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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-20 10:00:00
I saw Mike wrote a piece about Barbed Wire City. If he was paid to be in it, how can we take him seriously?

I wasn't paid to be in the film. So, that would be one reason...Anyway, I wrote how I felt about the film. Whether I was in or not is of no consequence when it comes to the final product. If you don't think I was being honest, then you should pay to watch the iPPV tonight or buy a DVD and decide for yourself.

Does ROH (Ring of Honor) have a Women's champion?

No. The promotion did recognize the SHIMMER title when they were partnered together.

I just remembered how a few years ago Vladamir Koslov debuted and went pretty quickly into a main event push against Triple H... despite being terrible. Years later, we have Antonio Cesara on the roster. He fits the mold of "Big, muscular, foreign, monster of a man" type wrestler that Vince seems to love as bad guys. Yet, he gets buried in match after match while US Champion, no Mania match, and then loses the title without any build. Wouldnt Cesaro make the perfect anti america heel to go against Mr Pseudo Super Soldier, John Cena? Why is WWE treating Antonio so poorly? Does he have backstage heat of any kind?

I discussed this earlier in the week in the Elite section of After Cesaro lost the U.S. title, I asked around and was told he didn't do anything wrong, but it's more a case of the company not having any long-term plan for Cesaro, so they go hot and cold with him. As I noted yesterday, this sort of planning and treatment only leads to talents being trapped in a position where the audience doesn't care about them, because they have been trained not to emotionally invest in them.

How long do you think it will be before things start to turn against Aces and Eights when people such as Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and Magnus among others start fighting back? How many times can Angle, Joe and so forth continue taking it without responding in kind? How does that make them look?

Well, technically they have been fighting back but the creative side of the company has Aces & Eights looking strong. I am guessing no one gets to make the big comeback against them until Hulk Hogan gets to lead the charge, but that's just me.

Obviously we'll never know what would have happened if Bischoff & Fusient had bought WCW, but let's say they did, do you think: 1. TNA & ROH would have been born? & 2. Do you think WCW would have been successful w/out Ted Turner's $?

There would have been no TNA because many of the staffers were former WCW employees. Ring of Honor would have been born just the same, only they would have seen their talent raided much like ECW did. I can't say whether WCW would have lasted or not because we didn't know what their battle plan was nor do we know how the audience would have reacted. They had a lot of digging out to do. I actually wish Bischoff had gotten the company, because it would have been a lot better than WWE acquiring the rights and leading to a much smaller business overall.

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