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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-25 13:54:15
Brock Lesnar will be featured on the poster for the 6/16 WWE Payback event in Chicago, so it would appear he'll be working that PPV.

Speaking of Brock, for those who have asked about Paul Heyman being with Lesnar and not CM Punk on certain segments of Raw recently, we are told that is not a sign of Heyman being split off from Punk in favor of Lesnar as much as it's been that the segments with Punk were about Punk vs. Taker. Punk and Heyman are still a duo.

The Wrestlemania price increase appears to be worldwide. Marco Tyssen sent word that in Germany, WrestleMania is available for 25 Euros, where last year it was 20 Euros (or about $26 as of today's international rates). Sky is offering a deal where if German fans pre-order by Friday, you can get it for a smaller price and are also offering a combination order of Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules for 30 Euros.

Sean Waltman wrote on Twitter that he is expected to be released from the hospital today. Our best wishes to him.

Former WWE star Bobby Lashley is in talks with Bellator about fighting MMA there.

Armando Estrada will be the emcee for the PWR Hall of Fame ceremony Wrestlemania weekend as they induct King Kong Bundy and Demolition into their HOF on Friday 4/5.

Speaking of Estrada, he and Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore will be facing each other for POWW this Saturday 3/30 in Melrose Park, IL. For tickets, visit

The early reviews on the Bob Holly autobiography have been very positive.

WWE had former Diva Eve Torres meet with a number of potential new female talents in Los Angeles to explain what the lifestyle of the road is like so the women have an idea of what they are potentially getting themselves into.

Thanks to Devin Cutting for the following:

WWE Vintage Collection on 3/23/2013 featured these matches:

* Ricky Steamboat & The Junkyard Dog vs. Don Muraco & Mr. Fuji (WWF Prime Time Wrestling - 8/18/1986)

* Bret Hart vs. Greg Valentine (WWF Event - 5/8/1989 - East Rutherford, NJ)

* Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero (WWE Smackdown Taping - 9/24/2002)

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