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By Jame Roberts on 2013-04-17 12:15:19
Fandango won the match with Santino with a Mic Check (not sure what he calls it).

The Kofi/Wade Barrett match was NOT title vs. title. No belt changed hands. It was simply a champion vs. champion match.

Also on Main Event they had Barrett vs. Gabriel after the battle royal and it was a solid match, Justin got a nice reaction as underdog. Barrett won after Gabriel kicked out of the Black Hole Slam/Bossman Slam (not sure what he calls it) but Barrett then nailed Justin with an exposed elbow.

The ending of the show was awesome. The crowd thought things were wrapping up when the Shield entered so it caught us by surprise. Triple H by far got the pop of the night and the guys seemed energized by the crowd at the end. Sheamus Orton and HHH celebrated and gave fans around ringside high fives after they all hit finishers on Roman Reigns. Sheamus picked up to kids wearing Sheamus headbands with the fake hair. It was awesome to see the way they closed things out.

Also Triple H walked by the best section of the crowd, a nearly full row of people near the stage dressed as wrestlers: Hogan, Flair, Piper, Bossman, Honky Tonk Man, Ashley Massaro, the Ultimate Warrior, and Jerry Lawler. Upon seeing them Triple H made the camera man film him posing with them. It was an absolute blast.

I also thought Fandango opening Smackdown was awesome and he got a damn good heel reaction in what I thought was a very good, creepy promo.

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