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By Mike Jones on 2013-03-25 11:00:00
WWE was here last night with a Smackdown house show at the Baltimore Arena with the following results:

*R Truth and Great Khali defeated Primo and Epico.

*Natalya defeated Aksana.

*Yoshi Tatsu vs. Michael McGillicutty ended in a no contest. Fandango beat up Yoshi because Tatsu said his name wrong. He nailed McGuillicuty as well.

*Kane defeated Mark Henry by DQ when Henry brought a chair into play.

*WWE Intercontinental champ Wade Barrett defeated Bo Dallas with the bull hammer. No one knew who Dallas was.

*Jack Swagger defeated Justin Gabriel. Swagger looked real aggressive.

*The Usos defeated Team Rhodes Scholars. Who did these guys piss off?

*World champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show in No DQ match.

Probably the smallest crowd I can ever remember in the facility, smaller than the worst of WCW.

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