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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-23 09:59:00

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Last Friday, on my personal twitter account (@davescherer for those that wish to check it out), I saw that Eric Bischoff (who is a staunch conservative) used the tragedy in Boston as a way to take a shot at MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews.  In response to his tweet I wrote, "Don't politicize tragedy."  I didn't see anything wrong with being compassionate and respectful towards all that had suffered in Boston but Bischoff chose to respond in a childish manner and say F you (except he wrote the entire word).  That led to a bunch of questions coming in so I thought I would put them all in one column.

Bischoff said that you were a leech and not credible.  Does he forget that he hired you to be on WCW Live back when it started to give it credibility?  Does he forget doing interviews with your site to help sell his projects?  Does he not know that TNA paid for advertising on your site for many years?  Why did you leave WCW Live anyway?

Eric Bischoff?  Duplicitous?  Eric Bischoff try to use fallacious shock and awe to keep dopey people from realizing the truth?  Yeah, that sounds just like him.  Eric is good at seeing your value when you can help him.  When you can't, well then it changes. As for WCW Live, I was brought in to be the credible news guy but the show, as it should have, became a promotion vehicle for the WCW product, which wasn't good at the time.  Since I wasn't a cheerleader, I didn't fit in and I left.

Where does Eric heat come from?

As mentioned above Eric didn't always hate me.  But, he does now.  I believe it started when he came into TNA and went on a radio show and made claims about how the product's numbers had risen since Hulk Hogan and he joined the company.  The claims were so ridiculous that I wrote columns pointing out that they were wrong.  I even asked the radio host how he could let Bischoff make those claims and not challenge him on it.  He told me that wasn't his role so at that point we stopped running his recaps.  Eric wasn't happy that we were pointing out the truth.  As Eric gained more power in the company, they stopped advertising with us as well.  I can't say the two are connected, but that is the timeline.  That part never bothered me though because for most of the time TNA advertised with us we were pretty hard on the product.  I was always surprised they kept advertising with us.  The funny thing is since they have stopped advertising with us, the product has gotten much better and we are very complimentary to them.  Go figure.

Is there a bigger hypocrite than Dixie for making Bubba apologize for what he said to a fan, but allowing a TOP executive in her company to say what he did to you?  And are you going to call Spike TV and complain like one of your competitors did to Bully?  The last question was a joke.

I am sure that there are bigger hypocrites than Dixie but yes, she looks really bush league allowing that kind of behavior from one of her top execs for sure.  Could you see WWE's Kevin Dunn doing what Bischoff did?  No.  And if he did, could you see Vince McMahon not reprimanding him?  Me either.  Your joke popped me. 

I saw a mention made of Eric Bischoff and The Gold Club in some of the responses to him dropping an F bomb to you on Twitter. What does it mean?

It refers to a trial that took place in Atlanta, GA.  The Gold Club was a strip joint where you could, ahem, get more than just lap dances.  Athletes and other famous people received sexual favors from the strippers, sometimes for free and other times at discounted rates.  CNN (which curiously enough also owned WCW) covered the trial.  In this link from 2001, they reported that Eric Bischoff testified that he and a professional wrestler (who wasn't named) went into the club's VIP room and were joined by dancers that performed sexual acts on them.  Bischoff stated that on another occasion, in 1999, he went to the club with his wife and they brought a stripper who went by Frederique back to a hotel room for a sexual encounter.  About the rendezvous Bischoff said, "That is a bit of blur.  I think it was between my wife and Frederique." The dancer noted that Bischoff's wife paid $200 of her fee while the club owner picked up the other $800.

I guess if he can't remember what happened when he brought a stripper and his wife to a hotel for sex, I shouldn't feel so bad that he can't remember that he used to find me credible!  Anyway, if you do a search on Google for Eric Bischoff Gold Club you can find out more details there.

Would Garrett Bischoff have a job in TNA and a push if it wasn't for dad?

Probably not but he isn't the first one to use nepotism to get ahead.  I appreciate the fact that he works hard and is trying to get better.

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