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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-11 13:00:34

Courthouse News Service is reporting that Andrew Green is suing The Big Show and WWE in  Maricopa County (AZ) Court, claiming that Show choked him and hit him in the face during an interview for  Green, who worked for the website at the time as a "producer", claims that another producer told him to get an interview with Show on January 27 at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ.

His claim is that Show initially refused to do the interview until Green told him that then-WWE senior vice president Eric Pankowski wanted it done.

According to the complaint, "In response, Big Show stated with the use of profanely indecent language that if Green wanted an interview then he would give him one, and to turn on the camera."  It adds that Big Show became irate after that, cursing at Green and it was caught on tape for the interview.  He claims that Show then asked to redo it, which he did.  Green then claimed Triple H ordered a third retake because the second one lacked the emotion of the first (when Show was legitimately upset according to the suit).

The suit says that Pankowski said that the third interview lacked emotion, so they posted the original one.  It was on the website until 1/29.

Green claims he was unable to continue working after Jan. 29 because "he was uncomfortable working around Big Show and the other wrestlers, nervous, and had 'a ton of anxiety' as a result of the attack."

Green also says in the complaint that WWE had previously "suspended or terminated Big Show's employment because of his behavior, including his engagement in violent and/or unlawful and/or improper activities outside of the wrestling venue."

I don't EVER remember that happening. 

I will be real interested to see what happens here because it sounds like a really hard one to prove to me.

You can read it by clicking here.


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