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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-15 09:59:00

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All the talk of the New Jersey Raw crowd has gotten me thinking. Maybe, and this is a big maybe, WWE are actually onto something. The crowd booed the good guys, and cheered the bad guys. But that has happened a lot in the North East. They could do a show somewhere else in the country and the good guys could get cheered out the stadium and the bad guys get booed. Somewhere else the reactions could be mixed. It seems that what WWE are trying to get over is the fact it is the choice of the fans if they want to cheer or boo an individual. What are your thoughts?

The show was in NJ but the crowd was from all around the world.  They were the ones that were making all of the noise.  WWE expected them to come in and do what they wanted to do, and they did.  Other than less than enthralling booking for the past few years, WWE did nothing to engineer those reactions so until they prove to me that they can, I don't see this as the start of a trend.

Is it just me, or does Fandangoo's music sound like the old "I Dream of Jeanie" theme?

It is not just you because I have thought the same thing.  So, there are at least two of us.

So this is a two part question. My friends and I can't agree on Ryback attacking John Cena. Was that actually supposed to be a heel turn for Ryback? And the more important question is whether it is actually possible for someone to turn heel that way? Isn't attacking Cena almost the ultimate face move?

To me, yes attacking Cena is the ultimate face move but until Vince McMahon has a change of heart, it's not.  I could definitely see them booking Ryback as a "guy that was ready for the Title last year but got screwed by politics".  First, he was screwed by the fact that WWE had already announced The Rock vs. CM Punk.  Then when Rock got the title, he was completely ignored.  I don't know if Vince has it in him to do anything less than a black and white storyline so I guess we will see tonight.

So you're saying, the crowd on post-WM Raw went too far by 'ruining' the Sheamus/Orton match. From my point of view, I'm sick of both as well. Yeah, they did a lot of work for WWE in the past year and that's great, I respect that. But I just can't stand them as babyfaces anymore. In general WWE should put some effort into their heels. Just look at Punk, The Shield or Ziggler. People love them, there's just no heat on them...even when Punk beat up Taker on the last pre-WM Raw, most people kept chanting for Punk. It's more like WWE is heading into a world full of faces...thoughts?

How can you put heel heat on Punk when people are cheering for him?  There mistake was turning him in the first place.  The Shield is the only heel act that has been booked strongly.  That is the key.  When you tell the crowd a guy, like Ziggler, is a loser, that is what they will think.  He has been booked terribly over the last year.  But so has Sheamus.  They actually made the guy say "no big deal" after losing Title matches to The Big Show.  That makes him look like a dope.  So, he didn't deserve to have his hard work crapped on last week.

And even if you think those fans had a right to voice their displeasure they didn't.  They just entertained themselves and made themselves bigger than the match.  The didn't boo.  Or chant End This Now.  Or This Match Sucks. Or anything of the kind.  That would have been disrespectful too, but more acceptable since it was a commentary on the product.  Instead, this is what they chanted.

*The announcers.
*The referee.
*Randy Savage
*Cotton Candy

and then the one that made me turn on them, "We are awesome".  When you have to tell the world how great you are, you are only in it for the attention in my view.  And let's be totally honest, when EVERY ONE of those fans bought their tickets to Mania and Raw, they KNEW what the product was.  They spent thousands of dollars to come, and they knew what they were getting.  I don't like opera, so I don't go.  I would never buy tickets and go and ruin the show.  That's just me.

When the NWA in the 80's had crowds going crazy with all the action (0% entertainment ) you would think WWE would like crowds like that again. I don't think I'm the only old school fan who would like to see all action for 3 hours. The crowds ate it up. Your opinion?

WWE had them in The Attitude Era too.  But, now that Vince has won the war, he gives you what he likes.  I agree with you, I think anyone that is sane would want frenzied, engaged fans.  But Vince wants to do it his way.  He knows what we want better than we do.  Just ask him.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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