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By Jose Perez on 2013-04-20 22:08:00

World Wrestling League (WWL)

As we reported earlier today, WWL suffered a major setback today when the TV station once again messed up and presented a rerun of a previous episode for the WWL TV show.  Today was supposed to be their "go-home" show, the last opportunity to sell the show for the live audience and for the iPPV crowd.  Unfortunately, this is the third time this has happened with the TV station.  However, this one could not have come at a worse possible moment.

WWL has made available the episode that was supposed to air today for online viewing. I just finished watching it and this was a really good show.  Here it is for those of you that would like to watch it:

Some of the talent that is scheduled to participate in tomorrow’s debut event, “WWL: Idols of Wrestling”, have started to arrive in the island.  I have been able to confirm that “Cowboy” James Storm, Bobby Roode, Rico Cassanova, Cruzz, Lince Dorado, Sicodelico Jr and Ivelisse Velez have arrived and have been seen out and about.  There are a couple more scheduled to arrive tonight and the rest of the talent should arrive tomorrow before 1PM.

Remember that you can order the WWL iPPV by clicking here:  (NOTE: TNA talent matches will not stream on iPPV.)

World Wrestling Council (WWC)

During today’s TV they presented some of the footage from last Sunday’s show in Cataño, PR.  Here is the TV show:

1st Segment –
2nd Segment –
3rd Segment –
4th Segment –
5th Segment –

The card for tonight’s house show at the “Lauro Davila Coliseum” in Toa Alta, PR was announced:

“Mr. Ray-tings” Ray Gonzalez & “El Ilegal” Chicano vs Invader #1 & “Super Fenix”
Lightning vs “Bad Man” Andy Levine w/ Orlando Toledo
Thunder vs Samson Walker w/ Orlando Toledo
Chris Angel vs “El Diabolico”
“El Hombre de los Kilates” Abbad vs Chris Joel
Plus 3 more matches…

They also announced the card for tomorrow’s show at the “Cosme Beitía Sálamo Arena” in Cataño, PR:

WWC Universal Title Rematch: “El Ilegal” Chicano vs. “Super Fenix” (c)
“Mr. Ray-tings” Ray Gonzalez vs “The Puertorican Dream” Invader #1
WWC World Tag Title Match: Thunder & Lightning (c) vs Samson Walker & “Bad Man” Andy Levine w/ Orlando Toledo
“El Hombre de los Kilates” Abbad vs Chris Joel
WWC Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: Zion RT1 (c) vs “El Diabolico”
Plus 2 more matches
Carlos Colon Sr. has an important message for everyone…

Once again they plugged an event that they will bring to Kissimmee, FL, at the “Kissimmee Civic Center” on Saturday June 15 at 8:30 PM.  Tickets for the show are on sale right now.  For more ticket information and/or purchase, you can call 407-935-1412.
During today’s broadcast, they announced that their next major event will be “Summer Madness”, which will be taking place at the “Hector Sola Bezares Coliseum” in Caguas, PR on Saturday June 29th.  Tickets will go on sale Wednesday May 1st via TicketCenter (  This event, as well as “Aniversario 40”, will be stream via iPPV.  More information will be made available as they get closer to the event dates.

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