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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-04 10:00:00
Why is it that a commentator like JBL would defend the actions of a heel? I understand he is the "heel commentator", but the actions of a heel should be considered "bad", and not defended because it would confuse new viewers as to who the good guy, and bad guy are in a storyline. He also really needs to stop harping on Josh Matthews. Thoughts?

JBL is a bad guy, so he's going to defend that position. I don't think anyone who ever heard Jesse Ventura for the first time was confused by what was going on. I am not in agreement with you at all.

Love the site, read it as often as a I can. What are the points of having the the US Title and Intercontential Title belts if they dont mean anything?

Ah, one of the major mysteries of 2013. Trust me, I feel your pain. I don't understand it at all. There is never any reason to downplay a potential asset.

Spot on about Randy Orton's great talent in reply to the person who bashed it a few days ago in this column. I agree,his work is respected by many wrestling talents past and presnt so he must be doing something right.And about his "5 Moves of Doom" the person mentioned? They've had many wrestlers in WWE do that same moveset.Its not just Orton or Cena. HB K,HHH,Kofi,Kane and many more have done the same moveset for years. It's how Vince wants it.Some people just can't seem to figure that out I guess.

Unfortunately, that is the way the business has gone since WWE dictates that they want guys to have a similar moveset every time. It creates familiarity with the performers and their matches. but also allows their performances to feel repetitive. To say Randy Orton isn't a strong worker, however, is beyond ridiculous in my opinion.

I love the site and the outstanding job the site does to bring quality content to us. With Wrestlemania being right around the corner what is your all time WrestleMania moment? Ric Flairs retirement for me is at the top simply because I got to experience that moment live and the emotion was off the charts.

I honestly would have to say Wrestlemania 17. I wrote this at the time and I still feel this way but I think it was the best produced event I have ever seen in my life - and that includes concerts, Broadway shows, etc. When I walked into the stadium, I literally felt my air sucked from me as I exhaled, everything was so massive. The show was really strong, the production was amazing and it was one of those once in a lifetime shows. For me, it will probably always be 17 as an event.

Upon his return in 1998, X Pac promised to "rip ass" on the WWF. Do his recent, unfortunate turn of events make him somewhat of a prophet, 15 years later?

Sadly, it does.

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