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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-14 09:59:00

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Did the post WM29 Raw crowd give creative and VKM an open ended direction for the Fandango character? Keep the character going the same direction and hope the crowd continues to give him momentum. Or, it could be fun to play with the crowd (to try to generate some heat) and change Fandango’s entrance music, immediately while this is still fresh. Or, fold and start a face tease.

They definitely did, for one night at least.  It will be interesting to see if the momentum continues now that the fans who went nuts for him have left the USA.  WWE definitely wants to keep "Fandangoing" going.  It will be interesting to see if they can.

You constantly claim that the only way to send Vince McMahon a message is to stop spending our money... Then he starts letting the people go that we want to see more of and claims it's a bad economy, or says some other stupid excuse like people aren't stepping up or whatever. It seems he'll take whatever money he can get and make up excuses when it's not successful and fire talent. What kind of message are we sending the people who put their lives on the line by boycotting? I don't think anything will work until VKM is no longer the head honcho. Your thoughts?

The only way you can really send a message is to take your money from and eyeballs off of the product.  Yes, it could cause short term pain for the talent, but if it meant making a change to make more fans interested in the product it would best for them in the long run.  But I agree, as long as Vince is the creative force of the company, things will remain as they are.

Isn't it pretty sweet that a crazed rabid fan base boosted a guy who didn't have a gimmick a few months ago and he's topping the charts in the UK with a theme song he didn't even compose?

They got him some momentum, and luckily for WWE they are headed to the UK in a few weeks for TV so the fans can do it again.  As I said above, it will be interesting to see if it catches on or fades away quickly.

I am surprised at how far down the card the World Title is placed. Why wouldn't the WWE do more with this prestigious belt?

They look at one Title really mattering and that is the WWE belt.  The rest are just kind of there.  The World is number two, if that means anything.  I don't see it as prestigious given how they have booked it.  It could be, if they booked it right.  But right now, not so much.

I was watching RAW with my kids Monday night. We all got a good laugh from Big E accidentally hitting AJ while (seemingly) nervously swinging his arms on the way down the ramp. If you have RAW recorded it is a bit comical. Dolph gave him a look for that. Any word on how AJ is doing after that?

She is a tough cookie.  From what I have heard, she is fine.  Big E. needs to be more careful though for sure.

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