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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-17 08:00:00

On this day in history in ....

1938 - Dientes Hernández defeats Jack O'Brien for the Mexican National Lightweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1941 - Lee Wyckoff defeats Orville Brown in Kansas City, Kansas to win the Midwest Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title.

1952 - Golden Hawk and Johnny Kostas defeat Henry Harrell and Rex Mobley for the Mid-America NWA Southern Tag Team Title in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1954 - Roddy Piper is born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

1955 - Azumafuji and Rikidozan defeat Bobby Bruns and Lucky Simunovich to win the NWA Hawaii Tag Team Title in Honolulu, Hawaii, ending Bruns and Simunovich's third reign.

1958 - Kevin Wacholz, best known as Kevin Kelly in the AWA, and in the WWF as Nailz, is born in Bloomington, Minnesota.

1959 - Gene Kiniski defeats Whipper Billy Watson for the Toronto NWA British Empire Heavyweight Title in Toronto, Ontario, ending Watson's 10th reign and beginning Kiniski's second.

1959 - Dick Gunkel (Dick Steinborn) defeats Fred Blassie in Atlanta, Georgia to win the Georgia NWA Southern Heavyweight Title, ending Blassie's eighth reign.

1965 - Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens defeat The Destroyer and Billy Red Lyons to win the American Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Title in San Francisco, California.

1969 - Boris Malenko defeats The Gladiator (Rick Hunter) for the NWA Florida Brass Knuckles Title in Jacksonville, Florida.

1969 - Mitsu Sito defeats Bob Kelly to win the NWA Mississippi Heavyweight Title in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, ending Kelly's second reign.

1970 - Nick Bockwinkel defeats Assassin #1 (Tom Renesto) for the NWA Georgia Heavyweight Title in Atlanta, Georgia.

1971 - The WWWF held an event at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The results were:
- Sonny Boy Hayes and The Tahiti Kid defeated Little Brutus and Sky Low Low.
- Joe Crugnale fought Mike Conrad to a draw.
- Johnny Rodz fought Lee Wong to a draw.
- Juan Caruso defeated Manuka Akim.
- Manuel Soto defeated Vincente Pommetti.
- Beautiful Bobby defeated Pete Sanchez.
- Blackjack Mulligan defeated Tony Marino.
- WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Pedro Morales defeated Bulldog Brower.

1972 - The WWWF held an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The results were:
- Little Brutus and Sky Low Low defeated Sonny Boy Hayes and The Tahiti Kid.
- Manuel Soto defeated The Black Demon.
- Don Curtis defeated Mike Padiousis.
- Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated René Goulet.
- Sonny King defeated Smasher Sloan.
- Ernie Ladd pinned Jimmy Valiant.
- Pampero Firpo defeated Chief Jay Strongbow by countout.
- Victor Rivera fought Prof. Toru Tanaka to a draw.
- WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Pedro Morales pinned King Curtis to retain the title.

1972 - Jackie Fargo and Jerry Jarrett defeat The Interns in a hair vs. title match to win the Mid-America NWA Southern Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee.

1972 - Tony Borne and Moondog Mayne win their 11th NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title, ending the third reign for The Royal Kangaroos (Jonathan Boyd and Norman Frederick Charles).

1974 - Gene Kiniski and Mr. X (Guy Mitchell) defeat Flash Gordon (George Gordienko) and Leo Madril in Vancouver, British Columbia to win the Vancouver NWA Canadian Tag Team Title.

1974 - Mr. Kamikaze and Tojo Yamamoto defeat Nick DeCarlo and Frank Monte for the NWA Southeastern Tag Team Title in Nashville, Tennessee.

1976 - Carlos Colón defeats Bob Ellis to win the WWC North American Heavyweight Title in Caguas, Puerto Rico, beginning his fifth reign.

1976 - Jack Brisco defeats Pak Song for the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title in St. Petersburg, Florida. This began Brisco's fourth reign and ended Song's second.

1976 - Mike George defeats Bob Brown in Wichita, Kansas for the NWA Central States Heavyweight Title, ending Brown's sixth reign and beginning George's third.

1976 - Jumbo Miyamoto wins her fifth WWWA World Singles Title by defeating Mariko Akagi in Toyokawa, Japan.

1979 - Chris Colt, Dennis Condrey and Tojo Yamamoto defeat Bobby Eaton, George Gulas and Mexican Angel for the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Title.

1980 - Cachorro Mendoza defeats Satánico to win the NWA World Middleweight Title in Monterrey, Mexico.

1980 - Pak Song and Takachiho (The Great Kabuki) defeat Bob Brown and Dick Murdoch for the NWA Central States Tag Team Title in Kansas City, Kansas.

1982 - The WWF held an event at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The results:
- WWF Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales pinned Adrian Adonis to retain the title.
- Larry Sharpe defeated José Estrada by countout.
- Greg Valentine pinned Steve Travis.
- Bob Orton, Jr. pinned Special Delivery Jones.
- Jesse Ventura defeated Tony Atlas by countout.
- Andre the Giant and Rick McGraw defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito by disqualification in a best-of-three falls match, 2-1. Fuji and Saito retained the title.
- Ivan Putski pinned The Black Demon.
- Tony Garea pinned Johnny Rodz.
- WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund defeated Blackjack Mulligan by disqualification to retain the title.

1983 - Giant Baba and Jumbo Tsuruta win their fifth NWA International Tag Team Title from Ron Bass and Stan Hansen in Nagasaki, Japan.

1984 - The North-South Connection (Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch) defeat Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson to win the WWF Tag Team Title in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

1984 - Gran Hamada defeats Perro Aguayo in Tokyo, Japan for the WWF World Light Heavyweight Title, ending Aguayo's fifth reign and beginning Hamada's second.

1985 - Savannah Jack and Ed Roberts defeat The Terminators (Rigs and Wolf) to win the Pro Wrestling America Tag Team Title in Barron, Winsconsin.

1987 - Owen Hart defeated Mahkan Singh (Mike Shaw) to win the Stampede North American Heavyweight Title in Calgary, Alberta, ending Singh's second reign and beginning Hart's second. This was Owen's fourth and final title win in Stampede Wrestling (he had also won the Stampede International Tag Team and British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight titles once each) before moving on to work in New Japan and signing with the WWF in 1988.

1987 - Invader I defeats Jason the Terrible for the WWC Television Title in San Juan, Puerto Rico, beginning his second reign.

1987 - Mike Graham and Steve Keirn defeat The MOD Squad (Basher and Spike) in Daytona Beach, Florida to win their seventh NWA Florida Tag Team Title.

1989 - Villano II (real name José Alfredo Díaz Mendoza) passes away in Naucalpan, Mexico.

1992 - The Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) defeat George and Shunji Takano for the Super World of Sports Tag Team Title in Yokohama, Japan.

1992 - Stan Hansen defeats Mitsuharu Misawa to win the annual AJPW's Champion's Carnival tournament.

1993 - La Tigresa wins her third WWC Women's Title in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, ending Sasha's fourth reign.

1994 - WCW held the first Spring Stampede pay-per-view at the Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois, which got a 0.53 buyrate. The results:
Dark matches:
- In a match pitting former child stars against eachother, Danny Bonaduce (Danny Patridge) defeated Christopher Knight (Peter Brady).
- Haito (Paul Diamond) and Pat Tanaka defeated Dave and Kevin Sullivan.
Pay-per-view matches:
- Johnny B. Badd pinned Diamond Dallas Page (with The Diamond Doll) with a sunset flip.
- WCW World Television Champion Lord Steven Regal (with Sir William) fought Brian Pillman to a 15-minute time-limit draw to retain the title.
- WCW World Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) defeated Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne in a Chicago Street Fight, when Sags pinned Jack after hitting him with a shovel, to retain the title.
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Steve Austin (with Col. Robert Parker) defeated The Great Muta by disqualification to retain the title, after Muta threw Austin over the top rope.
- Sting pinned WCW International World Heavyweight Champion Rick Rude to win the title, after Harley Race accidentally hit Rude with a chair. This ended Rude's second reign.
- Bunkhouse Buck (with Col. Robert Parker) pinned Dustin Rhodes in a Bunkhouse match after hitting him with brass knuckles.
- Vader (with Harley Race) pinned The Boss.
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat fought to a no-contest due to a double-pin. The title was vacated due to the finish, ending Flair's second reign.

1995 - Brian Lee defeats Brian Christopher in Memphis, Tennessee to win the USWA Heavyweight Title. The title had been held up after their match a week earlier.

1997 - Mitsu Arakawa, former AWA World Tag Team Title holder with Tor Kamata, dies at age 69.

1998 - Hayabusa and Masato Tanaka defeat Hido and Kodo Fuyuki for the FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Title in Sapporo, Japan.

1998 - Jimmy Jannetty and Rich Myers defeat The Bad Crew to win the Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title in Baltimore, Maryland.

1998 - Spymaster defeats Barfly Mike for the Mid-American Wrestling Heavyweight Title in West Allis, Wisconsin, beginning his second reign.

1998 - Boogie Woogie Brown, Inferno Kid, and Mike Quackenbush defeat The Rulebreakers (Jihad Hussein, Chris Krueger and Joe Rules) in Reading, Pennsylvania to win the vacant Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling Six-Man Tag Team Title.

1998 - Ricky Harrison defeats Beau James for the Southern States Wrestling Heavyweight Title in Fall Branch, Tennessee, beginning his second reign.

1999 - D-Von Dudley defeats ECW World Tag Team and Television Champion Rob Van Dam in Buffalo, New York, to win RVD and Sabu's ECW World Tag Team Title for he and Bubba Ray Dudley. This began the Dudleys' sixth reign and ended RVD and Sabu's second reign.

1999 - Ray González defeats Pierroth, Jr. for the WWC Universal Heavyweight Title in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, beginning his ninth reign.

1999 - Jerry Lawler defeats Derrick King and Kid Wikkid in a handicap match in Memphis, Tennessee to win the PPW Tag Team Title for he and Bill Dundee, who no-showed the event. This ended King and Wikkid's second reign.

1999 - Mark Schrader and Christian York win the ECWA Tag Team Title from Ace Darling and Devon Storm in Newport, Delaware.

1999 - The Original Mercury and Flex Wheeler defeats D-Generation Sex (Shane Golden and Hunk Hesler) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the Pennsylvania Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Title, beginning their second reign.

1999 - Derek Stone defeats Steve Sharp to win the World League Wrestling Heavyweight Title in Quincy, Illinois.

2000 - The Monday Night War continued, with WWF RAW is WAR solidly winning the night with its 6.7 rating, over WCW Monday Nitro's 2.5 rating. RAW featured Chris Jericho winning (at least for a few minutes) the WWF Title from Triple H.

WCW Monday Nitro was live from the MetroCenter in Rockford, Illinois. The results were:
- Shawn Stasiak defeated Curt Hennig.
- WCW Hardcore Champion Terry Funk defeated The Wall to retain the title.
- Mike Awesome defeated Diamond Dallas Page by disqualification.
- Shane Douglas defeated Lex Luger (with Elizabeth) by disqualification.
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner defeated Jeff Jarrett by disqualification.

WWF RAW is WAR was live from the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, Pennsylvania. The results:
- Chris Jericho pinned WWF Champion Triple H (with WWF Women's Champion Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) with the Lionsault to win the title. Referee Earl Hebner, who ran down to replace the incapacitated Mike Chioda, fast-counted the pin due to Triple H shoving Hebner down just seconds prior, in response to Triple H's continued abuse of him over the weeks. Jericho ran away, while The Acolytes, who Jericho had in his corner, held back HHH from reaching Jericho and Hebner, who went after Jericho to award him the title belt. After the commercial break, Triple H, along with Stephanie and Shane McMahon, dragged Hebner to the ring and demanded that he reverse the decision because of the fast-count. Hebner said he would, provided that nobody puts their hands on him again as long as he is a WWF official, with Triple H agreeing. Jericho came out on the stage, Hebner went and got the belt from him and brought it to Triple H, who said that just bringing the belt to him wasn't good enough, instructing Hebner to put the belt around his waist. Hebner did so, before being fired and assaulted by Triple H and Shane McMahon. Of the match, Triple H said that the match never happened, was stricken from the record, and the fans didn't see a thing.
- The Hardy Boyz (Jeff and Matt) defeated WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero (with Chyna) and Essa Rios (with Lita), when Matt pinned Guerrero after the Twist of Fate.
- WWF Hardcore Champion Crash Holly defeated Perry Saturn and ECW World Heavyweight Champion Tazz in a triple threat match to retain his title, by pinning Saturn after dropkicking Hardcore Holly, who interfered and attacked Saturn just before. This was Tazz' first appearance on WWF television as ECW champion, just three days after winning it from WCW's Mike Awesome.
- Steve Blackman and Al Snow defeated The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von), when Snow pinned D-Von after Test interfered and elbowdropped D-Von while Albert and Trish Stratus distracted the referee.
- Scotty 2 Hotty pinned WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko with a cradle to win the title.
- The Big Show defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit by disqualification after Benoit kicked Show in the groin to avoid the chokeslam.
- Road Dogg, WWF Champion Triple H and X-Pac (with Shane McMahon and WWF Women's Champion Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) defeated The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Faarooq) and Chris Jericho, when Triple H pinned Jericho after the Pedigree.

2000 - Big Bubba Bain and L.A. Stephens defeat The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton) in Osan, South Korea to win the NWA World Tag Team Title, ending the Express' third reign.

2001 - The WWF taped the April 20 SmackDown! and April 23 Sunday Night Heat at the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville, Tennessee.
Dark matches:
- Rico Constantino defeated Scott Vick.
- Randy Orton defeated Steve Bradley.
- The Minnesota Stretching Crew (Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin) defeated B.J. Payne and Shooter Schultz.
- K-Kwik defeated Haku.
- The Hollys (Crash and Hardcore (with Molly Holly)) defeated X-Factor (Justin Credible and X-Pac (with Albert)).
- Perry Saturn (with Terri) defeated Raven.
- Rhyno pinned WWF Hardcore Champion Kane to win the title after Steve Austin and Triple H beat Kane down with chairs.
- The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Faarooq) and Kaientai (Funaki and Taka Michinoku) defeated The Right to Censor (Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather, Steven Richards and Val Venis), when Michinoku pinned Buchanan after a double-spinebuster from the Acolytes.
- WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero pinned Grandmaster Sexay.
- The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) defeated Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho in a tables match, when Kurt Angle pushed Benoit off the top rope through a table.
- WWF Women's Champion Chyna pinned Molly Holly after a powerbomb.
- Kane and The Undertaker defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian (with WWF Hardcore Champion Rhyno) in a no-disqualification match, when Undertaker pinned Christian, to win the title.

2001 - Tigre Blanco defeats Karloff Lagarde, Jr. to win the Mexican National Welterweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

2002 - The New Heavenly Bodies (Casanova Chris and Vivacious Vito) defeat Jeff Daniels and Tim Renesto for the NWA World Tag Team Title in Winter Haven, Florida, beginning their third reign.

2003 - Border City Wrestling Can-Am Heavyweight Champion D'Lo Brown defeats Maximum Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Gangrel in Oldcastle, Ontario to unify the titles.

2004 - Tommy Diablo wins his fourth IWA World Junior Heavyweight Title in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, ending Blitz's third reign.

2004 - 3PW held The Future is Now at Viking Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The results:
- Slyck Wagner Brown (with April Hunter) defeated Ricky Vega.
- Gary Wolfe defeated Ron Zombie.
- C.J. O'Doyle defeated N8 Mattson.
- Rob Eckos and Striker (with Talia) fought to a no-contest.
- Rockin' Rebel and Jack Victory defeated The Blue Meanie and Roadkill.
- Mike Kruel defeated Monsta Mack.
- Ruckus defeated Damian Adams.
- Jerry Lynn defeated Sabu.
- Joey Matthews defeated 3PW Heavyweight Champion Raven to win the title.

2004 - Justice and Mikey Tenderfoot defeat David Mercury and Stash for the NWA Florida Tag Team Title in Brandon, Florida.

2004 - GeeStar defeats Xsiris in Burlington, North Carolina to win the Carolina Wrestling Federation Mid-Atlantic Cruiserweight Title.

2004 - OGB defeats Jake Davis for the House of Pain Wrestling Federation Hardcore Title in Newville, Pennsylvania.

2004 - Tan the Man defeats John Saxon to win the NWA Southern Television Title in Magee, Mississippi, ending Saxon's third reign.

2004 - Daioh QUALLT defeats Takehiro Murahama for the Osaka Pro Wrestling Title in Osaka, Japan, ending Murahama's second reign.

2005 - Dr. Wagner, Jr. defeats Último Guerrero for the NWA World Light Heavyweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico. Shocker was originally scheduled to defend the title against Guerrero, but he did not appear at the event.

2005 - Petey Williams defeats champion Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley in a three-way match in Belleville, Michigan to win the Border City Wrestling Can-Am Television Title, ending Sabin's second reign.

2005 - Cerebro Negro defeats Avisman for the IWRG Intercontinental Welterweight Title in Naucalpan, Mexico, beginning his third reign.

2006 - WWE held a live RAW and taped the April 21 SmackDown!, at the Savvis Center in St. Louis, Missouri. RAW got a 4.3 rating on USA Network, and SmackDown! got a 2.1 on UPN. The results:
- In a dark match, Scotty 2 Hotty pinned Vito.
- Kane pinned Rob Conway after a chokeslam.
- Charlie Haas pinned WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin with a roll-over. Benjamin's loss put his title on the line against Rob Van Dam at April 30's Backlash.
- Shawn Michaels defeated Umaga (with Armando Allejandro Estrada) by disqualification after Umaga shoved the referee, trying to stop Umaga from assaulting Michaels while he was hung in the Tree of Woe. Umaga gave Michaels a Samoan Spike, before Vince McMahon told Umaga to tie Michaels up in the ropes. McMahon got a chair and tried to get in the ring, but pyro explosions prevented him from doing so.
- World Tag Team Champions The Spirit Squad (Johnny, Kenny, Mikey, Mitch and Nicky) defeated Rob Van Dam in a handicap match, when Kenny got the pin after a legdrop off the top rope, while the rest of the Squad held RVD in the air. RVD's loss made his Backlash match with Shelton Benjamin be for both Benjamin's title and RVD's Money in the Bank contract.
- Edge (with Lita) and WWE Champion John Cena defeated Triple H in a handicap match, when Edge got the pin just after Triple H hit Cena with his sledgehammer.
- In a King of the Ring tournament quarterfinal match, Booker T (with Sharmell) pinned Matt Hardy with the scissors kick after low-blowing Hardy to avoid the Twist of Fate as Sharmell had the referee distracted.
- Paul London (with Brian Kendrick) pinned WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury (with Melina and WWE Tag Team Champion Johnny Nitro) with a cradle.
- Chris Benoit and Bobby Lashley defeated Finlay and Orlando Jordan, when Lashley pinned Jordan after the Dominator.
- The Great Khali (with Daivari), in his in-ring debut, pinned Funaki after a choke throw.
- The Gymini (Jake and Jesse (with Simon Dean)) defeated Paul Birchill and William Regal, when Regal was pinned after the Cross-Trainer after Burchill refused Regal's tag.
- In a dark match after the show, WWE Champion John Cena and The Undertaker fought to a no-contest after The Great Khali interfered.

2007 - WWE taped the April 20 SmackDown! and that night's ECW at the Datchforum in Milan, Italy. SmackDown! got a 2.4 on UPN, with ECW getting a 1.5 rating on SciFi. The results:
- Snitsky pinned Little Guido after a big boot.
- Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman defeated Marcus Cor Von and Kevin Thorn (with Ariel), when Dreamer pinned Thorn with a sunset flip out of the corner and holding the bottom rope.
- Rob Van Dam pinned Elijah Burke with the Five-Star Frog Splash.
- Batista defeated Finlay by disqualification after Mr. Kennedy interfered.
- WWE United States Champion Chris Benoit and World Tag Team Champions The Hardys (Jeff and Matt) defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero, Gregory Helms and Montel Vontavious Porter, when Benoit made Helms submit with the Sharpshooter.
- Deuce and Domino (with Cherry) defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London, when Deuce pinned Kendrick after the Crack 'em in the Mouth, to win the title.
- Kane defeated William Regal and Dave Taylor in a handicap match by countout.
- World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker defeated Mr. Kennedy by disqualification after Finlay interfered.

2008 - WWE Raw ran Sheffield, England.  Tony Pennington filed the following results:

I went to Sheffield Smackdown show and enjoyed it.  A good show with a sell out crowd  that was very vocal.

Kofi Kingston vs. Jamie Noble vs. Kenny Dykstra.  A good triple threat match that Kofi wins with kick to the head of Noble for the pin.

The Miz & John Morrison defeated Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore.  Before the match, Morrison got on the mic and created big heat by calling Sheffield the worst city in the UK, and it worked well. Morrison pinned Moore in a good match.

Kelly Kelly defeated Victoria in a good Divas match that saw Kelly showing off some good moves.

Mark Henry defeated Tommy Dreamer. Not a great match, Henry was just too big for Dreamer and beat him via submission.

Batista & Finlay, with Hornswoggle, vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder.  A fun match with water pistols being fired at the referee and the crowd.  Finlay was getting a beating then he managed to get the hot tag to the Animal who hit a spear and Batista Bomb to end the match.  After the match, Batista put on Hornswoggle's hat and did a dance and jig with Finlay and Hornswoggle.  The crowd loved it.

Eve Torres came out and threw a few T-Shirts into the crowd.

CM Punk defeated Shelton Benjamin.  A long, slow start with Benjamin spending a lot of time out of the ring.  He worked on Punk's leg, but Punk managed to win the match when he hit the GTS.  Punk walked out after the match with a limp and looked like he was in a lot of pain.

United States Champion MVP vs. Matt Hardy.  MVP was at his best here, as he got on the mic and praised the troops for what they were doing overseas, which got big applause ... then he suddenly changed and told the UK fans to use toothbrushes, which got bit heat.  A good match with both wrestlers taking control at one point, MVP hit Hardy with an object, which the ref didn't see, for the pin.  After the match, MVP looked to hit Hardy with the U.S. belt, but he missed and Hardy hit MVP with a Twist of Fate to big applause.

The main event was Big Show, Kane & Undertaker vs. Edge, Great Khali & Chavo Guerrero.  A good, solid match, the Undertaker's entrance was awesome and got massive applause from the crowd.  Kane was getting a beating from Edge and Chavo, then he tagged Undertaker who went after Edge.  Big Show bodyslammed Khali and then they fought outside the ring.  Chavo and Kane continued their battle, and Undertaker tombstoned Edge for the pin.  Good match with plenty going on.

Overall, I really enjoyed the card and it had some solid matches, plus great heat for John Morrison and MVP.

2009 - Ring of Honor broadcast their Caged Collision PPV.  Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:


Caged Collision opened with ROH's Dave Prazak in the ring in Chicago welcoming everyone to the PPV.  The crowd chanted "ROH."  Prazak then sent it to announcer Kyle Durden backstage with Austin Aries and Jimmy Jaocbs.  He noted that they were teaming in a Dream Partner tag where the winner of the fall gets a World title shot.  Jacobs said that he was in a tag match with three men he didn't like and he wanted his title shot.  Aries said it was his title shot since ROH officials took it from him and they both agreed they didn't want Tyler Black to get it.  As they left, Aries decked Durden, then glared into the cameras smiling.  Hilarious.

ROH aired an opening video of clips from previous shows.  The logo for the event featured a huge lock instead of the first vowels in Caged and Collision, which I thought was cool.

Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne vs. Silas Young vs. Kenny King

Dave Prazak butried Payne, saying he didn't deserve to be on the PPV.  King refused to sign and slapped both.  Payne got tossed out of the ring, but grabbed King's foot.  That allowed Young to dropkick him.  Payne nailed a top rope dropkick.  Both worked over King.  Young whipped Payne into King, nailing a leg lariat.  King retreated to the floor.

Payne rolled up Young from behind for a two.  Young went for a back suplex but Payne landed on his feet and rolled him up again.  Young overpowered Payne, who kept kicking up.  King remained on the outside talking trash to the camera.    Payne dropkicked Young, but was pulled out of the ring by King.  King slammed him into the barricade.  Young faked a dive over the ropes, landed on the apron, but was nailed by a King kick for a two count.

King whopped Young and went for a big boot but was caught.  King nailed a bicycle kick.  Payne returned to the ring with a pinfall attempt.  Payne then nailed a crucifix for a two count.  King grabbed Payne in a Fireman's Carry but Young broke it up.  Young nailed a neckbreaker but Payne broke up the pinfall.

Young and Payne went back and forth in the ring with Young getting the better of the exchange.  King got involved and was drilled with a German suplex for a two count.  Young went for a TKO but King nailed elbows to escape.  He nailed a Blue Thunder Powerbomb for a two count.  The cameras focused on Payne trying to recover.  Young and King went back and forth with punches in the center while getting to their feet.  They grappled, trying to get the better of the other, but were both nailed by a missile dropkick.

Payne began cleaning house and the crowd booed.  Payne nailed a Perfectplex for a two count on Young.  Payne ducked a clothesline and went for a high cross bodyblock.  King caught him and slammed him down but Young broke it up.  King missed the Elijah Express in the corner on Young, who drilled him with a clothesline for a two count.   King leaped over the top, clotheslining Young's throat over the top rope.  Payne caught Young with a forward roll and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sugarfoot!

A decent opener with all three working as hard and as fast as they could.  Payne is obviously being designed for the young, scappy underdog character based on how he's been used the last two PPVs.  King is absolutely going to be awesome down the line.

ROH aired a video feature on Claudio Castagnoli and Kevin Steen.

ROH Tag Team champ Kevin Steen vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Castagnoli worked over Steen's arm early.  Steen used a forward role into a single leg takedown, overwhelming Castagnoli for a moment before locking in a front facelock.  Claudio got to his feet but Steen went for a Sharpshooter.  Castagnoli escaped the attempt.  Claudio began attempting European uppercuts but Steen slapped him and drilled a spinning kick.  He clotheslined Claudio over the top to the floor.  Steen went for a sliding kick out of the ring but Claudio returned to the ring, avoiding it.  Steen knocked him down and hit a slingshot senton over the ropes into the ring,

Steen charged Claudio in the corner but the referee was pulled into the ring.  Claudio used the distraction to drill Steen with a kick.  Claudio began nailing knees into the back, then locked on a side chinlock.    Steen fought to his feet and nailed several chops but was caught with an over the knee backbreaker.  Castagnoli had a trickle of blood running down his chest from the chops.  He nailed Steen with a Gut Wretch suplex, then dropped another knee into the lower back.

Claudio then locked in Steen's own finisher, the Sharpshooter on him.  The announcers noted Steen has been working on a bad knee courtesy of the American Wolves.  Steen made his way to the ropes.  Claudio and Steen exchanged chops and forearms.  That broke down into punches but Claudio used a thumb to the eye to stop the onslaught.  Claudio charged but was caught with a boot to the face and a tornado DDT out of the corner.

Steen unloaded with a kick to the chest, then a pumphandle lift into a neckbreaker for a two count.  The crowd chanted, "Mr. Wrestling."  Steen went to the top rope for a swanton but Cladio got his knees up.  He scored a two count with a Waterslide, then attempted the Ricola Bomb.  Steen escaped and finally drilled a glancing superkick.  Steen nailed a cannonball in the corner, then cinched in a Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring.

Claudio fought his way to the ropes but Steen pulled him back.  Larry Sweeney came out but El Generico came out and forced him to the back.  The referee was distracted, allowing Claudio to nail a low blow and a Ricola Bomb for the pin.

Your winner, Claudio Castagnoli!

ROH aired a video feature on the Age of the Fall's fallout with The Necro Butcher as well as Delirious falling under Jimmy Jacobs' power.

Kyle Durden tried to interview Sugarfoot (I hate that name) about his win but Nigel McGuinness attacked him from behind.  He said, "There is a saying in this business....payback is a B**ch" and told him to get out of "my locker room."  McGuinness said he didn't forget the last time he was here.  He said Sugarfoot was a disgrace like the contenders to his belt - Geritol Lynn, Tylenol Black and Clamdigger Danielson.  They aired clips of each challenger as Nigel spoke.  Nigel said they are all disgraces and don't deserve title shots.  McGuinness said that if El Generico tries to hit a flippy thing or an Ole Kick, "I'm going to kill ya."  He said that no matter what, "I'll kill ya."  Good solid, old school heel promo.  You can really see that the company's MO these days is to provide more of a traditional wrestling product in terms of personas, heels vs. babyfaces, etc.

Necro Butcher & Jerry Lynn vs. The Age of the Fall's Delirious and Brodie Lee

Lee and Necro began brawling outside the ring immediately.  Lynn whipped Delirious into the guard rail.As it settled down, Lynn nailed head scissors on Delirious.  Delirious missed a back senton splash and Lynn tagged in Necro.  Necro drilled him with a right hand, then hit a monkey flip!?  Necro then locked on an abdominal stretch but Brodie Lee jumped into the ring and began striking him.  Lee broke the move and tagged in.

Necro and Lee began exchanging punches in the center of the ring.  Necro headbutt Lee, who staggered into the corner but began returning fire.  Necro was whipped into the corner but came out with a big right hand.  Necro nailed a drop toe hold.  Dave Prazak quipped, "There are no drop toe holds in a bar fight."  Lynn tagged in but was tagged with a right hand.  Lee shot Lynn into the air but the former ECW champ nailed a hurancanrana.

Lee chased Lynn to the floor and back, with Lynn trying to wear out Lee.  Jimmy Jacobs distracted Lynn, allowing Lee to overpower him and nailed a suplex.  Delirious tagged in and the Age of the Fall double teamed Lynn as Necro tried in vain to get past the referee.  The NECRO BUTCHER can't get past a lowly referee?? Come on!  Lynn avoided a charge in the corner from Lee but was hit with a big boot.  Lee began tearing at Lynn's face.

Lynn was worked over in the AOTF's corner for some time.  Lee went for a running boot but Lynn ducked and Lee fell to the floor.  Lynn went to make a tag but Necro was pulled off the apron by Lee. Lynn kept kicking up.  Delirious went for a backslide but Lynn battled his way out and nailed a DDT.  There were some nice close-ups of the guys as they battled for leverage.

Lynn makes the hot tag and Necro drills Lee with a foot to the face, a slam and began beating him down in the corner.  Necro bulldogged Lee, then placed him in the corner.  Necro then hit a top rope frankensteiner.  Lynn hit a flying high cross body off the top rope but Lee clotheslined Lynn for a two count.  Necro drilled Delirious while he was on the top rope preparing for a Shadows over Hell splash.

Necro and Lee brawled outside.  Necro legdropped Lee through a table on the floor and Chicago loved it.  Delirious went for the Shadows over Hell splash from the top but Lynn moved.  Lynn grabbed the cradle piledriver and scored the win.

Your winners, Necro Butcher and Jerry Lynn!

Another good back and forth tag team bout.  Lynn was really good in his role as the babyface getting sympathy.  I still feel Necro isn't being used right here - he should be the modern day Abdullah, not doing drop toe holds and ranas, but that's just me.

After the match, Jimmy Jacobs shoved down Delirious and told him he had disappointed him for the last time.  He said he was doing this because he cares.  He pulled out a chain.  Daizee Haze hit the ring to stop him but Jacobs shoved her down.  She ended up with Jacobs' spike and threatened spiking him but instead accidentally spiked Delirious, who she has been trying to "free from Jacobs."  Jacobs smiled like he had gotten exactly what he wanted.  Haze began crying that she was sorry while Jacobs blamed her.  I didn't care for the angle but I got that they were going for the idea that Jacobs had tricked her into doing the opposite of what she wanted and in doing so, she had helped Jacobs' cause.  That said, I thought the performance was a little over the top.

They aired a video feature on the Dream Partner Tag bout.

Austin Aries was in the ring when they returned and began heeling the crowd.  He said he didn't want them to chant for him because it was all fake and the ROH fans are the most fickle in all of wrestling.  He said he and Jimmy Jacobs tore each other apart for 8 months and everyone applauded because the fans only wanted their instant gratification.  He said that now that "A Star" is here, the show can begin.  You can tell Aries is loving the new role.

Jimmy Jacobs made his way to the ring.  When he entered the ring, Jacobs and Aries stared each other down.

Danielson and Black came out to "Final Countdown", which I actually saw performed on Broadway in "Rock of Ages" earlier this week.  Now THAT was surreal.

Danielson took the mic and said that between the all of the others, there's been a lot of emotion and tension.  He said that he doesn't know if they trust each other, but he doesn't know that he can trust any of them, but there is nothing that's more important to him than the ROH World title.  The fans chanted, "Best in the world."  He said that since he can't trust Tyler Black and the opponents can't trust each other, he suggested a Four Way instead with one fall of a finish.  Everyone agreed.  A nice twist that the crowd popped for.  It's always good to give a little more than you advertise so I liked it as well.

Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Austin Aries

ROH champ Nigel McGuinness joined Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard for commentary.  He said that while he's scheduled to defend the title next, he wanted to scout who was going to challenge him next.  Aries did a lot of stalling early.  One thing I've noticed with this PPV is that in terms of the camera work, the editing and the overall production is that a lot more attention has gone to the personalities and facial expressions, as opposed to just the wrestling moves.

Jacobs tagged in.  Danielson grabbed him in a waistlock, then took him down and attempted to cinch in a cross-arm breaker.  Jacobs made it to the ropes but Danielson snapped his arm down against the mat.  Jacobs backed off, then locked up with Danielson, grabbing a hammerlock.  Danielson reversed it but Jacobs caught him with a back elbow.  Jacobs retreated from the ring to break Danielson's momentum, then tagged out to Aries.  They go back and forth for awhile.

It finally settles down to Danielson and Black facing off and exchanging moves.   Black takes the opportunity to nail Aries on the apron, leaving him open to attacked by former Tag Team championship partner Jacobs.  Black makes a comeback and Aries tags in.  Black avoided headscissors and drilled Aries with a drokick.  Danielson tagged in and again, Aries went to the floor.  Danielson caught him with uppercuts when he returned to the ring and whipped him into the ropes for a hard kick to the chest.

Danielson dropkicked Aries' sending him to the floor.  When Aries returned to the apron, Danielson knocked him off and into the front row.  Danielson went to dive into the crowd but was shoved off the top rope by Jacobs.  Aries grabbed Danielson on the floor and tossed him back into the ring while he was still dazed.  Aries and Jacobs began working over Danielson in the corner, taking turns tagging.

Jacobs stomped on Danielson in the corner and choked him against the ropes.  He began using double stomps across Danielson's gut.  Aries tagged in with a slingshot senton splash.  Aries began unloading with uppercuts.  He whipped Danielson into the corner but Danielson flipped over him, then tagging Black.  Black came off the top on Aries then began unloading on Jacobs.

Black took turns going back and forth on Jacobs and Aries.  Danielson came in with a missile dropkick on Aries, drilled Jacobs with a clothesline and hit Black with a knee strike.  He cinched in the cattle mutilation on Black but Tyler escaped, turning it into an inverted DDT for a two count.    Black went to the top for a Phoenix Splash but was attacked by Aries.  Danielson took out Aries, then grabbed a belly to back superplex off the top on Black.  Jacobs leaped on Black for a pinfall attempt.

Jacobs was tossed to the floor, where Black teased a dive but Aries tripped him.  Lots of teases of dives to build to the spots.  Aries tossed him to the floor where Jacobs held him.  Aries went for a dive but Black moved and Aries wiped out Jacobs.  Black then hit a dive over the ropes. Jacobs and Aries are tossed over the rail into the crowd.    Black tries to return to the ring but Danielson dropkicks him to the floor then does a dive over the top to the floor.  As Danielson celebrated, Bison Smith, dressed in street clothes, attacked and laid out Danielson before walking out. The announces wondered if Danielson was going to be out of commission the rest of the match.

This left Black alone with Jacobs and Aries.  Jacobs locked in his choke.  Black fought to his feet and shoved him in  corner.  Aries nailed a dropkick.  Aries went for a suplex but Black escaped and went for the powerbomb in a corner.  Jacobs speared him.  Aries and Jacobs both attempted a pin but Black kicked up.  They went back and forth until Black scored a surprise pin on Aries, who was furious.

Your winner and next in line for a ROH title shot. Tyler Black!

They aired a video feature on Nigel McGuinness and El Generico.

Backstage, Jerry Lynn, sporting a black eye was interviewed.  Lynn promised that if Generico didn't get the job done, he would take the title.

ROH champ Nigel McGuinness vs. El Generico

McGuinness attacked Generico before the bell and threw him into the ringpost shoulder-first.  Generico crumbled  to the floor.  Nigel smashed his arm against the corner post.  Nigel then drilled him with the London Dungeon on the floor.  Generico began to be counted out, but Kevin Steen ran out to try and get him to return to the ring.  Generico just makes the count.

McGuinness continued to work over Generico's arm, but Generico nailed a chop to stun Nigel.  McGuinness recovered and then slapped Generico down.  Nigel went the handspring kick in the corner but Generico shoved him over to the apron then dropkicked him to the floor.  Nigel cut off Generico as he left the ring and slammed him into the barricade.  He went to whip Generico into the railing but it was reversed.

Generico went for a Yakuza Kick but Nigel avoided it and kicked him into the barricade.  Generico was again in danger of being counted out on the floor but made it in at the last second.  McGuinness continued to focus on Generico's shoulder and arm.  Generico keeps fighting back but Nigel is able to take him back down and locks on different armbars to continue wearing him down.

The crowd began singing "Ole Ole" to rev up Generico.  Generico finally broke free and went for a tornado DDT but Nigel "had it scouted" and immediately slammed Generico back down to the mat.  Nigel continued to control the flow of the match.  Nigel continued to beat down Generico, who refused to go down.

Nigel ducked a  Yakuza Kick and hit Generico with a kick to the back, then a Tower of London in the ring.  Nigel set up Generico on the top rope for another lariat but Generico blocked it with a boot. Nigel came back and hit another tower of London off the top rope outside the ring as Generico hit the apron and went to the outside. Nigel whipped Generico into the guard rail at the 17 count but Generico jumped into the ring at 19 to save himself.

Generico came back and nailed a brainbuster for a two count, then a Yakuza kick in the corner.  He went for a brainbuster off the top but Nigel escaped.  He locked on an arm bar but Generico made it to the ropes.  Nigel pulled him back into the center of the ring and finally forced the submission.

Your winner and still ROH champion, Nigel McGuinness!
Tyler Black came back out and said he could exercise the title shot he won tonight at any time and, "What better time to do this, but tonight, on PPV.  What better place to do this, but Chicago!"  Before he could cash in, Jimmy Jacobs and Austin Aries attacked him on the ramp.   Jerry Lynn and Necro Butcher made the save as Nigel left through the crowd.

They aired a video feature on the main event.  Kyle Durden interviewed Larry Sweeney backstage.  Sweeney said he's assembled the most dominant faction to ever exist in ROH.  He said when you put them into a situation with no rules, that makes them mad.  He said that the world will see their wrath tonight.
Steel Cage Warfare:  Sweet N Sour Inc vs. Brent Albright & Ace Steel & Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong & Jay Briscoe
Davey Richards was the first man in for Sweet N' Sour while Strong was  Richard and Strong went back and forth.  Strong grabbed him in a Fireman's Carry and slammed him into the cage.  The Horsemen, er...Sweet N' Sour won a cointoss and the second man out was Tank Toland.  They both beat down Strong. Ace Steel came out next, making the save for Strong, running both men into the cage, then hitting stereo dropkicks into the cage with Roderick,

There was another countdown, but no one came out for Sweeney's team.  Jay Briscoe was next but was attacked by Eddie Edwards and Sara del Rey, working over his knee .  Edwards then entered the ring with a chair and began beating Steel and Strong down.

The next out for Team Sweeney was Bobby Dempsey, who looked scared to be in the ring and began punching Steel.  Briscoe was carried out and never entered.  The next in was Erick Stevens, who began cleaning house.  Dempsey was too worried to do anything as Sweeney was screaming at him.

Adam Pearce came out as the final man on Team Sweeney.  Strong grabbed him and threw him into the cage.  Pearce was busted open, as were a lot of others.  It's a total old school Cage match.  Brent Albright is the last man in.  By this point, Strong gained ownership of Edwards' steel chair and began beating everyone.  Richards and Edwards were thrown out of the cage.

Brent Albright went to the top of the cage but was stopped by Pearce, who was now alone (except Dempsey, who was hiding).  Albright nailed Pearce with a powerbomb off the top.  The babyfaces took the battle to the floor.  Briscoe returned with his knee bandaged and threw Dempsey into the cage, cutting him open.

Briscoe ascended to the top of the cage and hit a monster dive.  Pearce was tossed back into the ring as Ace Steel and Albright worked him over.  Pearce was taking one burial of a beating as everyone hit their main moves on him.  Albright drilled him with a German suplex to score the pin.

After the match, Sweeney blamed Dempsey.  He spit on Dempsey, who snapped and nailed him.  All the babyfaces took turns working over Sweeney, bloodying him.  Dempsey ripped his shirt off, drilled Sweeney with a cannonball in the corner, then hit a Death Valley Driver.  The legend of Bobby Dempsey is born.

Thoughts: A great PPV.  I really feel bad for ROH knowing this is airing the night before a Chuck Liddell fight and the same weekend as a top TNA PPV.  With no bad matches, a great old school Wargames match in the main event, an excellent four way and a really good Nigel vs. Generico title bout, this is a no brainer at $10 for purchase.  You can see the company evolving here as its still about the wrestling, but not so much about the wrestling moves with more importance put on storylines and personas.  A really fun 2 hours.

2009 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from Knoxville, Tennessee and your announcers are Jim ‘I guess this counts as a Raw broadcast based on the roster’ Ross and Todd ‘Who do I interview tonight’ Grisham.

We see footage from last week’s stretcher match between Matt and Jeff Hardy that was won by Matt.

Match Number One: Jeff Hardy versus Big Show
Show tries to back Hardy into the corner but Hardy escapes from Show. Hardy with a punch but Show does not feel anything. Show sends Hardy into the corner and then Hardy goes for the leg but that does not work either and Show with a forearm and a head butt. Show rips off Hardy’s shirt and then he chops Hardy. Hardy with kicks but Show with a shoulder tackle and Hardy is down again. Show walks on Hardy’s abdomen. Show with a chop to Hardy’s chest and Hardy crawls for the ropes. Show with a head butt and Hardy goes to the floor. Show pulls Hardy to the apron but Hardy drops Show on the top rope. Hardy with punches and kicks but Show with a head butt to stop Hardy’s momentum. Show with a leg drop for a near fall. Hardy punches Show in the midsection and then he runs into a back heel kick from Show. Show picks Hardy up by the head and then he drops Jeff one more time. Show with another head butt and then he charges at Hardy but Jeff mores out of the way and Show crotches himself on the top rope. Hardy with a series of forearms but Show stays up. Show sends Hardy to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Show has Hardy in a nerve hold. We see footage from the commercial break when Hardy was pulled to the floor by Show while Hardy held on to the apron. Back to live on tape action and Show gets a near fall. Show returns to the nerve hold. Hardy gets to his feet and he hits a jawbreaker. Hardy tries for a Twist of Fate but Show tosses Hardy aside. Show goes to the turnbuckles for the Vader elbow drop but Hardy moves. Hardy hits a DDT, but Matt comes to ringside. Jeff hits a pescado onto Matt using Show’s back as a springboard.

Hardy with a kick but Show tries for Whisper in the Wind, but Show catches him and then he hits the knockout punch for the three count.
Winner: Big Show

After the match, Show leaves the ring and heads to the back. Matt enters the ring and he stands over his brother and he starts to slap Jeff. Matt hits a series of leg drops on Jeff as Jeff is motionless and unable to stop the assault.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Smack of the Night, Santina being forced to be a part of the Khali Kiss Kam because her ‘brother’ lost to Khali.

Khali is in the ring and he is with Runjin Singh. Runjin says that Khali cannot wait until Ms. Wrestlemania is his special guest for the Khali Kiss Kam. It is time for a photo retrospective. Singh says that Khali wants to lock lips with one of the University of Tenneessee’s finest Volunteers on the Kiss Kam. It is time for Khali to pucker up with the local talent. Khali says that Elizabeth was good, but she is no Santina.

Maryse is in the back and she is walking to Raw, but she will be in a match before she goes. We go to commercial.

We are back with a well attended Did You Know Factoid.

Match Number Two: Maryse versus Gail Kim in a Non Title Match
Maryse backs off before Gail can lock up and then she goes to the apron. Maryse does her pose on the apron and Gail wants a piece of her but the ref holds Gail back. Gail charges at Maryse and Maryse side steps her and Gail goes to the floor. Maryse sends Gail into the apron. Gail returns to the ring and Maryse kicks and punches her. Maryse tells the ref and everyone else to zip it and then she hits a knee and punch on Gail. Maryse sends Gail face first into the mat with a trip and she gets a near fall. Maryse with a spinning back breaker to Gail for a near fall. Maryse with a version of a camel clutch and then she rubs Gail’s face in the canvas. Gail rolls through and sends Maryse into the ropes. Gail with a leg sweep for a near fall. Gail with forearms to Maryse followed by clotheslines. Gail with a leaping clothesline into the corner and then he hits a blockbuster for a near fall. Gail hits a cross body but it does not hit Maryse completely. Gail hits a boot to the face for the three count.
Winner: Gail Kim

We go into the crowd and it is time for R Truth to find out what is up in Knoxville.

Match Number Three: R Truth versus John Morrison with his amazing Technicolor Slow Motion Machine
They lock up and Truth with a side head lock and he holds on when Morrison tries for an Irish whip. Truth with a side head lock take down. Morrison escapes the hold and he kicks and punches Truth. Truth with a split to avoid the punch from Morrison and Truth with a leg lariat for a near fall. Truth slams Morrison’s head into the turnbuckle. Morrison hits the springboard spin kick but he can only get a two count. Morrison with a rear chin lock into a side head lock. Morrison sends Truth into the ropes with a drop toe hold. Morrison tries for a suplex but Truth counters and hits a suplex into a stunner for a near fall. Truth with clotheslines and a punch. Truth with a back body drop followed by a bicycle kick for a near fall. Truth with a punch but he misses the scissors kick. Truth with punches in the corner but Morrison pulls Truth off the turnbuckles and Truth lands hard on the mat. Morrison with Moonlight Drive for the three count.
Winner: John Morrison

Triple H is walking in the back and he is looking for a commercial.

We are back and it is time for Triple H to give his Smackdown farewell address. Hunter has a friend with him as he brings the GameFountain with him. Hunter rearranges the chairs in the ring as we wait for Randy Orton to bring his voices with him to the ring.

Randy is on the McMahonTron and he asks Hunter if he came expecting a fight. Did Hunter think that Orton would appear in the ring with Backlash on Sunday? He says that he is this close to getting what he wants and that is the WWE Title. Why should he come out and make a mistake. Orton says that he will leave that to Hunter. Randy points out that Hunter is the cerebral assassin, always one step ahead. Hunter has let his emotions get in the way of logic. Hunter won on Monday and they will meet in the ring on Monday. The win was at the expense of his teammates and he has made his allies into enemies. Hunter has nobody on his side. All he needs is one mistake and Randy Orton becomes WWE Champion. If Hunter thinks that he is afraid about their match on Monday, he is wrong. He knows that Hunter will get blown up in five minutes and he will get himself disqualified. Randy asks Hunter if it was funny when he RKOed his wife or if it was funny when he IEDDTed Stephanie? Randy says that he remembers what else he did to Stephanie and that kiss keeps him up at night. Randy asks Hunter if he thinks about what Randy did to Stephanie when he kisses Stephanie. Randy asks about Hunter’s children and wonders if they got the Easter basket that he sent them. Randy wants to know what is so funny.

Hunter says that it is something that he knows that Randy does not know. Hunter says that the match on Monday is no disqualification, no count outs, no rules, no titles, and no bogus stipulations for Orton to hide behind. Just the two of them. Hunter says that inside Randy’s warped brain, he thinks that Hunter started it all. On Monday, he will finish it.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Todd Grisham invokes the ire of Jim Ross by saying that the SEC is the greatest college football conference. We then see highlights from the Jeff Hardy/Big Show match and Matt’s post match attack on his brother.

Matt Hardy is with Teddy Long and Teddy says that the Board of Directors has already approved an I Quit Match for Matt and Jeff at Backlash. Matt says that he will get the chance for his brother to say the two words that will shut up his people. Teddy tells Matt that he hopes he makes Jeff say I Quit because if he doesn’t it will only get worse for Matt. Matt says that he will complete the clean sweep at Backlash.

Match Number Four: Shelton Benjamin versus The Undertaker
Taker tries a kick but Benjamin avoids it. Benjamin punches Taker but Taker punches back and he slams Shelton followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. Taker works on the arm and it is time to go Old School. Taker tries for a suplex but Benjamin lands on his feet and he hits a neck breaker and both men are down as we go to commercial.

We are back and Benjamin is in control of the match and he hits a series of elbows to the neck. Shelton gets a two count as Taker kicks out meekly. Benjamin with a rear chin lock. Benjamin with a knee to the head and then he punches Taker in the corner. Benjamin adds some shoulders to his arsenal. Taker and Benjamin exchange punches briefly but Benjamin maintains control. Benjamin with a forearm to the head and then he waits for Taker to get up and he kicks him in the head again. Benjamin with a rear chin lock. Taker grabs Benjamin by the throat but Benjamin with a kick. Taker and Benjamin exchange punches and Taker is the one who gains control of the situation. Taker with an Irish whip and he charges into boots from Benjamin. Taker catches Benjamin when Shelton comes off the turnbuckles. Shelton is able to counter the choke slam with a DDT and Shelton gets a two count. Taker sits up and Shelton is not in a good mood. Taker with an Irish whip and a running charge into the corner. Taker sets for Snake Eyes but Benjamin escapes and hits a German suplex for a near fall. Benjamin punches Taker in the back of the head. Taker hits a tombstone piledriver for the three count.
Winner: Undertaker

MVP is in his dressing room and Dolph Ziggler is interrupted by Teddy Long. Teddy wishes Montel luck on Raw and Porter thanks Teddy. Teddy says that he does not regret signing Montel. Teddy says that he has someone who wants to meet Montel tonight. It is Sherri Shepherd from The View. Teddy reminds Montel about his match. We go to commercial.

We are back and men like watching Smackdown on MyNetworkTV than Tiger Woods on ESPN.

Match Number Five: Montel Vontavious Porter versus Dolph Ziggler in a Non Title Match
Dolph wants Montel to shake his hand, but he pie faces Porter. Porter punches Ziggler and Ziggler goes to the floor after avoiding a kick. Ziggler punches Porter but Porter with knees to the midsection. Porter drops Ziggler on his face. Ziggler goes into the ropes when Porter charges into the corner. Porter gets distracted by the referee and Ziggler drops Porter’s arm on the top rope and then he sends Porter into the ring post. Ziggler gets a near fall and then he works on the arm and he has Porter in a key lock. Ziggler drops Porter on his head and then he hits a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Ziggler continues to work on the arm and he puts Porter in an arm bar with a cross face. Porter slams Ziggler and then he hits a clothesline and back elbow followed by another clothesline. Porter with an overhead throw but Ziggler with a kick to Porter. Ziggler with a face buster and the Ballin’ Elbow for a near fall. Porter with an Irish whip but Ziggler with a kick to the knee and then he sends Porter into the turnbuckles and Ziggler gets the three count with help from the tights.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Dolph Ziggler tells MVP that he has his attention. He reminds us what his name is.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to run through the card for Backlash.

We see footage of Shane’s unprovoked attack on Cody Rhodes last night on Superstars.

Match Number Six: Batista versus Ted DiBiase
They lock up and Batista throws Ted down to the mat. DiBiase with a kick and punches as he starts to work on the leg. Batista puts Ted in the corner and he connects with shoulders. Batista slams Ted’s head into the turnbuckle and then he hits a back elbow for a near fall. Batista with a suplex to Ted and a near fall. DiBiase with a hard Irish whip. Ted with a kick but Batista with a kick of his own and he sets for the Batista Bomb but Ted with a kick to the leg and a drop kick to the knee. We go to commercial as Ted works on the hamstring.

We are back and DiBiase continues to kick Batista in the leg but Batista with punches and he tries a hip toss, but DiBiase with a leg whip and then he kicks and punches Batista. The referee pulls DiBiase off Batista. Batista with a boot to the head and then he tries for a power slam but DiBiase gets out of the hold. Batista charges at DiBiase, but Ted moves out of the way and Batista goes to the floor. DiBiase waits for Batista to get up and then he clips Batista. DiBiase wrings Batista’s leg into the ring post a number of times. DiBiase continues to work on the leg when they return to the ring. DiBiase with a side Russian leg sweep and then he goes to the turnbuckles for a double stomp to the solar plexus. DiBiase returns to the leg and then he gets a near fall. DiBiase isolates the injured leg. Batista with an inside cradle for a near fall, but DiBiase with a kick. Batista with punches to DiBiase but Ted with a drop toe hold and then he works on the knee. Batista with a spinebuster and then he hits a back body drop followed by a clothesline. Batista charges into a boot and then he tries for the Million Dollar Slam but Batista escapes and he hits a spear. Batista with the Batista Bomb for the three count.
Winner: Batista

2009 - WWE's Smackdown roster ran Stasburg, France.  Michael D filed the following live report:

The show starts at 8:25PM.

 Evan Bourne Vs Tyson Kidd.
Good match. Great boos for Tyson Kidd and nice pops for every "Air" move. Evan wins with the Shooting Star Press. 

Finlay w/ Hornswoogle Vs Mark Henry
Henry dominates the Irish man in a slow match. Hornswoogle distracts the fans at ringside. Shillelagh strike by Finlay. He gets the win. Hornswoogle and Finlay celebrates with a French Flag. I think Finlay has a good time here because at a previous show, after the football Irish Team was criticized by a fan, Finlay simulated a fight with him, for easily ten minutes, threatening to jump over the barricade to "go find him".
Maryse, Natalya & Katie Lea Vs Bella Twins & Gail Kim
Huge pops for Maryse (as you know she's French/Canadian, she even was a special announcer for previous shows in France). During this match, there were some "problem" as WWE had to stop the match due to a technical problem. When the match continues, no one cares about the in-ring work.  Some guys left the arena... (stupid, for sure), as the announcer and staff workers worked on the ring. The faces have won this one.

MVP Vs Shelton Benjamin
Great attitude from Shelton, as he has a really good time with the fans, getting huge pops. He acts like a face during his entrance, so the usual pre-match had to be longer to re-define the classic face/heel. Very slow opening fight, with several submission moves. The crowd wasn't reactive before the last few minutes, as MVP hits his PlayMaker for the pin. After the match Shelton stays in the ring for some time, with again some greats pops from the fans. However he did flip off the crowd in the end.  Pretty funny.
Intermission. Many fans having $35 tickets have been allowed to sit at ringside.

Tiffany speaks French to introduce the next match, an ECW title bout.

Christian Vs Jack Swagger
Probably the best mach of the evening. Swagger is a true heel. The crowd likes to hate him. Christian was cheered a lot. After several counters, Swagger retains.

Street Fight : Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy
Good pops for the Hardy Brothers. Trash cans were used, as were many chairs, kendo sticks and obviously a ladder. A couple of ladder bumps from Jeff. Jeff tries to connect with a legdrop from the ladder through a table but nobody's home, so Matt gets the 3 count. After the match he tries to hit Jeff with the Twist Of Fate but The Charismatic Enigma countered it to a great pop.

Main Event
HHH & Undertaker Vs Rhodes, DiBiase and Orton
Huge huge pops for HHH and Taker. Orton, as a great coward, escapes from the match for several minutes. He came back to viciously attack his opponents. Nice stuff. Crazy crowd, Undertaker hits a double chokeslam on DiBiase and Rhodes. Orton hides and then its a vicious RKO on Undertaker. Later, he tries to escape again but HHH follows him and then the faces hits a combo Pedigree/Tombstone for the victory. Great and long match.

2010 - Jon Moxley (aka WWE's Dean Ambrose) won a one night Southern Rumble tournament to become the new FIP champion at the promotion's first event in several months in Florida.

2011 - Tom Casielo, who won several Daytime Emmys for his writing on As The World Turns, was added to the WWE creative team.  Cassielo has spent the last decade working on different soap operas, including holding a stint as Associate Head Writer of Days of Our Lives, as well as positions with One Life to Live and The Young & The Restless.

2011 - CHIKARA held the finals of their 2011 King of Trios tournament in Philadelphia, PA at the ECW Arena.  Joshua Higham filed the following report:

CHIKARA King of Trios Night 3 Report

Semi-Finals: The Osirian Portal vs The Colony - Bryce Remsburg is your referee. Soldier Ant pinned Hieracon after a super neckbreaker. Tons of false finishes. I thought for sure The Portal would move on. This is the Portal's first loss since Hieracon transformed in January.

Semi-Finals: FIST vs Michinoku Pro - Derek Sabato is your official. Chuck Taylor threw powder into the eyes of The Great Sasuke which allowed Icarus to catch him in a small package for the win.

The final is now set. The Colony vs Team FIST.

Ultimate Spider Jr vs. Jigsaw - John Barber is your referee. Jigsaw won after a brainbuster and a double stomp from the top. Good reaction for Spider and a "Please Come Back" chant.

A King of Trios banner signed by all the participants will be auctioned on this week.

Tag Team Gauntlet: Nick Papagiorgio is your referee. Acid Jaz and Willie Richardson of Da Soul Touchaz enter first. Darin Corbin and Arik Cannon enter second. Corbin slo-moed his way out of one Pounce and not the second. But Cannon schoolboyed Richardson to eliminate them. The Batiri enter next. Corbin called for the Ginger Snap but that allowed for a lungblower and a leaping DDT for the pin. The Throwbacks enter next. Obariyon fouled Dasher Hatfield for a DQ. Death Haze (Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze) is next. Immediate Royal Butterfly on Dasher for the pin. Matt Classic and Darkness Crabtree are next. Old timey sexism abound from Classic and Crabtree, but a German suplex from Haze on Crabtree to eliminate them. The Roughnecks are out next. Grizzly gets a roll up with his feet on the ropes to eliminate the BDK. Kotoge and Harada from Osaka Pro are out next. Spanish Fly from Kotoge on Grizzly to eliminate the Roughnecks. 3.0 is next. Kotoge victory rolled Matthews to eliminate 3.0. Super Shisa and Kagetora are the final team to enter. Kotoge pinned Shisa after a double team flurry. Team Osaka Pro has three points and can challenge for the Campeonatos de Parejas. They gestured that they want the belts.

Madison Eagles vs. Manami Toyota - PJ Drummond is your referee. Toyota joked out of Hellbound. Eagles kicked out of the Ocean Cyclone Suplex. Toyota finally used the Queen Bee Bomb to get the three.

Akira Tozawa vs. Eddie Kingston - John Barber is your referee. Kingston finally puts away Tozawa with a Backfist to the Future and a backdrop driver. Tozawa continues to impress me every time I see him. Major sign of respect between the two after the match.

El Generico vs. 1-2-3 Kid - Bryce Remsburg is your referee. El Generico wins the 2011 Rey de Voladores with a turnbuckle brainbuster. They gave each other everything. El Generico kicked out of 2 X Factors and a Super X Factor. Kid kicked out of a couple brainbusters and a razor's edge before the end. After the match, Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur presented Generico with the plaque and Kid took the mic. He called Philadelphia the capital of wrestling. He also said that he thinks this will be his last year wrestling, and if this is his last match, he can't think of a better opponent than El Generico. He got another ovation and the crowd chanted "1 2 3!" and "Please Come Back!"

Gavin Loudspeaker announced that the DVDs of this weekend's events are already in production and will be available starting Monday at Smart Mark Video.

The Colony vs. Team FIST - Bryce Remsburg. Green Ant pinned Icarus with a splash from on top the other two Ants who were standing on the ropes. The 2011 King of Trios is The Colony. Great match to end the weekend.

2011 - TNA held their Lockdown PPV.  Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:

TNA is doing a live pre-game show hosted by Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme, who previewed the top matches. Hemme looked absolutely awesome. Borash looked like, well, Borash.

They aired a video feature on the TNA championship match.

Devon vs. Anarquia

Devon met Anarquia on the ramp as he made his way to the ring. They started brawling around ringside with Devon working him over with punches and tossing him into the railing. Devon tossed him into the cage but Anarquia crotched him as Devon entered the ring.

Devon was choked against the ropes. He worked over Devon in the corner with shoulderblocks and a series of rights in the corner. He took Devon to the mat and began biting him on the forehead. He used the tape around his wrists to choke out Devon but the referee, Jackson James caught it. Anarquia rained down with punches in the corner.

Devin was whipped hard into the turnbuckles. Anarquia whipped him a second time but Devon came out with a clothesline and a big shoulderblock. He nailed a sideslam for a two count. Anarquia missed a clothesline in the corner but was nailed with another shoulderblock for a two count.

Devon drilled Anarquia to the mat with a one armed uranage and scored the pin.

Your winner, Devon!

After the match, Devin tossed Anarquia out of the cage to the floor, then slammed him into the railing. Devon continued the beating. He nailed Anarquia with a drink and choked him out on the floor. Devon followed him up the ramp and suplexed him onto it. Devon nailed a second one and made the Last Rites signal.

Match was solid but way too short to be anything of consequence. Just an opener to set the stage for the night. I kept waiting for Jackson James to reverse the decision since he's always in the middle of some way to screw the babyfaces subvertly, but it didn't happen.

I spotted Ronnie Lang’s Atlas Security in the house.

They aired the Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett match preview.

Hemme and Borash ran down the details of the Lethal Lockdown match. They do a great job in this role.

They went to a video feature on TNA Lethal Lockdown.

Christy Hemme interviewed Fortune. Chris Daniels said they have had their asses kicked in the past but that pain is nothing compared to being underestimated by people who walk into TNA and act like they are the stars. He said they were the ones who built the company from ground up while they acted like it was beneath them. Then, once they made a name for TNA, people like Ric Flair and Matt Hardy wanted to come and take advantage of their hard work. He said he was tired of dumbasses like them and tonight, Fortune was going to show them once and for all who the real stars of TNA are. Good promo.

The next time TNA does one of these pre-game shows live again, I'd love to see them shoot promos like this on the stage so you can see the crowd in the background. It might give the show a "bigger event" feel.

At ringside, Jeremy Borash gave everyone a close-up look at the inside of the Steel Cage. He then ran down the lineup for the PPV.

Borash pitched it to Taz and Mike Tenay, who discussed the lineup for the PPV, specifically Immortal vs. Fortune. Taz said it was going to be a crazy night and he just hoped that no one was going to be injured.

Borash gave us a look at the live crowd in Cincinnati, then pointed out all the weapons waiting for the Lethal Lockdown match later tonight.

Here we go with the official PPV broadcast.

They aired another really good video opening for the PPV.

X-Division Xscape Match: Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck vs. Robbie E. vs. Chris Sabin vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Suicide vs. Jay Lethal vs. Amazing Red.

Suicide and E started. Suicide got the better of the exchange and chopped him hard in the corner. Max Buck tagged in but was hiptossed into the corner by Suicide. E and Buck used a double elbow for Buck to get a two count.

Buck nailed a standing dropkick. Jeremy Buck tagged in but Max wanted nothing to do with it, backed off and tagged in Lethal. Lethal and Jeremy showed each other respect. Buck nailed headscissors on Lethal but was caught with a tiltowhirl backbreaker. Buck was caught in the Lethal Combination.

Max Buck tagged himself in but Suicide tagged back in. He drops an elbow on Max Buck. E tagged back in and drilled Suicide to the mat, using his leg as a weapon, then scored the pin.

Suicide is eliminated.

Lethal and E faced off. E dared him to have a fist pumping challenge but tagged out to Sabin. Sabin and Lethal tossed E into the cage. He and Lethal then had a nice back and forth athletic exchange, which Lethal got the better of.

Sabin charged Lethal in the corner for a big boot. Red tagged himself in and nailed a missile dropkick. Lethal went for a handspring elbow but Red dropkicked Lethal as he was upside down. Red drilled him with the Code Red for the pin.

Lethal has been eliminated.

Sabin tried to roll up Red but he kicked out. Red ducked a clothesline. He went for a rana but was caught and tossed into the cage. Red caught himself and kicked Sabin. He went for a DDT but was caught in a suplex mid-move. Red slipped out but was caught with a Fireman’s Carry into a Michinoku Driver. Sabin hit him with a huge running clothesline that sent Red upside down for the pin.

Red has been eliminated.

Max Buck attacked Sabin and worked him over. Sabin tripped him up in the corner and nailed a leaping knee strike. He hung up Buck and nailed the hangman’s dropkick. He cradled Buck for a two count. Meanwhile, Brian Kendrick has been sitting in the corner meditating the entire match.

Buck came off the ropes with a twist into a Buff Blockbuster and pinned him.

Sabin was eliminated.

Kendrick hit the ring and tried to roll up Buck for a two count. E tagged in and worked over Kendrick, only to eat a dropkick. Kendrick charged E and splashed him against the cage but hit his own head on the steel. Buck went for a moonsault but Kendrick got his knees up in time.

Jeremy Buck finally got his hands on Max and worked him over with rights. Max kneed him hard in the chest and tried to ascend the cage. Jeremy pulled him back down. He ran Max into the cage hard and then did it a second time. He did it a third time and drilled Max with a stiff spinning kick. Jeremy continued beating down Max on the mat. Kendrick and E were still out from the splash into the cage. Out of nowhere, Max caught Jeremy in an inside cradle for the pin.

Jeremy Buck is eliminated.

Robbie E started working over Kendrick. Buck joined in. They picked up Kendrick together and lawn darted him into the cage. Kendrick mounted a comeback against them both. He began stomping on E. He nailed Buck and E with leaping thrust kicks and pinned E.

Robbie E has been eliminated.

The first man to escape the cage is the winner.

Buck peppered Kendrick with punches. He started to ascend the cage. Kendrick stopped him but Buck got the better of him, running him into the cage numerous times. Buck went to the top rope but Kendrick met him. Kendrick slammed his head into the cage a number of times and shoved Buck off. Kendrick started to climb up. Buck staggered into referee Brian Hebner. Hebner slammed into the cage and Kendrick fell off into the ring.

Max Buck escaped and won.

Your winner, Max Buck!

Match was OK and what you would expect but there was no time to really develop anything. Some spots were cool but no flow. The finish with the referee being bumped this early in the card totally reeked over overbooking. If they wanted Buck to go over, they could have done a finish where he was bumped out of the cage door and won, anything else. Doing the referee deal this early doesn’t bode well in my opinion.

Eric Bischoff came to the ring to cut a promo. Bischoff said that tonight was a special night and occasion for him personally. He said it was one of the happiest nights he’s ever had in the industry and he’ll explain why in a few moments. He said that after 25 years in the business, people come to him and ask him what matters most to him in his career – the success, the money, the women (which he said was years ago) or something else. He said that when you are in his position and re-written the book of pro wrestling history, you set the standard so high that it’s hard to say what matters most.

Bischoff said that tonight is a special occasion. The fans were on him, chanting that he sucks. Bischoff said he may suck but he has a hell of a lot more money than any of them. He said that tonight Immortal is going to take care of the distraction that Fortune has become. He said that Fortune have a great future ahead of them but they made the mistake of getting into Immortal’s business, but that will be taken care of tonight.

Bischoff said that he is proud to be a small part of the vision of Hulk Hogan. Bischoff said that Hogan taught him everything he knows about pro wrestling. He said that he will get to be a small part of Hogan executing his plan to regain the TNA championship tonight. He said that makes him so happy and that’s the only thing that matters to Bischoff.

So, unless he is made the guest referee or a major part of the main event tonight, when you think about it, Bischoff said NOTHING OF MERIT. This needed to be on the PPV why?

Christy Hemme interviewed Crimson and Scott Steiner about their four way tag match. Crimson said that there was no one who he wanted to have his back more than anyone else in the world. Steiner was asked if he’s evaluated their opponents. He said that they are going to evaluate his fist in their face. He said he wasn’t going to be Kobe Bryant and get people upset but they are going to go to the ring and kick some ass, giving what a tough town like Cincinnati wants.

Ink, Inc. vs. Crimson & Scott Steiner vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young vs. Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams.

Eric Young tried to escape the cage but was told that didn’t help his team win. He and Jesse Neal started out. Neal grabbed a side headlock. He was sent off into the ropes but shoulderblocked Young down. He and Young went back and forth with armdrags and faced off.

Shannon Moore tagged in. He caught Young with a twisting headscissors. Moore locked in an armbar, then tagged into Douglas Williams. Williams drilled him with a series of uppercuts. Orlando Jordan tagged in. Taz said you don’t want Jordan to “go go-behind on you.” Jordan was in briefly before Neal tagged in. Magnus tagged in and clotheslined him. Lots of tags.

The Invasion doubled on Neal, nearly scoring the pin. They drilled him down with a neck-tie neckbreaker. The fans chanted for Steiner. The Invasion continued schooling Neal with some nice double team moves.

Neal escapes the Invasion and tags Crimson. He grabbed Magnus in a cravate and beat him with knee strikes. Williams broke up the pin. Magnus and Crimson drilled the other with clotheslines. Steiner made the hot tag and clotheslined the hell out of Williams. He dropped an elbow for a two count.

Steiner backdropped Williams, then Magnus. He nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex on Williams. He took out Magnus, then took a swipe at Shannon Moore. Young was then nailed with an over head belly to belly. Steiner set up Magnus for one. Moore blindtagged himself in. Steiner nailed the belly to belly off the ropes. He went for another but was told that he wasn’t the legal man.

Moore antagonized Steiner, then began working over Williams in the corner. Young stripped down to tiger stripe tights. He and Young went back and forth. Moore was caught with a Jordan swinging neckbreaker, the Gender Bender. Williams speared Jordan. Crimson took out Williams. Magnus took out Crimson. Steiner took out Magnus. Young nailed Steiner and tried to climb out again. Moore hit the Mooregasm and covered Williams for the pin.

Your winners, Ink, Inc.

Young was climbing out of the cage as the finish happened and couldn’t understand why he lost.

Too many cooks spoil the match. I appreciated the effort but nothing of note here. Just too much going on. Steiner was big-time over and some nice stuff with Moore and British Invasion. Everyone worked hard but the time allotted and the sheer amount of people in one place at one time handicapped them.

Christy Hemme interviewed TNA Knockouts Madison Rayne. Hemme said she was rooting for Mickie James. Madison, brandishing scissors told her that wasn’t going to help Mickie. Hemme told her it could be the last night she holds the belt. Rayne asked her what Internet site she read that on. Rayne said she was going to royally kick Mickie James’ ass and then cut her hair off. Tara was staring at her. Rayne told her that she had enough of the attitude. She said she didn’t need her at ringside and told her to stay in the back and watch how a real champion handles business.

Title vs. Hair: TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James

Mickie came out with her shoulder heavily taped from the separation. Rayne’s theme music and entrance is just awesome. They did the bit from the house shows where Earl Hebner didn’t know how to remove Madison’s tiara and she freaks out.

Mickie grabbed Rayne and threw her into the cage twice, then over the top rope. James was grabbing at her shoulder. She grabbed Rayne for her DDT and scored the pin.

Your winner and new TNA Knockouts champion Mickie James!

So, James gets to be the first woman to hold both WWE titles and the TNA Knockouts belt.

Given James’ injury, this was all they could really do, so you have to grade them on a curve here.

Matt Morgan was interviewed backstage. He said that Hernandez has been a pain in his ass but tonight he’s going to get back on track and go back for the World title. He promised to Carbon Footprint Hernandez all the way back to Mexico. Usual good promo from Morgan.

Samoa Joe vs. Pope Dinero

They went back and forth hard early. Pope slammed Joe but Joe popped up and decked him when Pope played to the crowd. Joe peppered him in the corner with strikes. Joe whipped Pope into the corner and nailed another running strike.

Joe chopped away at Pope. Pope staggered in the corner. Joe went to grab Pope but was sent into the corner. Pope nailed a series of punches in the corner but was tagged with a chop.

Pope started climbing the cage but Joe followed. Joe slammed him into the cage and Pope crotched himself on the top rope. No babies tonight. Joe drilled him with a kick. The fans chanted “TNA.” They keep doing this weird camera angle where a camera is running around in the crowd and it’s very distracting. I know they want to show the crowd but not MULTIPLE TIMES during the match!

Joe set up for the Facewash but Pope pulled Brian Hebner in the way. Again with Hebner??? Joe backed up and went to splash Pope but was caught with a Hot Shot in the corner. Pope raked at his face and punched him. Pope measured him with kicks to the chest and began trash talking. Joe slipped free and started throwing kicks. Pope dropped to his knees and drilled Joe with a punch. Pope covered Joe for a two count.

Joe went for a sleeper but Pope escaped and drilled him with a clothesline/leg sweep combination. Joe kicked up. Pope measured Joe with backhands. Joe caught Pope with a snap powerslam. Both men were down and counted out by Hebner.

They made their way to their feet and tagged the other with slaps across the face. That was great stuff. Joe nailed an inverted atomic drop, big boot and back senton splash for a two count. Joe went to the middle turnbuckle and came off with a unique leg lariat, almost legdropping Pope in a standing position for a two count.

Joe grabbed Pope for the Muscle Buster but Pope got his leg on the rope at the last second. Good match.

Pope tried to climb out of the ring. Joe pulled his tights down. He followed Pope but was kicked off. Pope drilled him with a great top rope elbow but Joe kicked out at one. Joe went for a clothesline and drilled his knees into Joe’s face. Joe kicked up.

Pope set up for the DDE but Joe caught him and slammed him backward into the cage. Joe grabbed the stunned Pope and nailed the muscle buster. Joe locked in the Kokina Clutch in the center and Pope tapped.

Your winner, Samoa Joe!

Very, very good match. Joe looked the best he’s looked in awhile here. He and Pope had some good chemistry in the ring. Easily the best thing on the show from an in-ring standpoint thus far.

Mexican America were with Hernandez psyching him up for his match tonight. Hemme asked him about his match and what Mexican America was. He said that America doesn’t want them, but they need them and will respect them. The others got into it and their deal was real good.

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

They slugged it out at the bell. Morgan nailed the rapid fire elbows in the corner. He drilled Hernandez with a running splash in the corner, then a sideslam for a two count. Morgan went to climb up the ropes but was nailed by Hernandez.

Hernandez hit a shoulderblock into Morgan on the apron, sending him into the cage. Hernandez ripped at his face and forced his face into the cage. Hernandez locked on a nerve hold. Morgan did a great job selling this facially. Morgan broke free and fought Hernandez off, hitting a high cross bodyblock for a two count.

Hernandez cut off Morgan and sent him face-first into the cage, covering him for a two count. Morgan started firing back with a series of rights but Hernandez powered him into the cage for another near fall.

Hernandez used his boot to choke Morgan on the mat. He pulled up Morgan and set him up, drilling him with a running shoulderblock into the corner. That looked brutal. Hernandez spent a lot of time playing to the crowd and Mexican America. As he did that, Morgan began recovering. He nailed the discus clothesline.

Morgan made the comeback with right hands and a series of clotheslines. He ran Hernandez into the cage. Hernandez was run into the cage again and again. Morgan nailed a back suplex for a two count. Morgan missed a clothesline and Morgan drilled him in the mid-section, taking Morgan’s wind from him. Morgan slipped out of the way and Hernandez hit the corner.

Anarquia, Sarita and Rosita started climbing the cage to distract Morgan. Morgan knocked Anarquia off the cage. Hernandez pulled himself to the ropes and came off but was nailed with the Carbon Footprint in mid-air for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Morgan!

Good back and forth match. Really liked the finish. Morgan motioned that he was coming for the TNA title.

Sarita got in the ring as Hernandez was helped out. She said that TNA always has to screw over Mexican America to hold them down. She said there is no reason she isn't the Knockout champion except that everyone hates that she's better than them. Sarita's delivery was good. I love Rosita as the gum snapping cousin. Sarita said they weren't going anywhere.

Velvet Sky came out. She nailed a drop toehold on Sarita and speared Rosita. Sky started throwing around Sarita and chased them out of the cage. The crowd loved it. Entertaining.

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed Karen Jarrett. She was asked how she felt about the Jarrett vs. Angle match being “Ultramale Rules.” She said Jeff was the ultramale, ultraman and the ultrafather. She said Jeff has this covered and she has nothing to worry about.

They went to the Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle video feature.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

Karen Jarrett came to ringside but was sent to the back. They locked the door with a chain. The first fall is submission only. Angle immediately grabbed Jarrett in a side headlock takedown. They went back and forth. Jarrett used a back leg sweep and cinched in a figure four leglock. You can faintly hear “woos” in the background so you probably can’t hear the mic well because that would have gotten a huge reaction.

Angle fights to turn it over and gets it. Jarrett grabs the rope to force the break. Jarrett was caught with a T-Bone suplex. He went for the anklelock but Jarrett slips out. Angle catches Jarrett charging into the corner but Jarrett was able to grab a sleeper and scissored Angle’s body with his legs.

Angle started to fade but got a second wind, trying to fight to his feet. Angle slipped out and turned it into an anklelock. Jeff kicked him off and sent Angle into the corner shoulder-first. Jarrett then kicked him back into it, with Angle hitting the guard rail. Jarrett locked on a cross armbreaker. Taz was really good here, the best the entire show, explaining the submissions.

Angle fought and slipped out, locking in an ankle lock and scissoring Jarrett’s leg. Jarrett tapped.

The winner of the first fall, Kurt Angle!

So far, so good.

The second fall is pinfall only.

They continued immediately. Jarrett ran Angle into the cage and nailed the Stroke for a close near fall. Jarrett went to the top rope and hit a flying bodypress but Angle rolled through for a two count. They battled back and forth in the center of the ring. Angle drilled Jarrett with a leaping clothesline. Jarrett kicked off a charge but was still grabbed in a belly to belly suplex as he went after Kurt. Jarrett kicked up at two.

Angle began nailing the rolling German suplexes. Jarrett nailed Angle and went for the Stroke but Angle turned it into the Olympic Slam for a two count. Think someone will hack Randy Orton’s twitter tonight?

Jarrett went to the top but Angle leapt up and superplexed Jarrett for a two count. Angle worked him over with punches in the corner. Jarrett reversed an Irish whip but was nailed with a running clothesline out of the corner. Angle nailed a RKO for a two count. Sure it was another family member Kurt. Angle went for the Olympic Slam but Jarrett rolled through with a cradle and hooked the tights for the pin.

Your winner of the second fall, Jeff Jarrett!

That came off completely confusing as no one was sure whether it was the finish or not.

The third fall is escape the cage. They have a key in the lock and you have to unlock it and escape.

Jarrett tried to unlock it but Angle nailed him. Jarrett took him out and opened the lock. Angle ran Jarrett into the cage and nailed a German suplex. Angle nailed four more. PLEASE STOP WITH THE ‘RUNNING THE CAMERA THROUGH THE CROWD’ DEAL! Totally kills whatever drama you are trying to build.

Angle began walking out of the cage but stopped on the stairs and returned, locking the cage again to trap Jarrett inside the cage with him. He put the key in his singlet so there’s no way Jeff can escape. I thought that was a great bit. Angle started beating Jarrett, throwing him into the cage again and again. Jarrett was busted open, the first blood of the show, as Angle dug Jarrett’s face into the cage.

Jarrett tried to climb up to escape the cage but Angle cornered him on the top and began beating him with fist after fist. Angle got on Jeff’s shoulders as if he was going to climb over him but Jarrett grabbed him and gave him the scariest powerbomb in the history of wrestling. You have no idea how lucky Angle, with that neck, is that he isn’t dead. I seriously thought that was it.

Jarrett climbed to the top but Angle came back to life and suplexed him out of the corner. Jarrett was dead. Angle went to leave the cage but couldn’t find the key. He started scaling the cage but Gunner ran down with a chair and started beating it against the cage to stop him. Angle stood on the corner of the cage and moonsaulted off. He completely missed Jarrett, who smartly rolled over so the aftermath looked like he did. The place went nuts anyway.

Scott Steiner ran out and chased off Gunner with a chair of his own. Brooke Hogan, at ringside, actually tried to grab the chair to sell the angle, since her father is in Immortal.

Angle somehow found the key and unlocked the door. Karen Angle ran down and sprayed something in Kurt’s eyes. I thought for sure we were gonna see her slam the door in Kurt’s face but why would you do that? The blinded Angle wiped out Brian Hebner, who is three for three when it comes to getting bumped in some fashion tonight. Jarrett tried to climb out but Angle found him and grabbed the anklelock. Angle pulled Jarrett back into the ring. Karen pulled a guitar out from under the ring and nailed Kurt over the head with it.

Jarrett started celebrating but Karen began screaming for him to just get the hell out. Kurt grabbed the ankle lock again as Jeff was halfway out of the cage. There’s the Cage Door spot. Karen slams it into Kurt’s head and Jeff falls to the floor.

Your winner, Jeff Jarrett!

Hey, if the referee is out, who called for the bell anyway?

A hell of a physical performance for Kurt Angle and I have no idea how that man is alive. They threw everything you can think of out there. In some ways, there was no need for the first two falls but they wanted to make this a blowoff. The third fall was all drama, crazy bumps and twists and turns. That was very good. I don’t think this was the best wrestling match the two had – the TNA PPV in North Carolina is still the tops in that department to me – but this was absolutely entertaining. I hope someone sends Angle to get that neck checked out immediately. Even if he's completely fine, his history should demand he gets some tests done.

TNA champion Sting vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam

Anderson talked trash to the others, so they ended up both punching him back and forth between them. RVD drilled him into the buckles. Sting followed suit. Sting nailed the Stinger Splash in the corner. He went for the Scorpion Deathlock but Van Dam waited until he turned it over and drilled him with a spinning kick.

RVD did hit shoulderblocks into the backflip and kick in the corner on Sting. Van Dam nailed a standing moonsault press for two count. He rebounded off the ropes but Anderson pulled the ropes down and RVD hit his head on the cage.

Anderson was caught by Sting and went for the Scorpion Deathlock again. Van Dam tried to interfere but Sting nailed him and locked it on both of the challengers at the same time. That was creative. Van Dan finally reached the ropes, as did Anderson.

Sting whipped RVD into the corner and drilled him as Van Dam tried to go up and over. They both went down in the collision. Anderson tried to cover each but couldn’t get the job done. Anderson nailed Rob with a neckbreaker. He set up for the Mic Check on both and nailed it. Sting kicked up. Anderson covered RVD who kicked up as well.

Anderson charged RVD but was kicked off with a spinkick. RVD went for the Five Star Frog Splash and connected. Sting broke up the cover. Sting whipped Van Dam into an Anderson kick. Sting went for the Deathdrop on Van Dam but as he hit it, Anderson clotheslined him.

With everyone out, Hulk Hogan’s music hit and he came to the ring with a pipe. Hogan’s wife and daughter got a lot of camera time. Hogan tried to offer the pipe to RVD. Rob accepted it but then threw it down at the mat. Anderson grabbed it and nailed RVD but warned Hogan he wasn’t doing it for him, but for himself.

Anderson set up Van Dam in the center for the pin but Sting grabbed him and nailed the Scorpion Death Lock for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Sting!

The match was decent but wasn’t anything that is going to be considered a classic. They all worked hard but it was all about the tease of an RVD heel turn. Everything was secondary to the Hulk Hogan Shakespearean drama.

They showed lots of shots of Hogan not looking happy on the stage. Sting dared him to get in the cage. The crowd popped for that. Hogan said it would happen on his time and walked out. We are so getting Hogan vs. Sting at Bound for Glory at this rate. I hope Nick Patrick isn’t the referee.

Immortal (Ric Flair, Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, Abyss) vs. Fortune (Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, James Storm, Robert Roode) in a Lethal Lockdown.

TNA yanked the video feature on the match since they are running late.

Immortal sent Abyss in first, although Matt Hardy wanted in. Kazarian will start for Fortune. Kazarian started off hot with lots of offense but was shoved down. He came off the ropes but was caught for a chokeslam. Kazarian slipped out but was drilled with a big boot.

Abyss drilled him with punches and used his boot. Bully Ray was in the corner, talking trash. Abyss brought Kazarian over to Immortal’s side of the cage, where they were all screaming at him and smashing the cage at him. That was cool.

Kazarian nailed Abyss and slipped out of a charge in the corner. He went to the top for a dropkick and nailed it. Kazarian worked on Abyss as the time period expired.

Immortal sent in Matt Hardy.

Hardy went for the Side Effect but something didn’t go right. Kazarian nailed him and came off the rope with a springboard clothesline. Kazarian went for the reverse piledriver but was nailed. Abyss nailed Kazarian. Hardy locked in the Icepick submission as Abyss stomped Kazarian. That’s actually great strategy since there’s no way to stop Immortal.

Abyss held Kaz as Hardy measured and nailed him. Hardy nailed the Side Effect. Hardy and Abyss worked over Kazarian as the time period ended.

In for Fortune was Chris Daniels. He nailed palm thrusts, elbows and strikes on Abyss and Hardy. He nailed the BME on Abyss and a leaping forearm in the corner on Hardy. Daniels used the ropes for a knee strike on Hardy and started cleaning house on Abyss.

Daniels and Kazarian doubled on Hardy. They then turned their attention to Abyss, nailing him with double team kicks and a Northern lariat. Daniels worked over Abyss with punches. Kazarian and Hardy battled. The crowd chanted for Flair.

The time period ended and Ric Flair entered the ring, chopping away at Daniels. Flair and Abyss doubled on Kazarian as Hardy trashed Daniels. Immortal continued to trash Daniels and Kazarian. Hardy whipped Daniels hard into the corner.

Next in for Fortune was James Storm.

He spit beer in Abyss’ eyes then nailed a backstabber on Hardy. Storm and Flair went face to face and Flair begged off. Storm broke a beer bottle over Flair’s face and the cameras caught Flair going for…well, you know. Storm grabbed the glass and dug it into Flair’s face and Ric is busted open. Storm beat the hell out of Flair in the corner. Flair’s shirt was ripped off. He was beaten by Fortune and did the Flair flop face first bump. Flair tried to escape the cage and they pulled his tights down.

The time period ended and Bully Ray hit the cage, working over everyone. The tide turned again. Flair began chopping away at Storm. Hardy did the Tully Blanchard catapult under the ropes on Kazarian. Bully and Abyss doubled up on Daniels.

Finally, Robert Roode entered.

Roode cleaned house and came off the ropes with a reverse snapmare on Abyss. Flair started chopping away on Roode in the corner but Roode reversed it and went back and forth. Roode backdropped Flair. Beer Money double suplexed Bully Ray.

Fortune had regained control as the Lethal Lockdown cage lowered.

Everyone from Fortune grabbed weapons and started swinging, cleaning house. Fortune sent Abyss out of the cage to the floor. Daniels followed him out and nailed him with a trash can lid. Hardy went to help but Daniels chased him away. Hardy went to the top of the cage. Daniels followed.

Daniels caught Hardy on the top and Daniels began beating him on top of the cage. Hardy was looking for a way down but Daniels refused. Daniels went for Angel’s Wings but Hardy slipped out and backdropped Daniels near the edge. Daniels almost went off the Cage but saved himself. He acted like he was hanging off but Hardy pulled him up and nailed the Twist of Hate on top of the cage.

Inside the cage, Kazarian dropkicked Hardy off the cage as he was climbing down. Flair looked like he was a plasma convention at this point. Storm covered Ray but Flair began beating him with a kendo stick. Roode caught Flair with a spinebuster.

Daniels recovered and dove off the cage with a dive onto Abyss and Hardy on the floor. That was impressive as hell.

Inside the ring, Roode locked on a figure four in the middle on Flair. Ray nailed him with a trash can to break it. Bully started laying waste to everyone in the ring from Fortune. Daniels returned to the cage but was nailed with the trash can. Ray started killing everyone with the kendo stick with shots to the head and the back.

Flair got a kendo stick of his own and they took turns beating Fortune down. Daniels was busted open. Ray grabbed an axehandle and told Daniels that this was for AJ Styles. Styles’ music hit and he hit the ring, going nuts and beating the hell out of Ray. The crowd loved it. Styles nailed the Pele Kick on Ray.

Flair went to nail AJ from behind but Roode grabbed him and threw him into the ring. Fortune started beating the hell out of Flair. Roode locked on a Fujiwara armbar and finally Flair topped.

Your winners, Fortune!

Fortune all embraced in the center of the ring and celebrated.

A fitting edition of the closest thing we have to the old Wargames - The Match Beyond. This was a hell of a war. Plus, TNA FINALLY booked some babyfaces to be effective asskickers. Very well done main event!

2012 - Ring of Honor released a "Best of El Generico" DVD.

2012 - WWE taped NXT and Smackdown in London.  Billy Krotchsen filed the following results:


*WWE developmental talent Antonio Cesaro defeated a local talent, UK Kid.


*Percy Watson defeated Johnny Curtis.

*Maxine defeated Kaitlyn.

*William Regal forces Maxine and Curtis to sign contracts that say Maxine is his manager.

*Titus O'Neil and Darren Young promo about going to Smackdown. *Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins come out and plead their innocence when it comes to the kidnapping of Matt Striker. Striker shows up with a walking stick and tries to attack them but instead Regal announces they will face each other with Striker as the referee and the loser is fired.

*Tyler Reks beat Curt Hawkins with a roll-up, so Hawkins is fired. Then, Regal fires Reks too.


*Daniel Bryan came out and cut a promo promising to regain the World title from Sheamus as Extreme Rules. AJ comes down to the ring and Bryan says that he wishes she was never born and had never come into his life. He walks off.

*Natalya defeated AJ by DQ. AJ lets loose on all her anger over the Bryan situation and just beats the hell out of Natalya. The referee finally DQs and holds her back. It appeared Natalya was accidentally busted open.

*Damien Sandow promo on the screen.

*Brodus Clay defeated Hunico.

*Backstage, John Laurinaitis welcomes Percy Watson and Titus O'Neil to Smackdown.

*Randy Orton backstage interview, confirming Falls Count Anywhere match against Kane at Extreme Rules.

*Titus O'Neil and Darren Young defeated The Usos.

*Alberto Del Rio defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Big Show in a non-title match after Cody Rhodes interfered.

*Ryback won a squash.

*William Regal introduced Antonio Cesaro (aka Claudio Castagnoli) to John Laurinaitis, who took him to his office to discuss a contract.

*Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, and Cody Rhodes. It was supposed to be Great Khali but Rhodes attacked Khali. Show took his place.

2012 - The Dwayne Johnson reality series "Hero", which will debut on TNT this summer, is announced via entertainment trade publications.

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