mad at the guy asking about it. He was asked if he was aware they were a man down. Nash is and they will bring someone for when they face off with 3D next time.

We had another Hogan giving Abyss the ring recap. Flair still doesn't like that Abyss could win it.

Main event time. Out comes Flair, in an orange robe. Abyss is next. For those wondering, yep Flair is really wrestling. Tenay pushed that you need to go to to vote and see who would wrestle RVD at Sacrifice. Meanwhile, Flair and Abyss went down to the floor. Flair is already bleeding. Flair went to the top and of course, Abyss got him and slammed him. Taz even asked if he has ever hit that move. Tenay said the next time will be the first time. Abyss was in control and splashed him in the corner. Flair did the flop. When he got up Abyss mounted him from behind in the corner. Flair nailed the ref, who was behind Abyss, in the nut sack. Flair took out the brass knux from his trunks. He punched Abyss in the face, nothing. He punched him in the jewels, that worked. Down went Abyss and Flair, who was a bloody mess, got the pin. Earl Hebner raised Flair's hand and saw the knux. The match is back on. Flair then went right after Abyss. Abyss hulked up and did the Black Hole Slam. Three count. We have a new winner. Hogan's music hit and out he came. Abyss has two WWE Hall of Fame rings he didn't earn now. Abyss held down Flair while Hogan took the ring off of his finger (why did he need Brass Knux then?). Hogan then told Flair that he "knew who he was going to present the ring to next week". They told us to tune in next week to find out. I guess Abyss has to do that too. Here I thought he won the ring.

2011 - John Cena filmed scenes for the Nickelodeon movie "Fred The Movie 2" at a Smackdown taping in Greensboro, NC.

2011 - Trish Stratus was named 2010 Businesswoman of the Year by Top Choice Magazine in Canada.

2011 - Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke were officially eliminated from ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

2011 - WWE broadcast NXT.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape on the internet and your announcers are Todd ‘Did I get drafted’ Grisham and William ‘Can Luke from Tough Enough get drafted on Smackdown so I can show him some sunshine’ Regal. Your hosts are Matt ‘I was drafted once’ Striker and Maryse.

Todd asks Regal about being drafted to Smackdown. He says that it is a new start for him but this show is not about him, it is about the rookies.

Maryse welcomes everyone and she bring out the rookie and their pro.

The rookies come to the ring while the pros take their spots on the stage.

Matt reminds everyone about the competition and the redemption points. Titus O’Neil is in the lead with 13 points.

This competition is worth four points and it is ‘How Well do you Know your Pro’.

The question is ‘What is the one thing their rookie does better than any of the rookies in this competition’.

The pros write down their answers while Jim Lange tells us about the date the winner goes on.

Byron Saxton goes first and he says that he speaks better. Yoshi’s answer was ‘Just wrestle’.

Conor O’Brian guesses ‘punish them’ and the answer is ‘fire up’.

Darren Young says that he doesn’t care because Chavo embarrassed him last week with Hornswoggle. He says that he is a better wrestler. Chavo’s answer is ‘wrestle’ but he is not given credit.

Jacob Novak guesses ‘I make this look good’. JTG answers ‘stay fly’ and he gets a point.

Lucky Cannon gets close to Maryse but she pushes him away. He says that this show is all about him. Kidd answers ‘best attire’.

Titus O’Neil guesses ‘connect with the WWE Universe’. Hornswoggle’s answer is ‘bark’

It is time for question two. Finish the sentence. IF my rookie does not make it as a WWE Superstar I recommend that he do ________. We get more Dating Game music as we wait for the answers and we hear about some of William Regal’s jobs.

Byron Saxton says ‘news reporter’. Yoshi’s answer is ‘Fire Up’.

Conor O’Brian guesses ‘a fighter’. Kozlov answers a firefighter.

Darren Young continues to rant about Chavo and he does not care what Chavo writes down. Chavo’s answer is trash man.

Jacob Novak guesses ‘WWE’s next break out star’. JTG answers ‘Hip Hop MC’.

Lucky Cannon wants to ask Maryse how many times she threw up in her mouth when she kissed Yoshi. Kidd’s answer is ‘Fashion Designer’.

Titus O’Neil guesses ‘dog catcher’ but Hornswoggle guesses Bodyguard.

Jacob Novak earns four Redemption points.

Regal and Todd talk about what Jacob Novak did last week in front of Regal’s home country fans.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see Young and Chavo arguing. We see why by taking a look back at last week when Chavo taught Darren a lesson.

Match Number One: Titus O’Neil with Hornswoggle versus Darren Young with Chavo Guerrero

Young has something to say to Titus and Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle hits Young from behind and then O’Neil sends Young into the turnbuckles and he kicks and biels Young. Titus with a shoulder tackle. Titus with a slam to Young for a near fall. Young pushes Titus but Titus pushes back and Young goes to the apron.

Titus barks and then he clotheslines Young off the apron. Titus comes off the apron but Young pulls out the ring skirt and Titus crotches himself. Young punches O’Neil. Young kicks Titus and connects with an English uppercut. Young gets a near fall and then he puts Titus in a chin lock. Titus with a side slam and then he gets a near fall. Titus with an English uppercut to Young but Young with a kick and snap mare. Young works on the leg and he puts Titus in a figure four leg lock. Young wants Chavo to help him but Chavo refuses.

Young argues with Chavo and then he turns around and gets hit with a sit out spinebuster for the three count.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

Regal comments on Young’s problems and how he should have scouted Titus a little more.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage from last week when JTG saved Jacob Novak’s life before William Regal had a chance to take care of him. Before Jacob Novak participates in his tag team match with his pro, he wants to talk to William Regal. Jacob says that he has had one thing on his mind. That was the look on William Regal’s face when he embarrassed him in front of his own country. The things that Regal says about him don’t bother him because he has a bright future. Jacob says that his career is just starting while Regal’s is over.

Regal gets up from the announce table and he gets a house mic. Regal tells Jacob that he might be right. Regal says that he is on the wrong side of forty. He has lived a thousand lifetimes. He has been his own worst enemy. If Jacob thinks that a pathetic muppet is going to dictate to him what he is going to do and when he is going to do it, he is sorely mistaken. Regal says that he will get in the ring and he tells Sunshine that he won’t like the outcome.

Jacob wonders if Regal wants to be a man and call him out and fight him. Novak says that is not going to happen as Regal climbs the steps. Novak says that he already has a match, a real match. He tells Regal that when they fight, it will be on his terms. Novak challenges him to a match next week.

Regal says that he knew what Novak was going to say.

Match Number Two: Jacob Novak and JTG versus Vladimir Kozlov and Conor O’Brian

Novak and Kozlov start things off and Novak backs him into the corner. Kozlov with a waist lock and take down for a near fall. Kozlov with a hip lock take down and then he tags in O’Brian. They hit a double shoulder tackle on Novak and Novak rolls to the floor. We go to commercial while Regal calls JTG the worst person in the WWE and a waste of space.

We are back and JTG with a clothesline to O’Brian and he gets a near fall. JTG with knees to Conor but Conor with a kick followed by a clothesline. Conor sends JTG into the turnbuckles and then he punches him. Conor knocks Novak off the apron but JTG hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles and gets a near fall.

JTG with shoulders in the corner and Novak tags in and he punches Conor. Jacob adds some kicks before he tags in JTG. JTG chokes Conor and then he returns to the shoulders in the corner. Novak tags back in and they hit a double suplex for a near fall. Novak with elbow drops to Conor followed by a key lock. Novak continues to work on the arm. Novak with a kick to the arm followed by an elbow to the back of the head. Novak kicks O’Brian in the chest. Novak with a knee drop to Conor. Conor with a kick and DDT and both men are down. Conor rolls towards his corner but Novak tries to stop him. Kozlov is tagged in and he hits the head butt to the chest and then he send Novak into the corner. Kozlov with a kick to the head followed by head butts to the chest. Kozlov with a power slam for a near fall when JTG interferes with the cover. JTG is sent to the floor by Kozlov.

Conor is tagged in but he runs into a big boot from Novak and Novak gets the three count.

Winners: Jacob Novak and JTG

After the match, Novak has something to say to Regal while JTG does his usual gestures in the ropes. We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound and a look at the draft.

It is time to run through the card for Extreme Rules.

Maryse is looking for Yoshi. She tells him that the purse that Yoshi bought for her is gone. Maryse says something in French. Yoshi tells her to calm down. Maryse says that it was probably Lucky Cannon.

Yoshi sees Byron Saxton and he asks if he has seen Lucky. Yoshi says that he is going to take care of Lucky for what he did to Maryse’s purse.

Byron tells Yoshi that he wishes that he spent as much time dealing with him as he is with Maryse.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Maryse is at ringside again to watch the main event.

Lucky tells Maryse that he had nothing to do with it.

Match Number Three: Byron Saxton with Yoshi Tatsu versus Lucky Cannon with Tyson Kidd

Lucky focuses on Yoshi and then he pie faces Saxton. Saxton with forearms and then he hits a side Russian leg sweep. Saxton with an Irish whip and then he connects with forearms in the corner. Lucky sends Saxton to the floor and then he kicks Saxton as he tries to re-enter the ring. Lucky sends Saxton’s head into the apron. Cannon with a forearm across the chest and then he hits a big boot to the head for a near fall.

Cannon with a figure four head scissors but Saxton gets to the ropes. Cannon chokes Saxton in the ropes and then he kicks Saxton in the back of the head. Cannon with a hard Irish whip followed by a few leg drops. Cannon uses the ropes for extra leverage but the referee does not see it. Cannon pulls Saxton down and he kicks Saxton before returning to the chin lock. Saxton gets out of the hold and he hits a jaw breaker followed by a series of running double thrusts. Cannon with an Irish whip but Saxton gets his boots up. Saxton with a clothesline from the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Saxton with a rollup for a near fall on Cannon. Saxton with a kick to the chest and then he drives Cannon’s arm into the ropes. Kidd makes the save for Cannon by putting his foot on the ropes. Yoshi kicks Kidd but Cannon with a baseball slide to Yoshi on the floor.

Cannon tells Maryse that he had nothing to do with it. Yoshi follows Cannon back into the ring and that gets Saxton disqualified.

Winner: Lucky Cannon by Disqualification

After the match, Saxton drives Yoshi into the mat. Cannon gives Saxton a reverse Death Valley Driver.

2012 - reported the following: "WWE developmental Florida Championship Wrestling will be moving their TV Tapings to Full Sail University near Orlando, FL starting Thursday 5/17.  WWE has signed an exclusive contract with the facility to insure they are the only wrestling promotion running there.  There have been plans and discussions to move tapings there since they ran a very quiet pilot taping several months back. The company has booked dates in the venue through September currently. WWE developmental will still run the FCW Arena in Tampa regularly and will continue using it for TV Tapings as well."

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