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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-22 10:52:44
As noted over the weekend on, a video was played following the "Barbed Wire City" documentary screening in Philadelphia at the former ECW Arena announcing that the venue would return (following a LOT of needed work to get it up to code and back in working order) in the Fall of 2013. Here is that video:

As noted here on the site, leaseholder Joanna Pang has been evicted from the facility. During her time in control, every familiar aspect of the venue - from the stage to the bathrooms to the Eagle's Nest to the balcony to the concession stand to the locker rooms - were completely ripped out in anticipation of an expansion that never happened.

Work will begin shortly to get the building back into shape (well, as much shape as that place can get into) for a future return to hosting live events.

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