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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-22 09:59:00

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My question to Dave. Now I know that you don't like Wade of Torch (me too). So do you like Jason Powell of Dot Net? He is great & friendly with site users.

It is not that I don't like Wade so much is that I don't respect him.  Yesterday's Q and A pointed out lies he told about me, in print, in an effort to spin a story and take heat off of himself for his actions.  It's hard to feel anything positive for someone that acts that way towards you.  As for Jason, I don't "know" him other than a few email exchanges but I do respect him a lot.  He works hard and he came online at a time when there was a lot of competition and he has forged a good business for himself and his family and has done so the right way.  All of our exchanges have been pleasant as well.  From what I know of him, he is a good guy.  He does things the right way.  Honestly, of my peers Wade and his sidekick are the only ones I have any issues with and that is only because they caused them.

JR said WWE wasn't to blame for territories dying out. I think that's nonsense. Throw big money around and anyone will sell. Where fans had local wrestling to watch weekly ( I had the Louisville Gardens) now we get to see it live once a year when they come to town. Your thoughts?

WWE went national and put pressure on the other territories to up their game and compete.  Most didn't, or couldn't, do so and they got wiped out.  In each company the reasons were different.  JR is right on about Bill Watts' area.  If the economy hadn't tanked there, the UWF could have been a viable competitor against the WWF on a national stage.  Other promoters didn't want to go national or didn't grasp that what Vince was doing was changing the playing field.  I put the blame on them for not changing with the times, kind of like how a Blockbuster didn't realize streaming video would make the product obsolete. 

Is there a reason why you give Shine more coverage than Shimmer?

No because we don't.  We run reports from Shimmer shows when we get them.  Obviously, iPPVs are easier to cover since our core staff can cover them.  None of us live in the areas Shimmer runs so we rely on correspondents.

Ok I know this may be a long shot but what are the chances Mangum TA gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? I know his career was cut short and he never performed for the WWE but do you think he deserves a look?

I absolutely do.  Had it not been for his car accident, he would have gone on to have a great career.  Of that I have no doubt.  I would love to see him get a spot in the Hall.

Impact has been running more behind scene skits with their Knockouts and even though I skip all their matches (WWE I do as well) I started paying attention to the division because it's interesting to see them interact as competitors who don't have this over the top hate for each other. It seems more genuine than the stuff WWE is pushing. I was curious what you thought and for the record readers I'm not one of those usual guys asking about female wrestlers (lol).

 One thing that TNA does worlds better than WWE is how they use their women.  The Knockouts are booked well and are a lot of fun to watch (including the matches).  I agree with you completely here.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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