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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-21 07:55:55
The ECW documentary "Barbed Wire City" held its premiere screening last night at the former ECW Arena before 150-200 fans. Among those attending the screening were former WCW star Tyler Mane, Sal E. Graziano, Shane Douglas, Blue Meanie, Don E. Allen, John Finnegan, Bob and Lexie Artese, Ronnie Lang, and Tony Lewis, who is featured in the film.

Following the screening, there was a discussion panel featuring Directors John Philapavage, Kevin Kiernan, Douglas, Meanie, Lewis and others. The screening and post-film panel can be viewed via iPPV at

After the screening of the film, a short video was played to announce that the former ECW Arena would be re-opening in the Fall of 2013. In typical ECW fashion, the audio died on the announcement. The venue is currently completely stripped of everything that made it identifiable, from the balconies, to the stage to the bathroom, etc.

We have some photos from the event and the state of the Arena at

On a personal note, I'd like to thank Philapavage and Kiernan for inviting me to take part in the panel and would like to thank everyone I had the chance to meet and talk to at the screening. It was very surreal to be back in that building, especially watching something ECW related, but it a fun night for all.

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