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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-12 10:00:54
What's with the TNA gut check judges? Lately they been picking the greener ones over the the more experience ones (and the ones I wouldn't have picked). For example the picked The Barbarian's niece over the MMA girl, then the picked Magno over Adam Pearce (former NWA champ and ROH talent)

I have to think the Adam Pearce thing is some sort of angle. If not, it really makes no sense as Magno has never looked overly impressive when compared to Pearce. No matter how much TNA pushes there is reality in the segments, like anything else in wrestling, its manipulated, and there's your answer for some of the logically questionable calls.

When TNA mentions a wrestler's accomplishments, they will (in)directly refer to WWE (ex. when Booker T was there, they said that he was a champion everywhere he's been & when Team 3D was feuding w/LAX, they even showed their classic WWF tag team titles on TV) but when a TNA wrestler goes to WWE, WWE acts like TNA never existed. My question is, should TNA mention a wrestler's accomplishments since it adds more credibility to their character or should they ignore it since it's acknowledging the competition?

No, they shouldn't acknowledge anyone else. I think saying a wrestler is a former World champion is enough. There's no need to reference WWE as it reminds people you are the smaller fish in the Ocean.

My question involves the now infamous crowd from 4/8's Raw. I've rewatched some of the highlights a few times, and I can't help but think, could this crowd be the jolt that VKM needs to change a few things up around the WWE Universe? That was a huge number of people that were obviously fed up with the same stuff and looking for a new experience. What do you think? Will that crowd bring around any change, or will it just be chalked up to "Bizarro Night After Wrestlemania"?

I think we have to see how the next few Raws go. Smackdown had nothing really out of the ordinary. The key may be that WWE is taping overseas shortly and that's where a lot of the Bizarro Raw fans were from, so we may see some similar antics. That said, I think it's going to go down in history as that one insane night in WWE history more than a change.

Do referees chose amoungst themselves who officiates each match, or does WWE assign them specific matches? And does the senior referee have any actually duties over the others, or is it just a storyline title?

The Producers/Bookers assign the referees usually. Seniority usually leads to main event matches, but not always.

Do you think there could be cause for WWE to ever remove someone from the Hall of Fame, such as Sunny? Also, if Chris Benoit had been inducted before committing his crimes, do you think he would'e been removed and forgotten?

I don't know if anyone will ever be removed, but had Benoit been in the Hall, he would have quietly disappeared forever and with good reason.

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