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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-25 14:36:57
Tonight's Raw in Philadelphia is completely sold out. Talents were told there were no comp tickets for friends and family.

Alberto del Rio wrote via Twitter that WWE will be returning to Mexico this September with live events in Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey. The company had pretty much given up on the market after a really poor showing last time they were there, which led to a few long-term employees being let go as they were blamed for the poor performance.

The Miz was interviewed over the weekend on The Sam Roberts Show on Sirius/XM Radio and it's worth listening to as he discusses the mindset of someone who worked Wrestlemania in the main event and not being in that role this year, CM Punk being upset he main evented Mania 27, working with Ric Flair, wrestlers who complain on Twitter and much more:

Mark Henry tweaked his knee over the weekend, but it wasn't considered anything serious enough that he would need time out of the ring.

WWE has released a slew of new Wrestlemania 29 merchandise. Given the early weather outlook, perhaps they should be releasing some space heaters!

Tickets for the company's May dates in Canada will go on sale this weekend.

There's hope that Evan Bourne may be back in the ring by this May but that's not 100%.

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