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By Dave Scherer on 2013-03-27 09:59:00

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You might not be able to answer this cause it contains spoilers, but here's my question. Is it just me or are these TNA one-off ppv's looking awful to you?? A "greatest tag team of all time" tournament, and you don't have James Storm in there with either Roode or bring back Chris Harris?? Then you have a "World Cup" PPV and there's a Team Aces and 8s?? I didn't realize they were their own country! Just another dumb idea by TNA.

I don't have high hopes for them.  TNA is pretty much just meeting obligations and saving money in the process by doing them in my opinion.  Live PPVs cost a lot more to produce so by not spending as a much money, TNA comes out ahead.

Do you see any of the major TNA names moving on to WWE anytime soon?

Hmmm, well Bobby Roode's deal just came up and he stayed with TNA.  Jeff Hardy did too.  Honestly, no I don't.  I think that TNA guys look at how WWE buries most of its talent.  Why leave TNA for that?

It seems a no DQ match favors HHH. So I don't see how that is such a good choice as a stipulation from Paul Heyman. They also said HHH career is on the line. Does that mean his career as head of WWE or in ring? He doesn't wrestle much anymore so having to give up his in ring career is not that big of a shocker. IMO, a better stipulation that have made more sense would have been a "I Quit Match" or win by submission only match.

I am typing this on Sunday.  I have already said I think it would be great if Heyman says, "Not your wrestling career, your COO job!"  That would be cool.  As for no DQ, when you have a heel manager the thinking is that with that stip there can be interference that helps the heel, even if it rarely does.

I'm wondering how WWE is getting away with using the Fandango name for Johnny Curtis. There is a website that sells movie tickets and such called and they've been around for a while now.

Things are trademarked for certain kinds of usage.  They trademarked Fandango as a ticket site or whatever.  WWE did it as a wrestling character.  They are two different things.

The WWE hasn't held a PPV in Alabama since Armageddon 2000, why is that? What does WWE have against Alabama?

They run shows where they traditionally draw well and/or can run in bigger buildings.  It is probably one of those, or a mix of both.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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