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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-19 09:48:55

The long-gestating documentary on Extreme Championship Wrestling "Barbed Wire City" will have its official premiere screening on Saturday 4/20 at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA, but will also be officially releasing the film on DVD tomorrow as well.

The film will be released as an actual DVD with artwork, as opposed to a DVD-R. has confirmed the following extras will be included on the DVD release:

*Billy Corgan & Lou D'Angeli discuss their ECW angle.
*Alternative opening sequence.
*Tour of ECW Arena with Bob Artese.
*Elks Lodge Tour with Tony Lewis.
*New Jack Stories (there are three)
*Bodycount Match story as told by Tod Gordon and John Grunge.

Tomorrow's screening premiere will kick off at 5 PM with a pre-screening meet & greet with the directors and several former ECW personalities. The screening will commence at 7 PM, followed by a post-film Q&A Session featuring personalities from the film.

The screening and post-show Q&A will also be streamed via iPPV at

For complete details on the screening, the DVD and more, visit

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