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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-16 09:59:00

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For someone that has never worked in the wrestling business, how does one become a booker? How likely is it for one to "graduate" to the WWE or TNA and would one get there?

You start or buy an indy promotion.  You could try getting on WWE's booking team, but you will be a grunt.  But if you start at an indy and your stuff is good, you have a shot at getting noticed.

Hey, Zack Ryder's still working for WWE...almost forgot about him. Seriously, is there any good reason why WWE killed him? People still love him and there's still the 'We want Ryder' chant. So how is it even possible WWE / Vince pass on such an opportunity. They could sell loads of merch if he'd compete more at Smackdown and Raw. Thoughts?

I don't have a good reason to give you because there isn't one.  I am not saying he should have been World Champion, but in a world where Santino Marella can sell sock puppets, there should have been a place for Zack.  The prevailing theory in the locker room is that Zack did what WWE always says they want guys to do and stepped up and got himself over.  Unfortunately for him, he did it on his own. 

Ok, so you're backstage at a WWE show, and for some reason, everyone is annoyed with you. If one of the roster gets their hands on you, you're going to get a beating. You're stuck on a corridor. At one end is Mark Henry. At the other end is Brock Lesnar. Which way are you going to run?

I am channeling my Adam West as Batman and going up the wall.

Allowing for the opening and a few minutes at the end before satellite time expires, WWE has approximately 3.5 hours of PPV time for WrestleMania. So how can they end up having to trim time from everything and even cancelling a whole match at the last minute? There weren't even any backstage skits with the legends they usually do. If they would stop airing so many video packages we've seen a dozen times maybe this wouldn't happen. After all the many, MANY PPVs they've done, how does WWE end up making timing mistakes like this?

That is an amazing question.  Timing something out shouldn't be that hard.  Then again, even though can stream 15 baseball games a night, with full pause and rewind capability, and couldn't even stream a PPV live, I can't say I am shocked that the little things keep affecting them.

What was your opinion on the Rock vs. Cena 2 match at Wrestlemania 29. In my opinion I thought it was a lot better then there Wrestlemania 28 match but not many people share the same opinion. What is your opinion on the match?

It was OK, nothing special.  I liked last year's much better.  The constant "let's go for finishers" got old for me.

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