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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-10 09:59:00

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Not sure I am understanding WWE’s booking here. They set up Mark Henry with a nice win over Ryback at Mania. So it looks like the monster heel beast is back. And let’s face it Ryback is not ready yet, and Mark Henry because of his age the window is closing and this is a good opportunity for them to get more out of him while they can. At first it looks like he if off to face Del Rio in a world title program. But Ziggler cashes in. So that’s gone. Then it looks as if because of the Rock’s injury Henry can start a program with Cena. But now Ryback, who even though he lost seems like will be getting the WWE title match. Am I missing something here?

If it goes down that all Mark got was that match on Raw then I am totally with you, it makes no sense.  I think Mark should at least get some title shots in the near future.  Hopefully, he stays in the title picture since, after all, he did beat Ryback at Mania.

I have a question regarding the New Jersey crowd post-Wrestlemania. I have seen some people online stating that they feel the crowd was simply rebelling against the usual poor booking decisions made by WWE. I feel differently about last night’s show (other than the Orton/Show/Sheamus) and I wanted your opinion. We saw Ziggler (who works so hard) finally cash in and that crowd was HOT for it. We saw Ryback (who has been getting over marginally at best) get his chant over and the swerve on Cena was done very well. As for the Fandangoo chant. That was simply awesome. I don’t think they were crapping on him at all, and if they were they may have accidently set off a trend going forward. That would be amazing for his career. I couldn’t make out what was going on during the Orton/Sheamus bit, the Shield/Taker Hell No bit was well done and they loved Barrett. All in all I think the night helped Barrett (I see a series building with Miz here), Ziggler, Fandangoo and Ryback while telling the WWE that Sheamus/Orton/Show need to be separated from each other and build others.. What were your thoughts on the show/crowd?

They definitely clearly told WWE that they hated Sheamus and Orton, and honestly I felt bad for those two. They were working hard and it wasn't their fault that they were booked badly.  Honestly, I think many in the crowd spent a lot of money coming to Mania and decided they were going to have fun, no matter what.  And they did.  If they were trying to be a voice for change I admire their intentions but after watching WWE ram John Cena down our throats, despite the boos, I am not optimistic that they will achieve their goal.  But WWE is very happy to have them spend all of the money that they did over the weekend.  They would love to see them all in New Orleans next year.

With Wrestlemania over and Dolph still didn't cash in money in the bank but still has the case did they change the rules about wrestle mania being the last night you could cash it in?

Those never were the rules.  He had a year from the time he won it last summer to cash it in.

Did Ryback just become the biggest babyface in the company on Raw?

To the people that hate John Cena he certainly did.  To the people that like Mark Henry, probably not.

Can we nominate the IZOD Center post WrestleMania crowd for "Raw crowd of the year" post-WrestleMania? I haven't laughed that hard watching WWE in a long time... speaks volumes for creative!

You can and they would probably win.  I liked them most of the way, but didn't like when they ruined the Sheamus-Orton match (for reasons stated above).  I also didn't like that they chanted "We are awesome" over and over.  If you are good, you don't need to tell the world.  They know it already.  But judging by the poll we have up readers of this site loved the whole act so yep, nominate them and the will win.  It definitely says a lot about the state of WWE's product with our site's readers when people laugh at what happened Monday.  If a crowd at an ROH show had done that, most of the same readers would be outraged.  I know people are hoping the crowd sent a message but they won't be happy to know that the only message that was sent to Vince McMahon is "we can expect this kind of stuff every year after WrestleMania."  Yes, I know I am in the minority in saying there were some things that crowd did that I didn't like.  And if Alberto Del Rio wins the World Title back in their rematch, how will the fans from Monday feel then?  In the end, the only way people can really get Vince McMahon to change is by NOT giving him their money.  If they give him their cash, he will take it all the way to the bank.

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