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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-25 13:56:00
As noted on Cory Strode's great live report over the weekend, former ECW World champion Jerry Lynn officially retired after 25 years. Lynn is by far, one of the nicest and most down to Earth people you could ever hope to meet and there's a reason so many people love and respect him - because he's always worked his ass off and never played politics, although that could also have been to his own detriment. Lynn has taken a full-time position outside of the business but will still be working as an agent or doing seminars going forward. As an in-ring performer, however, he has closed the door.

J.J. Dillon has been added to the stars appearing the first weekend of August at the Mid-Atlantic Legends Fanfest this August in Charlotte, NC and will be inducting our own Les Thatcher into their Hall of Heroes. It's going to be a wonderful weekend, and you should really look into attending. For details, visit

Axl Rotten sent word via Twitter that doctors have completely cleared him to return to the ring.

Lex Luger's autobiography "Wrestling With the Devil: The True Story of a World Champion Professional Wrestler - His Reign, Ruin, and Redemption" will be released as an audio book.

Julie Hart's planned autobiography "Hart Strings" has been pushed back to a 4/15 release. The original release date was 2/1.

The Amazing Red's House of Glory school will be running 3/30 in Queens, NY at their school in Ridgewood with Homicide, Red, Sonjay Dutt, Eddie Kingston, Zema Ion and Brian XL advertised. The show will feature Red vs. Dutt and Ion vs. XL. The school will be running a joint event with Earl Cooter's FTW on 4/13 with Red vs. former WWE star Jimmy Wang Yang. The HOG events I've attended are really great, intimate shows and well worth the time to check out. For more, visit this link.

The GLOW documentary will be officially released on DVD tomorrow. I don't know anyone who saw the film that didn't love it. Well worth checking out.

We heard awesome things about the PWG events and the debut of Brian Kendrick's new promotion over the weekend in California. PWG DVDs can be ordered at Kendrick will be releasing his debut show on DVD, although we don't know the retailer yet.

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