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By Josh Higham on 2013-04-06 22:26:43

Archibald Peck def. Tim Donst
Peck tried for Cranial Crescendo but Donst rolled out of the way. Peck then attempted his new move, was blocked, but hit B Flat for two. Peck went up top again. Donst pushed Drummond into ropes to crotch Archie. Super Donstitution for two. Archie hit his new move (a front face lock bulldog) for two, then connected with Cranial Crescendo for the win.

Donst berated his entourage before leaving. Loudspeaker tried to talk sense into Jakob, which brought everyone else back to the ring. Donst threw Ludspeaker down and cut a lock from his hair before leaving.

Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur comes to the ring to introduce Colony: Xtreme Force and gives them The Colony's 2011 King of Trios medals, which brings out the members of the classic Colony. Fire Ant and Green Ant go after Colony: Xtreme Force. assailANT comes out and goes after Soldier. Frightmare out and dives on all seven, and the match begins.

Colony: Xtreme Force and Soldier Ant defeated The Colony and Frightmare when
Missile Assault Ant grabbed Frightmare's mask and small packaged him for the pin.

Chikara Grand Championship
Eddie Kingston def. Hallowicked
Eddie Kingston's right arm was heavily taped. He hit a backfist to the future which hurt him just as much. After that, Hallowicked focused on the arm, locking in multiple wrist locks and arm bars. Go to Sleepy Hollow didn't work so Wicked started untaping King's arm. King connected with a backdrop driver and a backfist (with his left hand) to get the win. It was Eddie Kingston's tenth defense.

Lightning" Mike Quackenbush and ??? vs. Jigsaw and The Shard

Break It Down Again hit, but the crowd erupted when the music changed. It's Jushin Liger! Like all previous encounters, Jigsaw avoided Quack unless he had an advantage or a wide open shot. The back of Quackenbush was the target throughout the match for Shard and Jig. In the end, Jushin Liger gets the pin on Jigsaw with a super brain buster.

Notes, thoughts, and more details that may be important: Bryce Remsburg, Dan Yost, Jon Barber, and PJ Drummond were the referees. Leonard F. Chikarason, Bryce Remsburg, Gavin Loudspeaker, Ultramantis Black, and Dr. Keith Lipinski rotated on commentary. Chuck Taylor chimed in on commentary during the FIST match. FIST almost imploded after their match with Gargano and Taylor pushing Sugar, but Icarus standing up for him. Icarus also did not take kindly to Gargano hitting Jannetty low... There was a camera and boom mic trained on Marty Jannetty as he sold merch at intermission... Gavin Loudspeaker sang a song about Wrestlecon to the tune of "We Didn't Start the Fire" to start the show... Orbit Adventure Ant and Arctic Rescue Ant tried going for Fire Ant's mask... There was a mini exodus between 645-700 for people to get to the Hall of Fame, presumably... Chikara's attendance record was broken tonight, and a hard sale for the iPPV in Philadelphia on June 2.

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