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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-24 09:59:00

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A few months ago posted an article about the possibility of a new Dangerous Alliance with Paul Heyman, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, and The Shield. Are there any plans to make this group happen? I think there would be so many storyline possibilities. Punk can get the WWE title back from Cena and have a another long reign, the Shield can get the tag titles and defend them using the Freebird rule, and Brock could be the mercenary/enforcer who comes in to take out anybody who is considered a threat to the group. I would like to see this group happen. It would blow away Aces & 8's.

That was just a dot com story as far as I know.  But I agree, if booked properly it could be an awesome group.

With AJ Styles doing his tweener thing, is it just me or does it remind me of Sting in the early days of nWo when they wondered which side he was on?

Absolutely, right down to AJ changing his tights to long black ones this week.

So...Dolph Ziggler wins the MITB briefcase last year, remains "Jobber to the Stars" until eventually winning the championship the night after Wrestlemania...only to have Ziggler's momentum paralyzed by losing his very first match as champion. Why does creative get rewarded with paychecks for this backwards logic?

They get rewarded with paychecks because they have take Vince McMahon's ideas and turn them into TV shows. Would you want to have to do that job?  They earn their money!

After listening to the last Raw Post Game Show, some things about CM Punk came up to my mind. I understand that the title run, the table-spot at Mania and all the other bumps he took over the last year really messed up Punks health so he's going to be off for a long time now. But with hearing about the issues Punk seems to have with WWE creative / execs, him not doing house shows anymore and stuff, it all seems to be the same thing like with Brock Lesnar a couple of years ago. With Punk talking more and more about trying out MMA, might WWE be about to lose CM Punk? Maybe not forever, but for some time...just like Brock. Thoughts?

I don't see him going into MMA but you never know.  I just think he is banged up and has earned his spot and the perks that go with it.

The WWE is claiming that Fandango is the only wrestler to win his WWE/WrestleMania debut. Aren't they forgetting Mr. T and Lawrence Taylor? Of course...they also seem to be forgetting that he did wrestle on TV as Johnny Curtis.

They would counter that LT and Mr. T aren't wrestlers, and that Johnny Curtis is not Fandango!

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