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By Billy Krotchsen on 2013-04-12 16:09:04
WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart did a Facebook Q&A Session earlier today. Here is the transcript:

Bret, what was the loudest crowd/place you ever wrestled for/at
- Calgary Stampede 1997 … maybe Montreal 2012? Hard to say

Do you plan to do any appearances in the UK in the future?
I don’t have anything at the present moment …but usually my schedule doesn’t get going till now. Just check with my website, im usually pretty good about posting my appearances on there

Have you ever fought real fight outside of WWE? share about that story
Sure … a few times. Mostly in my younger days. Id rather not go into details …read my book.

If you had stayed with Vince how different do you think your life would be? I honestly think my brother owen would still be alive today …

Bret, what did u think about Wrestlemania 29?
I thought undertaker and punk stole the show … I thought the two main events were more than predictable. Step by step. Overall I thought the show was good. The highlight of Wrestlemania weekend for me was the induction of Bruno. All of the Hall of Famer recipients were great selections.

Of all the performers you've met over the years, have any of their personas ever actually intimidated you? The tough talk they do... who was the most intimidating?
No. haha

What did you think of the iggy trade and who you cheering for now that the flames r done also when are you going to be in Vancouver next Im going for Pittsburg! And as far as the Iggy trade – it seems as though there wasn’t much of a choice. Unfortunately the Flames don’t have much going for them.

Hello Bret, what was your favourite match form this year's wrestlemania? thank you
Punk and Taker

Well Bret..think its about time you started doing commentary instead of the King. Would you do it?
Ahh… only if I was good at it. King is pretty good

Do you talk to Tom Billington very much and How is "Dynamite" doing? #DynamiteKidWWEHOF
I talk to him occasionally .. last time I spoke with him he sounded good and at peace with the world. We even had a good few laughs

Who would you like to see beat the streak?
Joe Henning

what was your favorite moment ever at wrestlemania ?
When Rowdy Piper, Randy Savage, Razor Ramon and Lex Lugar carried me around the ring …

Hi Bret. My question is 'Now that the Undertaker's WM streak has reached an even higher high after last wkend, do you see the WWE continuing this until he retires & if so what do you see as being a fitting final WM match for him to go out on?'.
Lets just say at WM 50 – Undertaker loses streak to Joe Henning … and he is pinned with the PerfectPlex at the 59 minute mark.

If you could go back and change any wrestlemania main event outcome what would it be and why ?
I would have changed WM2 to the match they originally had in mind … Bret Hart vs. The Dragon SteamBoat. Why … because it was a match we both always wished we had.

Who to this day do you still talk to the MOST from the wrestling universe?
Probably Rowdy Piper ….

I thought they both worked really hard, and Im glad that Cena won. But from an imagination stand point I saw the match that they gave a about a year ago in my head … and absolutely nothing surprised me.

What was one move you liked taking, and one you dreaded taking in the ring?
I hated the Samoan drop … and I liked to take standing suplex’s

Do you have a favourite promo/interview in your career?
I always liked my Edmonton Oiler promo at the height of my US/Canada stuff around July ’97 …. You know the one about Canada taking care of the “sick and the old …. Gun control ..” etc etc.

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