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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-11 10:00:02
If there's one thing the 'internet fans' can agree on, it's that William Regal is one of the best talents the WWE has had in a long time in the ring. He's up there with some of the best at storytelling, he can sure as hell talk as proven by his new NXT commentary role, and he just screams 'villain' to look at him. Now other guys on the roster such as Randy Orton have the same number of strikes against them on the Wellness record, and Orton gets a Mania match every year, whilst Regal has been on TV maybe a couple of times in the past couple of years. Why is that? Surely there's just as much risk having Regal in NXT as there would be to have him on Smackdown/Raw every couple of weeks. Does Vince just not see it with Regal?

I think there's a number of factors. One, unfortunately, is age. It's a youth-driven TV product and Regal is getting up there. Two, he's failed Wellness when they attempted to push. Three, there's obviously no one interested in pushing him on the creative side of things. Four, they desperately need the help in vetting and grooming young talents and Regal is one of the few who can test talents, get in the ring with them, etc. Unfortunately, that all means he's never likely to get a major TV role, inside the ring, again.

Are there any plans for TNA to bring back "The Monster" Abyss in the near future or are we stuck with Joseph Park for the time being? Speaking of "The Monster" Abyss, do you see him as a rip off of "The Big Red Machine" Kane & who do you like more & who do you think would win in a dream match? Finally, in that dream match, would you prefer to see them wrestle each other alone or have Abyss w/James Mitchell & Kane w/Paul Bearer?

I think down the line we'll see the Abyss character return, but the Joseph Park deal is really over and it's obviously fun for all involved, so we'll see Abyss down the line. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. As far as who would win between Kane vs. Abyss, I guess you'd have to ask the booker!

Who do you expect to become the next referee to work Knockout matches? With Taryn Terrell no longer referee do you think TNA should try and sign former WWE referee Jack Doan since he has experience refereeing womens matches?

I don't mean this to sound rude, but I don't think anyone cares about this but you. TNA will put whatever referee they want in there to ref. Taryn Terrel was there as an angle to introduce her, nothing more. They aren't really officiating!

Considering how long Money in the Bank has been around with the "any where, any time" cash in stipulation, am I the only one who's surprised no champ has ever just gotten themselves intentionally DQ'd as soon as the briefcase is cashed in and the bell rings? Even if that earns your opponent a future title shot -- which is not guaranteed (cf. Title Defenses, Orton, R.) -- it won't be under ambush rules. If they start figuring that out, it'll limit their challengers' ability to constantly go to that particular well to get the title.

That's actually a really great angle if and when a babyface cashes in on a heel champion. I bet you we see it down the line.

I don't get it. They cut Lillian singing America the Beautiful along with the 8-person tag match, and then end 10 minutes before 11. Were they supposed to end at that time (or earlier) or was this just poor clock management on their end? Didn't they have till 11 to finish? And why give extra time to Cena/Rock when the first 10 minutes was painfully slow and boring? I'm not saying the mixed tag would've been great, and i wasn't particularly looking forward to it, but WWE not honoring their promises to their fans, let alone their wrestlers, is appalling. Thoughts?

Card is subject to change. They were running a live production and the last thing you want is to ever go overboard and run out of satellite time. As far as the show going off the air ten minutes before the hour, most shows are planned that way so the satellites have time to recalibrate for the replay.

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