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By Billy Krotchsen on 2013-04-21 13:14:32

In the opener, Colt Cabana beat Slyck Wagner Brown when he his the Rough Ryder.  Good match to open the show.

Milan X and Bin Hamin beat Zachary Springate III.

Colin Delaney beat Dalton Castle in a good match.

Spike Dudley had Masada beating until Kevin Steen and Jason Axe ran out and attacked him.  They destroyed him and put Masada on top, giving him the win.

Mike Van Slyke and Kevin Graham won a five team tag match top retain the 2CW Tag Titles.  It was very good.

Sami Callihan beat Matt Hardy in an excellent match.  Both guys worked hard and delivered.

Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb beat Jimmy Jacobs and Christina Von Eerie.

In a Stairway To Hell match, Isys Ephex retained the 2CW Title by meating Jason Axe in a crazy match that featured big bumps.

In the main event, John Morrison beat Kevin Steen in a really good match!

It was a really good show had I paid for it.  It was an amazing show for free. 

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