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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-19 10:00:00
Who do you think ROH should replace the injured Naomichi Marufuji with?

KENTA would make the most sense, but I don't know if he's even an option.

So, we've seen the returns of Eric Young & O.D.B. but they've made absolutely no mention of the Knockouts tag titles. Has TNA quietly gotten rid of them?

I think that until they have a need for them in the storylines, those titles will quietly disappear.

I've noticed in TNA that Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, & Mickie James are much skinnier than they were in WWE. Also, Big Show was much skinnier when he was in WCW. Finally, I've noticed that Devon is in better shape than he was in WWE. Why is that? Is it that since the schedule is lighter, they have more time to hit the gym?

Voodoo. No, it's just that as they have gotten more experiences and older, they have gotten better at nutrition and their workout regimens. You also have to remember that there are conditioning techniques and equipment that continue to develop and help athletes reach peak fitness.

Is there anyone right now that WWE should be pushing or have brushed off that could be very successful?

Off the top of my head, Antonio Cesaro and the way he's utilized is really amazing to me. He's a great worker in the ring, he has size, he's got a good promo ability and looks like everything WWE wants on their checklist of what makes a star - yet, they don't push him. Yes, he had the U.S. title but the majority of that reign was spent losing on TV, which only establishes that he's not worth the interest of the audience. That's stupid, on many levels. WWE cannot afford to continue to treat talents like he, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, etc. in that manner because they trash them in the eyes of the fans, then expect the same fans to believe in them when they are finally put into a prominent position. It just doesn't work and it leads to the workers being blamed for not getting over.

Where is Wrestlemania going to be held next year?

As WWE has promoted for weeks, New Orleans.

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