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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-30 10:00:00
What the hell? I wait all this time for AXXESS to come to NYC and the best feature, the walk-through Undertaker graveyard is nowhere to be found? WTH?

My guess is that with the AXXESS event being held inside the IZOD Center, there is a far less space than ever before for WWE to utilize. Given that the graveyard needs to be darkened, curtained off, filled with mist, sound effects, etc., it likely wasn't going to be able to work inside a 20,000 seat arena. It's a shame they don't have it included, but I can understand why.

I like the ideal of Undertaker vs CM Punk for awhile and a I think he deserves a match with him. What kind of build would have they had if Paul Bearer not passed ? Thanks again.

I haven't heard for sure, but it would have just likely been about Punk trying to end the streak. The creative for the match seemed flawed and forced going into the original build, which is one of the reasons WWE let the head of Creative go before Mania.

What do you think about TNA's rule change to the X division now being a 3 way bout?

The matches will be fine, but I'm not a fan. I feel like they will force the talents into having pretty much the same match over and over. I always loved the old "no limits" style of the division and wish they would get back to it. That seemed to be the best execution of the division from a creative and performance standpoint. The loss of the Division as it was is just one case of the company losing what little identity it had and that's a shame.

Since WWE doesn't consider TNA or UFC competition, then why do they care what TNA does & why did they respond to UFC's comments about them? Also, do you see TNA as their competition?

Internally, WWE maintains tapes of TNA and UFC broadcasts for their own reference, so to me, that tells you all you need to know. All entertainment entities are WWE's compeition.

Since WWE doesn't believe in a tag team division: Do you think they would have kept the Legion of Doom together or do you think they would've split them up?

If The Road Warriors were debuting today, it stands to reason they would have been broken up at some point. Hell, WWE split up the Dudley Boyz!

What do you think of a possible WWE Divas title match with champion Kaitlyn defending the title against AJ Lee at Wrestlemania?

It's possible. We will see.

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