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By Tommy Quinn on 2004-02-24 17:30:00
Huge thanks to Tommy Quinn for the following:

The Report -- Well, Chris Jericho wasn't on Raw obviously but he was setting up for his band Fozzy right after Raw down at the Ranch Bowl in Omaha, I had an awesome time and attended both.  

Fozzy was just kick ass, that's all there is to say about it, Jericho is an awesome guy in real life and even jumped in the crowd a lot of the time to party with us.  Then.....Stone Cold Steve Austin walks in with Buh Buh Ray Dudley just to hang out, I got to shake his hand and everything, that was sweet.  Later, Randy Orton and Mark Jindrak also came in and got on stage.  It was a kick ass night and Fozzy is a great band.  A lot of the guys followed Stone Cold to the  bathroom and waited for him to come out, he was kind of staggering, me and my friends noticed he took down about 11 beers right in front of our eyes. 

Everyone wanted his autograph and to meet him, the only thing he had to say was: "MAN, I GOTTA GO FIND ANOTHER COLD BEER SOMEWHERE!"  Orton and Buh Buh took some pictures and sang on stage for a while.  Stone Cold entertained the crowd for a while as well.  There was only about 30-40 people in the main crowd, that's what made it so sweet.

The Pictures --

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