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By Jose Perez on 2013-03-30 10:44:19

World Wrestling League (WWL)

WWL has made a few more additions to the already loaded debut card scheduled to take place on Sunday April 21st at the “Coliseo de Puerto Rico”.  Kazarian, Bobby Lashley and “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce have been announced as taking part in the card.  Lashley has been announced as taking part on the 20 men Battle Royal for the WWL World title.  Also scheduled to participate in this match are Michael Tarver and Prince Al Farat, with more names to be disclosed as we approach the date of the event.

Also, local wrestler “Superstar” Ash Rubinsky has officially announced that he will participate also in the card.  Although he had been originally promoted for Pennsylvania WXW  title match against current champion “Hercules” Gomez, he was still debating if he would do the show or not due to his relationship with PRWA and promoter Victor “Metal Blade” Siebens.  Apparently, whatever obstacle was preventing him on appearing in the show has been lifted and he will be there.

Another interesting announcement made by WWL’s president Richard Negrin this week is the creation of a new indy promotion that will serve as WWL’s developmental territory.  This new promotion, named “New Borinquen Pro Wrestling” (NBPW), will be managed by WWL’s producer Danny Nieves-Gerena.  Nieves-Gerena has previous experience working with an independent company, with his latest work being with GALLI out of Chicago, IL.  There was an immediate call to action for any independent performer to contact Nieves-Gerena as they have started to build their roster and will work with the goal of preparing local talent to then jump to WWL tours.

World Wrestling Council (WWC)

WWC did not have a house show scheduled for last weekend.  However, they do return to action tomorrow night (Saturday) with their event “Camino a la Gloria” (Path to Glory).  The card that has been announced for the event is the following:

*With WWC’s Universal title belt hanging from a 15’ high pole: “Mr. Ray-tings” Ray Gonzalez vs Super Fenix (c)
*Grudge Match: Savio Vega vs “The Puerto Rican Dream” Invader #1
*WWC World Tag Team Title Match – “Tables & Chairs Match”: Thunder & Lightning vs Sons of Samoa (c) w/ Barrabas Sr.
*Special Challenge Match: Eddie “Primo” Colon vs “Mystery opponent chosen by Invader #1”
*WWC Tag Team Title - 1st Contenders Match: “El Ilegal-Chicano” & Abbad vs “Bad Man” Andy Levine & Samson Walker w/ Orlnado Toledo
*WWC Junior Heavyweight Title Rematch: Zion-RT (c) vs “El Diabolico”

The event is scheduled to take place at the “Pepin” Cestero Arena in Bayamon, PR. 

More information on the show is expected to be shared during the course of today’s TV show.  During the week WWC has been utilizing their Facebook page to promote the event, as well as to have those involved in the top storylines share their thoughts and create buzz about their angles.

On a sad note, the PWInsider family would like to send our condolences to WWC’s referee “Pelayito” Vazquez on the passing of his son Angel.  Our utmost respect and heartfelt wishes of spiritual strength during these trying times go out to “Pelayito”, his family and friends.

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