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By Mary Briscoe on 2013-04-22 08:50:50
They did the normal pre-show golden ringside meet and greet at 3. Doors opened at 4 for normal tickets. Show had a 5pm bell time.

So Cal VAL is the event "hostess". They probably have 5-600 fans.

The opening match is Rockstar Spud vs TNA X-Division champion Kenny King. Great opener. Spud is over already with the crowd without very much TV time. Kenny King wins.

TNA Knockout title was on the line as Gail Kim took on tna Knockout champion Velvet Sky. Velvet Sky won with a schoolboy roll up. Samoa Joe's music played randomly after the match until the sound guy got the music right.

Magnus took on AJ Styles. Very sound match. Magnus has gotten a lot better in the years hes been with TNA. AJ wins with the new leglock submission hes been using on TV.

Aces & Eights member DOC comes out to try to recruit AJ again by attacking Magnus. AJ walks away. Magnus gets the upper hand and DOC retreats.

TNA TV champ Devon w/D'Lo went against Joseph Park. Devon gets under the crowd's skin with a promo dissing Vermont and talked about how park doesn't have it in him to beat him. Devon wins after interference from D'lo followed up by a low blow on Park.

Intermission was next. They had another VIP type meet and greet backstage. Earl Hebner was selling his t-shirts by the merch as well.

The show came back with Matt Morgan taking on Supermex Hernandez. Morgan cut a promo before the match by trashing the city and Hulk Hogan. Promo was longer than the match as it was less than five minutes. Morgan over after Carbon Footprint big boot.

Main event time.

The TNA world title was on the line as Kurt Angle challenged Bully Ray. Bully Ray does his own in ring main event style intro which led into gaga for like 10 minutes, then a good 10 min match. First time I've heard a "Wah" chant like a baby crying. Also had a "Bullys' a baby" chant. Fans loved Kurt Angle who missed the last TNA show in 2008 in barre due to an injury he had from japan.

Bully won after the ref was knocked down and Bully hit him with a chain. The Aces and Eights members come out and go to beat up Angle when Magnus, Hernandez and Joseph Park come in for the save. They challenge for an eight man street fight. Aces and Eights act like they accept then make their way to the back. They really ripped into this one old lady which was amazing.

Overall, it was a really good show. Lots of fun and had a fun time. Crowd all went home happy from what I saw. I believe they had more fans last time in 2008 but for a Sunday afternoon show it wasn't bad.

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