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By Dave Scherer on 2013-04-02 09:59:00

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I was wondering if you knew how Rob Feinstein of RF Video is allowed sell ECW TV and PPV DVDs? Aren't they owned by WWE?

RF did a deal with ECW where he retained the right to the footage.  It was not part of the assets in the bankruptcy. 

Now I know that some of the PPV events are seen as minor and don't do great buys or business. On that thought, do you think the WWE would consider holding another PPV in the UK (not a major one) They would more than likely be able to sell 30-50,000 tickets since the awful house shows sell out with about 20,000 in some arenas and the UK crowds are really hot (even if we do mess up storylines by booing faces) so could add to dull PPV's. The revenue could make up the cost of lost buys as it'd probably go out taped in the States but would probably do well in the Europe market (and if the WWE Network means the end of paying a one off PPV's fee then even better)

I think that the best chance of that happening would be if/when the WWE Network starts up.  Then, WWE will be less dependent on the money PPVs bring in.  Until then, I don't see it because the vast majority of buys come from North America.

With the reported weather outlook to be cold and rainy how great would it be if the rain stayed away until the main event and then only rained on Cena as he was making his way to the ring? Also is the current plan for Cena to regain to regain the title?

Rain is out of the picture now, but yet that would be hilarious.  And yeah, it looks like Cena wins the belt and sets up the rubber match at Mania 30.

It was very strange to read about how McMahon didn't like the Attitude Era content, and was only doing it to compete with other promotions at the time. Why did that stuff bother him when he himself came up with some of the most offensive and disgusting things on Raw and Smackdown? (Katie Vick, Exploiting Eddie Guerrero's death, comparing Lita's miscarriage to Owen Hart's death on the anniversary of it etc.)

It wasn't in his personal wheelhouse while the stuff that you mention was.  His view of the business is what we saw before he was forced to change in the late nineties and what we see now.  I am with you.  If my view was A and view B made me three times as much money, my view would quickly change.

What happened UWF?  Did it stop running shows?

They went on a hiatus last year and are still on it.  Their website is still active at: but there is nothing on the immediate horizon with them.

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