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By Thomas Bristol & Richard Roberts on 2013-04-22 18:00:00

Raw opened with a Paul Heyman promo claiming he had an email from Triple H backing out of Brock Lesnar's challenge. Triple H then came out, accepted and killed Heyman with a Pedigree.

*R-Truth pinned Antonio Cesaro.

*Mick Foley cut a promo on the Ryback vs. John Cena bout at Extreme Rules.

*They announced World champ Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho for tonight.

*Damien Sandow, with Cody Rhodes, pinned Brodus Clay with Tensai.

*World champion Dolph Ziggler pinned Chris Jericho with the Zig Zag in a good match. The stipulation was that if Jericho won, he would join the World title bout at Extreme Rules, making it a three way. Fandango's music hit to distract Jericho, setting up the finish.

*Tensai pinned Cody Rhodes.

*Ryback cut a backstage promo saying the fans don't understand him.  He knocked John Cena and said he would see Mick Foley in the ring later tonight, so it looks like Mick will be back out here!

*Big E. Langston defeated Zack Ryder.


*Backstage promo with Kane and Bryan, Bryan asks Kane where Undertaker is as they need to go through strategy, which include diagrams and pie charts, massive chants of diagrams....yup you read that right.  The shield jump Team Hell No....

This leads to the Shield beating Team Hell No and The Undertaker in another awesome match.  It starts off 3 on 1 but Team Hell No come out to even the odds.  After a brawl Bryan misses the headbutt and Ambrose rolls up Bryan.

*Fandango comes out to a massive pop (not as big as Bryan or Undertaker) beats Willam Regal as Fandango is celebrating Chris Jericho beats him down and dances with Fandango's dancer.

*AJ wins a Battle Royal to become the top contender to the Divas championship.

*Ryback confronts Mick Foley. Foley says he won't back down from a fight and begins discussing his career milestones. Ryback cuts him off. Ryback says he's going to destroy Cena and win the WWE championship. He gets in Foley's face and teases attacking him but Cena makes the save. The Shield comes out and Cena, outmanned, backs off. The Shield then turn to reveal they are surrounding Ryback instead. Cena charges with a chair Foley had brought out and runs off the Shield, then goes at it with Ryback, nailing him with the AA to close the taping.

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